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Now it’s easier than ever to post and share videos from
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With tons of features that will improve your traffic,
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You can even use it to get videos from your visitors,
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Create Responsive & Customisable Video Portal with WordPress Video Theme

WordPress Video Theme is a highly customisable, responsive premium theme which gives a lift to your video blogging.

Using the theme, it is very easy to upload videos using personalised layout. The URLs can be embedded from various source as well as self videos can also be uploaded. In comparison to normal content Video are more expressive, informative and attract more viewers, with the Video Theme from WordPress providing a suitable platform.

The theme can be purchased from Templatic, the premium version giving access to thousands of customisation options. It is compatible on both mobile, PC and tablet.

Rise of Video themes in 2017 and beyond

Now, with blogging becoming an online sensation there are many video themes that are used by people. However, these kinds of themes in WordPress saw an exponential growth and increase usage among customers due to several reasons.

With the expansion of digital age and internet mushroom, videos are easily accessible at one click. Video theme is very popular because of the ease of its convenient and easy use even by non-technical people.


The theme is highly responsive one with fast downloading of the content and is compatible for use on both phones and laptops.

With smartphones becoming a mandate with everyone, the theme has gained popularity due to its easy accessibility.
There are lot of ways by which one can make money using the video themes for blogging and vlogging.

In 2017, the Templatic Video Theme has gained immense popularity because it is highly customisable with support for hundred of widgets and plugins.

The theme can be used for uploading unlimited videos based on versatile subject and categories making the website highly informative.

The increasing popularity of the theme is due to its simplicity and minimal outlook that helps in creating hassle free video portal.

The theme has unique video submission form using which even visitors are allowed to upload their videos. This helps in better communication and networking with readers and visitors.

With excellent customer support and service, the users of the theme are highly satisfied making it a great choice.

The main reason for rise of the theme is spread of digital marketing and presence with expansion of internet extensively.

Now-a-days internet is accessible to most of the people anytime with use of smartphones. The theme is very simple and robust making it a great portal for video blogging or creating video based website.

Why to buy the theme for video portals?

It is one of the simplest and most convenient video blog wordpress theme that enables creation of highly responsive website. There are hundreds of reasons to purchase the premium or basic theme because it adds a dash of difference to your work. Using this theme, you can personalise the look of your website with various customisation options.

Here are the features and best selling points of the unique theme

Enables the user to copy & paste video, embed video code into the post, upload videos directly to the site or publish self created videos. It allows versatile ways of video blogging.

The home page and layout of the website can be customised according your requirement. The elements like widgets can be customised as per the need. It enables the user to display latest videos as slider, post recent ones or highlight the trending ones.

Customise the menu and add number of child pages to the parent pages to make the website highly elaborate and easy to access.

Allows easy real time customisation and supports hundreds of Plugins to add elements to your website.

Premium version is better in terms of features as it gives lifetime usage with 5 domain support, 1 year of support and allows visitors also to submit their videos.

How to make money with this theme?

Creating a website or blog is serious business for many of us because we invest lot of time and money in an effort to monetise it someday. Yes, it is not easy to start generating revenue from a blog but with few tips and tactics, it is possible. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best wordpress video themes because it highly responsive with lot of scopes to monetise it.

Here are few tips and tricks on how to monetise your blog using this theme

Google Adsense – It is one of the easiest ways to monetise a blog. The video website template and information however largely influence the acceptance of the blog for Adsense. It is important to publicize your blog, make it responsive and get traffic before applying for Google Adsense. It is a way where money can be earned by placing Google ads in your website space.

Affiliate Programs – In this type of programs, you promote or sell products from other companies or ecommerce sites by placing a link on your site. For any product purchased via the links placed on your site, you earn certain percentage of commission.

Selling own products – The wp video theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin, which is a free plugin that enables the user to create fully functional and responsive online store. You can place any available products for sale using the plugin.

Review and promotions – This part and way of blog monetisation does not come easy as it demands lot of traffic and visitors. Once your blog or website has become popular, you can promote different products or write review and earn money by that.

Advertisement – This is also a common way to monetise your website or blog. It is like renting a space on your website for advertisement and in return you are being paid for that. This however initially demands good amount of traffic.

In short, it is easy to monetise a blog or website but initially you have to work on generating traffic and engaging readers by putting up unique and fresh content.

WordPress Website Video Template for Anyone

With so many plus points, it is one of the best WordPress Video themes that enable easy and convenient creation of responsive video portal. The theme can be used by amateurs and professionals and complete assistance is provided for any doubts.

It has proved to be highly satisfying WordPress theme which is not only convenient and affordable. With so many customisation options, it gives you a complete personalised website along with compatibility to multiple elements via plugins and widgets.

If you are looking for something classic, simple and engaging, this theme is the perfect pick.

Check out the demo below:

Video wordpress theme


The Templatic Video Theme allows you to easily:

  • Publish videos yourself
  • Display with easy copy and paste, or embedding code directly into your video posts
  • Upload videos directly to your site, they can be played with the built-in HTML5 video player
  • Get your visitors or subscribers to submit videos
  • And more!

We’ve also thrown in a powerful front-end video submission form feature – allowing any registered member to submit videos. Now, it’s easier than ever for your visitors to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or any other embeddable source, as well as upload their own videos directly via your site!

With the handy “submit video” page template, you and/or your visitors can upload videos via the site’s front-end, quickly and easily.

Want to moderate submisssions before publishing? Not a problem!

Your site will work and look great on any device!

The Templatic Video Theme has been built from the ground-up with multi-device users in mind. It maximizes mobile displays to the fullest, while leveraging the display capabilities of PC, Mac and other desktop displays, at the same time!

Our innovative, mobile-friendly design ensures total compatibility with any device your visitors are using to access your site, regardless of OS or platform!

Fully customize your site’s homepage layout to meet your exact needs!

We’ve developed the Templatic Video Theme to be fully customizable. Every element is widgetized and can be managed/customized to your needs and desires.

We even allow larger elements, such as a featured slider, to be moved or placed anywhere on the page, with easy ‘drag and drop’ control!

Fully customized wordpress video theme

Fully customize your category page as per your project vision and monetize it upto full potential

The design of category page is put a lot of thought from different angles of visitor and users. The sidebar allows to monetize it very.

Fully customized category page in our Video wordpress theme

Thought primary menu, search box, views, comments and social media share powers this page for your viewers.

The detail page is inspired by Youtube and put video player on the top. With sidebar of relevant videos and categories you keep the user longer on your site.

Detail page of video wordpress theme

Allow your visitors to upload their videos using the Video submission form

With the “Premium” license of the theme you get a special feature which enables your website visitors to upload their videos on your website, with this amazing feature you can create a fully functional YouTube like Video portal.

With the latest version of video theme 1.3.1 we also support the .mov file extenstion.

Submit Video page of video wordpress theme

Create and manage a professional-looking blog with total ease!

Our state-of-the-art theme can easily handle any type of media, whether it’s text content, video, audio or even a combination of any!

Some more features that help you blog like a pro!

  • Easy management/creation of categories and sub-categories
  • Add images, videos and other media to posts wherever you want, with full layout control, quickly and easily!
  • Encourage your audience to engage with dynamic commenting
  • Manage and arrange your content with dynamic, advanced category functions
  • Create an unlimited number of parent/child categories and subcategories – on the fly!
  • Easy options for grid/list view modifiers and post filtering – including Latest, Most Views, and Most Comments

Customize your site in real-time, whenever you want!

Customize your wordpress video theme

With the WordPress real-time customizer tab, you can fully alter the look and feel of your website, on demand!

Change colors dynamically, view your site in real-time and test for response and/or engagement. Find out what works and what doesn’t, instantly!

Other customization options include:

  • Custom logo and favicon control
  • Easy management and customization of header and body background images!
  • Full control and default settings via Google fonts as well as custom font size settings!

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Killer widget arsenal – ready to use!

  • Latest Posts/Videos

    Display your videos in either grid or list view. This widget is what you see displaying most of the videos in our demo.
  • All Categories First Video

    Show the thumbnail/featured image of the latest video from any selected categories. Can be displayed as list or grid.
  • Tabbed Widget

    Display related and popular videos or posts with a series of tabs. Choose the number of entries to be shown in each.
  • Related Posts

    Show videos or posts from the same category as the one being viewed. Works best on video or post detail pages.
  • Ad Widget

    Include a static banner image or insert Google AdSense or any ad network code. Use HTML and inline CSS to style the content to display however you like.
  • Newsletter

    Allow visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter. Currently four services are supported: MailChimp, Feedburner, Aweber, FeedBlitz (more will be added!)
  • Popular Posts

    Two metrics are available for determining popular posts: comments and views. Works with both videos as well as standard WordPress posts.
  • Video Slider

    Creates a slider with a short description and a fully-functional video. Choose which video categories to display in the slider, and easily set the number of slides to show.
  • Social Media

    Provide a link to each of your social media profiles or channels. Add as many as you need, you can even upload custom icon for each!

With Templatic Video Theme, you also get
full WooCommerce compatibility!

WooCommerce is a highly-advanced, free eCommerce plugin which allows you to easily create a fully-functional online store on your site. You can install it via your WordPress plugins tab, right on your dashboard!

Our video wordpress theme is full woocommerce compatible

The Templatic Video Theme even guarantees
full compatibility
and support for these awesome plugins:

  • Generate Video Thumbnails
    Use thisvideo thumbnails plugin to quickly create a thumbnail or featured image based on the embedded video. The plugin works with most popular video sharing websites.
  • Automatic YouTube Gallery
    Install the YouTube Channel Gallery plugin to effortlessly display a gallery of videos from a specific YouTube channel. Click here to see it in action!
  • WPML
    Use WPML to easily showcase your Video-powered website in multiple languages. Translate both the actual content and regular text strings.
  • Contact Forms
    Use plugins like Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms to quickly setup contact or inquiry forms for your visitors to connect with you. Easily insert a form into any page or post on your site.
  • SEO Plugins
    Take full advantage of advanced SEO options such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO Pack. Search Engine Optimization is critical for getting your site ranked higher on Google!
  • Rich Snippets
    Add rich snippets to your videos for maximum Google exposure using the All in One Rich Snippets plugin. For more on rich snippets and how they can help, click here.

And yes, there’s a whole lot more…

  • Custom CSS editor
    Use the easy CSS editor to make the theme your own in virtually every way. Every change you make is saved and protected within the database, unlike other themes. They will not get erased or deprecated by future theme updates!
  • Easily share on social media
    Each video detail page within the theme includes easy-to-use, non-obtrusive social sharing buttons for various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Full width page template
    Use this template when you want visitors to focus on your content distraction-free. Your sidebar widgets will not be displayed on any pages you select to have full-width.
  • Beautiful CSS for styling content
    Utilize one of dozens pre-coded design templates for styling your own content. And customize any to your liking! To see what’s available visit our demo site.
  • Never worry about image sizes again!
    Whether you’re creating a new video entry or a blog post, each image you upload will be automatically resized to fit the area it needs to be displayed in.
  • Two navigation menus
    Showcase links to your content in two separate menu bars!
    One displays above the log, and one displays below. Both are fully controllable via WP’s default menus tab.

See the Templatic Video Theme in action!

Here are just a few of the sites that are crushing it with their audiences using this innovative, dynamic theme!

Video wordpress theme is fully responsive to all devices

Want to know more?

Take a full tour – visit our demo!

The demo site provides great insight on the possibilities that are available to you with the Templatic Video Theme:

Visit the demo site

What do our customers think of the Templatic Video Theme?

“I would like to let you know that I am really happy with your products and I really appreciate your support in each step. You guys are the best team that I have ever get support.”

— Serkan Ula?

“After trying many other companies out there, Templatic has been absolutely the best choice. Customer service is so important and they have gone out of their way to help. The community board always answers my questions and tells me how to do something. Now I have great looking website and it works! I’m sticking with templatic for future products.”

— Lisa Armstrong

Get The Theme License That’s Right For You!

Whether you own one or 1000 sites, you’ll find the Templatic Video Theme’s licensing to be an incredible value for all the amazing features and capabilities that you get!

Basic $49

Only you can upload videos

  • Install on 1 domain
  • Lifetime usage license
  • 1 year of theme updates and support
  • 1-click dummy data install

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Obviously, we think Templatic is the best Premium WordPress Themes provider. But, we’ll admit we are little biased.

In our 7 years of wordpress community experience, we learnt along with robust product code, backup of worldclass support team is the key that unlocks the true success of any project. Check for yourself what our customer thinks here.

Want to know more?

Take a full tour – visit our demo!

The demo site provides great insight on the possibilities that are available to you with the Templatic Video Theme:

Visit the demo site

Have questions? Need help?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We look forward to helping you take your site to the next level!

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