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In the Spotlight: Wongel Alemayehu of, An Online Job Board

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Success story: job posting site

We talked to Wongel Alemayehu of and he provided us with insights on how he used the Classified theme to create a beautiful and full featured online Job portal.

We asked him several questions about the process of building a job portal, the overall experience, the tools he used, his recommendations, reviews and suggestions. We have several tutorials about using directory themes but this post specifically draws attention to the practical aspect of building and maintaining online directory sites.

How to create classifieds website in 30 minutes – A quick guide

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If there’s no reliable online classified website for your city then you should create one. This guide will show you exactly how to build such a website, and how to start allowing paid or free classified listing submissions through the inbuilt front end listing submission system.

A classified directory can help you earn online through paid submissions, featured advertisements and many other ways. This post will also discuss how to promote and maintain your online classified site.

How to Start Online Directory site in 30 Minutes – Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

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Directory wordPress theme: Creating a website

An ultimate guide on how you can start making money online through directory websites. It comprises all the small and big details that you should know about online directory website building and management.

The WordPress directory website theme is crafted to help you easily create and manage your own site, but you will always need some technical as well as practical ideas to implement the theme and set it up as your online business.

How to create real estate website in 30 minutes

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How to create a real estate website with WordPress?

Whether it is a real estate directory for rental places or for properties on sale, a property portal is one of the most successful types of online directories. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a property listing website from scratch and some practical tips and tricks on how to promote and maintain it.

A real estate directory website with maps and location based listings and a front end submission system can be a business model that can get you consistent income.

Create author website in WordPress on your own. A step by step guide

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As an author, it is essential to stay connected with your audience. And now you can create and manage your own website, with the help of WordPress and an Author WordPress theme. Not just that, but you can even sell your books through it.

In this tutorial, we have explained step by step on how to create, manage and deliver your messages through an author website. It can even help you promote your new website, upcoming events or gain freelance projects.

Quick Guide To Create A Website For Your Small Hotel Or Any Rental Property In 30 Minutes

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How to create a small hotel website

In this article, we will show you how you can create a website for your small hotel on your own, and in just 30 minutes. Even if you have never created a site before, with the steps mentioned here, you can easily create one on your own.
We’ll also discuss a few mistakes that you should avoid and a few tips that can help your website (and ultimately your hotel business) grow significantly.

How to Build a Successful Niche Blog for a Consistent Monthly Income

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Build a WordPress blog to earn money

Use the easy interface of WordPress to create and maintain blogs to earn consistent monthly income online. This article discusses the ways you can optimize your content and set up a niche content oriented website to earn money online.

Consistency is the key when it comes to blogging and consistent efforts in the right direction will help you make a living with your site. Unlike other online businesses, a blog site will not need big investments but small and constant efforts can help you achieve your goals.

New Version: WordPress 5.5 & Templatic Themes

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WordPress 5.5

The latest version of WordPress is here and you must be curious of what it brings and how your WordPress themes will work with it. The good news is, we have tested and updated all our WordPress themes to be compatible with the new WordPress version.

At Templatic, we strive to make our WordPress themes as compatible as possible. Therefore, whenever a newer version of WordPress is released, we quickly start testing all of our themes, each and every page and try to fix all the issues that may arise.

WordPress SEO: Everything You Need to Know About Optimizing Your WordPress Site for SEO

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Maintaining and improving the visibility of your website should always be your first priority. However, to do so -you don’t essentially need to hire SEO experts. There are some common SEO practices and techniques that can help you get good results.

You should start by choosing an SEO friendly theme and stick to some simple rules while creating and maintaining your websites to ensure that they rank well. Even using some free WordPress tools can help you get the most advantages for your website.

Creating a book launch website in 45 minutes, on your own

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You can create a promotional website with WordPress before you launch your book as an author. A book launch website will help you reach your prospective readers and tell them about your book, the stories and other details about you.

A book launch website can also have a link to the buy now button that links directly to the store so that the interested visitors can buy it easily. This tutorial will help you create a feature packed and beautiful website to promote your site.