The main purpose of the Directory theme is to allow the users to built a website that can make money. To enable the online transactions, you will need to decide a currency in which the money will be accepted. For local directory websites, the best way to accept the payments is to set the regional currency for transactions on the website. This can be easily done through Directory theme.

Easily manage the currency of your site

The Directory theme will let you set the this before you get started with the website. By default it is set to USD, but you can change it very easily.

The screenshots shows various options you can set as per your requirements:


Besides this, you can also manage how the price is displayed wherever it appears. For example: You can set price as $670 or 670$.  With the Directory WordPress theme, you can flexibly manage the pricing options.

With the regional currency your potential customers will have a better idea of how affordable the deal is. They can compare and evaluate better when they view the price in their own currency.  They’ll be more comfortable in choosing the subscription plan. This, ultimately can contribute to better conversion rates on your directory website.


Suppose, you are running a local directory in Bahrain. Your potential customers are people of Bahrain. It wouldn’t be very wise if you provide them with a website that wants them to make payment in USD. There are chances that people get confused. It is very obvious that they will be much more comfortable in transacting with your website if they’re allowed to pay in their national currency(i.e. BHD).

With Directory this is possible with very simple steps. Make your customers comfortable and confident by allowing them to pay in their own currency.