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10 Ways to Monetize a Directory Website

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Starting a successful directory website is a huge undertaking. You don’t have to spend more than a few minutes searching the web to find a long list of directory sites that were clearly started with a flash of motivation yet quickly died out just as quickly.

It’s sad but true. There are many directory websites out there that look like they had real potential if only someone had stuck with them long enough to generate results and ROI.

The problem is that too many people start looking for ROI before they’ve actually invested any serious time or effort into the project. If visitors sense that your site is about little more than making a quick buck, there’s a good chance they’ll disappear in a flash and never come back.

One of the great things about directory websites is that there are so many different ways to monetize them. That said, monetization isn’t something you want to jump into too quickly — especially when you’re content is still thin. Our last few posts have been about the importance of creating high-quality content before anything else and I’d recommend you read those posts first.

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Want to Create an Online Directory? First, Think About How Your Can Define and Serve Your Audience

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Last week we talked about a few of the features of our most popular theme, Directory, that we believe make it the best WordPress directory theme on the market. The most important of which is our commitment to continual improvement and adding new functionality via plugins.

We receive a lot of questions about both the technical and practical aspects of launching a successful website using our Directory theme. This post will be the first in a series that center around that exact topic.

One of the things we mentioned last week was the importance of planning. Our Directory theme has a lot of functionality built into it. So much in fact, that if you try to build a site without having a clear direction of where you’re going, you might find yourself off course rather quickly.

To help you with the planning process we’re going to cover two important questions you need to answer before getting started. Let’s take a closer look:

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Video Site that Introduces Wushu Sports to the World

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Wushu is the Chinese martial arts. The aim of the team that runs Wushusport.tv is to cover all major championships and events. As the tagline says, wushusport.tv broadcasts Wushu to the world. Let’s hear from the team, on what they have to share about their experience.

The team travels around the world to film documentaries and interview all the best athletes and coaches. They offer them the opportunity to become part of the Wushu Sports Team to anyone who loves Wushu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Shaolin. They built beautiful broadcasting Video Site using Templatic Video theme Template. We asked a few questions to the team to know how they got inspired to follow the idea of creating a website dedicated to Wushu and promote it online.

Introduction to Dedicated team

wushusport.tv was created by Sifu Alan Winner and Salie Lewi. Both are teachers of Chinese martial arts (wushu) in London, UK. As specified earlier, wushusport.tv is a  video based website set up to introduce the sport of wushu to a wider audience. They do it by posting documentaries of the sport on their video website. They cover major events by the championships coverage and interviews with athletes and coaches from around the world.

Video Site

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6 Ways to double your Business Directory Site Traffic

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double directory traffic

Traffic is so easy to get only when we know what is that people are looking for out there!

All you have to do is provide people with a solution to their problem and they will come and they will share it with their friends! To get maximum traffic to your directory site we recommend following top 6 methods adapt by thousands of other online directory site owners.

1.  Content Marketing

Content marketing should be your ultimate goal in marketing. Meaningful content will help users find what they are looking for.  But in the beginning this can be difficult because you probably won’t have many listings. So you have to get creative and make your own content.  Here are some ideas:

  • Start a blog on your website and start blogging about the industry your WordPress directory will serve offer tips and resources, I.e., If your directory is about restaurants, you can write about food.
  • Share a story about a successful business who considers marketing online through social media and various directories. People these days like stories over facts.
  • Make slideshows and put them on social media with links back to your WordPress website

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How to create real estate website in 30 minutes

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How to create a real estate website with WordPress?

Are you about to create a real estate website, but wondering how to get started?

This is the step wise guide on how to create real estate website in 30 minutes.

It is quite normal to be confused at first when you start an online business, but with proper guidance, it becomes easier and simpler.

This article is for the beginners who want to take their real estate business to the next level. It intends to help you create feature rich and vivid real estate directory without ever needing the help from technical experts to solve your problems.

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Inspiring Journey of the Upgraded Marlou Property website

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Businesses are moving towards the internet to stay in touch with their clients. They use the business Property website as a way to attract the prospect customers and maintain touch with the existing ones.

Besides this, there are innumerable benefits of having business website, for your business. The website we are going to talk here is one of the best property site that allows user submission and display the listings that they want to let. We have this case study about one such business website – Marlou Property which is built from Directory theme and RealEstate Plugin.

Meet Mr. Simon Main-logo.fw

I am Simon from Edition1. It is a UK based website design and development company. The company offers clients simple websites. These websites may range from simple websites to promote services to complex commerce solutions selling product ranges online and application based websites.

About Marlou Property website

In 2014, we approached to Marlou Property with the view to update an existing website. A website that will now have the option to allow Landlords to upload properties. These properties can be searched by potential tenants.

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Customer Story – CNR Group Insat – Apex WordPress Theme

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Nicea Consulting is based in Istanbul and develops web and e-commerce projects for their clients. They have used our Apex as a contracting company theme to develop the website CNR Grup Instant for a contracting company in Istanbul. We asked them about their experiences while developing the theme and here is what they have to say about it.


We are a digital agency based in Istanbul with name Nicea Consulting. We are developing web and e-commerce projects for our clients. Our client is an important contracting company in Istanbul. They choose us to develop CNR Group Insat site. We can serve our projects very good-looking. Contracting are important for Istanbul, there are a lot of competition. So we need a wonderful web site, and the theme is very enough for this.

Contracting Company Theme

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The Importance of Creating Engaging Content for Your Online Directory Website

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Are you thinking of starting an online directory website? Or have you recently launched a directory website and find yourself struggling to gain traction?

Let’s be honest here, purchasing hosting, setting up WordPress and Installing our Directory Theme is a relatively simple process. Sure, you could run into a few hiccups along the way, but we’ve got a support team and an extensive documentation that can resolve most questions or problems quickly.

Soon enough, you’ll be looking at a shiny new website that’s all ready for visitors. And this is where the real work begins because now it’s time to start creating content. That’s right, content — the stuff that will draw in visitors in and keep them coming back to your site again and again.

Last week, we talked about the importance of defining your market or niche for your directory website and then finding a way to serve their needs. Today, we’re going to discuss one way that you can approach that challenge, which is through the creation of interesting and helpful content.

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The Golden Sales Pitch by John Durham to Increase your Paid Directory Listings

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Hi __________?

This is _______ with ___________ , you may have heard of us. We are one of the online directories in Houston, Texas.

Paid Directory Listings

Real briefly, the reason for the call is, In an effort to expand our representation in the Houston area, for a limited time, we are giving away absolutely free professionally custom designed space, as a GIFT to all the local Houston Restaurants / Travel Agents (since Houston is famous for it) such as _____ and ______ and a few others… (give popular local examples)

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How A Young Product Manager Turned his Idea Into A Business Using Templatic Classifieds Directory Template

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Mybudak.com is a kids marketplace in Malaysia built using the Classifieds Directory Template where the users can post a free advertisement of their products and can also view the products that are on sale and they can buy. This is a kids marketplace with super-easy search options and thousands of free advertisements make it clear that the Classifieds can be used to set up an online marketplace targeting various sectors of the market.

Mr. Lucas Lee, the owner of the website, shares his inspiring thoughts about Classifieds Directory Theme, and the story of the development of MyBudak.

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