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As the sun sets on the facade of the Riviera Palm Springs Resort and Spa, the resort radiates a soft, luminous glow, shining jewel like amid the sterling setting of its rustic desert surroundings. Inside, the Rivieras dazzling modern lobby and sleek lounges echo with the sounds of bubbly conversation, clinking glassware, and softly thumping music. The two mirrored, loveseat strewn lounges, Sidebar and the Starlite Lounge, sustain their vibrant energy late into the night, enticing hotel guests to mingle over light appetizers and signature cocktails as live jazz and soul complement late night DJ sessions, inspiring spontaneous dance parties.

During the daylight hours, travelers take shelter from the desert sun Old California style bungalows, lavishly appointed three floor buildings spread out over the hotels generous 24 acre campus, each housing its own cache of guest rooms.

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