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The ultimate city directory WordPress theme

GeoPlaces is the most popular city directory theme for WordPress available today. It provides all the tools necessary to run a modern directory website. Full places and events support, built-in monetization and Google Maps support are just some of the features available in this advanced directory theme.

With GeoPlaces you can…

  • ultimate city directory

    Create the ultimate city directory

    With the ability to display and showcase everything that’s going on in their community GeoPlaces is perfect for all those that want to create a rich website for their town or city.

  • Manage Homepage

    Easily manage the homepage

    Customizing the homepage is easy as drag n’ drop, literally. Widgets allow you to populate the homepage with various content while still preserving that clean and beautiful look.

  • Display map

    Display everything on a map

    Included homepage, category and detail listing page Google Maps make this theme extremely easy to navigate. Maps are available for the home, category and detail page.

  • submission forms

    Customize the submission forms

    Each field you see inside the place or event submission form can be modified inside the theme’s extensive back-end section. Creating new ones is possible as well.

  • Manage multiple cities

    Manage multiple cities

    Managing multiple cities in GeoPlaces does not require installation of WordPress MultiSite, the theme will take care of it for you.

  • multilingual site

    Create a multilingual site

    Using WPML you can setup a multilingual city directory where visitors can change the default language per their requirements.

  • Claim listings

    Claim listings

    Claim Listing functionality makes it possible for you to populate the directory with content (so it’s not empty) and then let the actual owners claim them.

  • Manage Places and Events

    Manage Places and Events

    GeoPlaces comes with two additional custom post types built-in – Places and Events. Each come with their own functionality, pages, widgets, etc.

  • Maintain blog

    Maintain a regular old’ blog

    No worries, we didn’t forget about the blog. Starting a blog with this advanced theme is as easy as creating a new category and adding some posts to it, no further tweaking necessary.

  • promotions using coupons

    Setup promotions using coupons

    The included coupon module will allow you to offer discounts for created price packages. This will for sure come in handy early in the sites’s life-cycle.

GeoPlaces city directory WordPress theme features a stunning responsive design

city directory WordPress theme

How to make money with GeoPlaces?

The primary way to make money with this city directory WordPress theme is to charge for content/listing submissions. Both submission forms (Places/Events) support price packages that allow you to define aspects such as duration or price.

Allowing you to earn even more money are featured listings. By opting to feature their listings (make them display at the top), visitors pay more for their submission.

Price Package

The best theme support around

The theme comes with a user and installation guide but help is always at hand. By purchasing this theme you will get access to the Templatic support team. Our team is always happy to be of assistance.

Creating a support ticket is easy and you can do so by choosing the ‘Existing member’ option on our Contact Form. You’ll find the link to the contact form in the top right area of our website. You can also create a ticket from the ‘Support’ tab in your member’s area dashboard.

Support team Image
  • Bulk upload/import

    Quickly upload large quantities of data using .csv files. Works for both places, events and regular blog posts.

  • Recurring payments

    The price packages you create can be charged on a rolling basis. Works only with PayPal.

  • Ratings and reviews

    Visitors can leave star ratings and reviews on your place and event detail pages.

  • Category page control

    Choose what info is shown on category pages (categories, views, comment count, etc).

  • Related content

    Show related places and events on detail pages. Select the number shown in the back-end.

  • CAPTCHA security

    Protect your submission pages against spam by installing the WP reCAPTCHA plugin.

  • Default listing status

    Choose what happens with listings once they are submitted (are they held for moderation or published)?

  • Full email control

    Edit and manage all emails sent by the theme. Use shortcodes to display dynamic data.

  • Custom register form

    Use the back-end panel to create new fields for the register form; collect unique info from your visitors.

  • Custom map icons

    Upload unique icons for each category displayed on the homepage map. A nice collection is available here

  • Add your currency

    GeoPlaces isn’t limited to a preset selection of currencies. Add your own currency code, symbol and position.

  • Transaction reports

    Use the transaction reports section to view purchased price packages and manage your income.

  • Unique Features

    1-click auto install

    Pressing just one button inside the theme back-end you can make your newly installed theme look like our demo site.

  • Unique Features

    Automatic updates

    The days of struggling with theme files are over. This feature will allow you to update the theme right from the WordPress dashboard, much like you would update a plugin.

  • Unique Features

    Outstanding support

    In case you ever run into problems, our skilled staff will be there to help in community forums and in Helpdesk.

  • Unique Features

    Detailed documentation

    A multi-page guide containing text, images and video makes getting started with this advanced theme a whole lot easier.

  • Unique Features

    Third-party plugin support

    Use popular WordPress plugins such as Gravity Forms or WordPress SEO by Yoast to enhance the directory even further.

  • 5 Star booking theme

    Custom widgets

    Display unique content with widgets such as: Facebook Fans, Twitter Feed, Testimonials, Browse by Categories, Contact Us, Recent Review, Social Media and more.

  • Can I change the logo?

    Yes, of course. The logo and favicon can be changed from the theme’s back-end section.

  • Is GeoPlaces available as an HTML template?

    No, it’s not. It’s only available as a WordPress theme.

  • Is bulk uploading available?

    Yes, it is. From the “Advanced Settings” section in the theme back-end, you can upload .csv files containing events and places data.

  • Does GeoPlaces work with WordPress MultiSite

    Yes, it does. All Templatic themes work great on MultiSite, including GeoPlaces.

  • Can visitors manage the listings they submitted?

    Once visitors register to the site they gain access to the front-end user dashboard. From that dashboard, they can manage their website profile and manage all the content they published. You (admin) can manage all listings from the WordPress back-end section.

  • Which payment gateways are currently supported?

    Right now the theme allows visitors to check out using the following gateways: PayPal, Google Checkout, 2CO (2Checkout),, Worldpay.
    Along with the above gateways, GeoPlaces comes with two offline payment methods: PreBank Transfer and Cash.

  • Am I allowed to customize the theme?

    Yes, of course. You’re allowed to make unlimited changes to the theme, design and functionality included. We even encourage this by including the best-customized sites in our Showcase.

  • Can GeoPlaces work with Open Street Map instead of Google Maps?

    No, it cannot. Google Maps are an integral part of the theme, changing them to something else cannot be done easily.

  • Is video embedding possible?

    Yes. To embed a video into a place or event just paste the iframe embed code from YouTube, Vimeo or some other video sharing website.

  • Is it possible to organize cities by countries and states

    At the moment, this isn’t possible. All cities you add to GeoPlaces are one-dimensional, there is no easy way to establish a hierarchy among them.

Theme Use Ideas


GeoPlaces can be used for almost any type of listings directory you can think of. This powerful listings theme, although appears as a city guide, you can use it for companies, businesses, restaurants, travel guides, hotels or anything else.

This popular GeoPlaces theme comes with event listings built-in, advanced search form, unlimited categories or sub-categories and custom fields. Use GeoPlaces as a niche directory theme or as a general business directory with free or paid packages.

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Reviews:4.84 stars

4.84 average based on 1148 ratings. (more information)

  • Review-Image

    We made a lot of customizations of the Geo Places theme for our site, and the Templatic support team was very responsive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with them.

    – Steve Curtis

  • Review-Image

    I’ve been developing a Geo PlacesV4 theme for the last year or so, it’s a fantastic theme and really starting to take shape as we entry final testing. But I would not of got this far without the community forum support team! Their fast replies and accurate information has been invaluable! Thank you all.

    – Craig Phillips

  • Review-Image

    Being new to WordPress and having specific ideas of how I want things to look and work, it has been essential for to fall back on the professional customer service of Templatic. Rarely did I have to wait more than a day to get advice on how to proceed with many different issues.

    – Edgar Hütte

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    • No customization restrictions
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