The author page, as the name suggests, will show the author information. It will show tabs for each post type. This will show the posts of the authors in that post types.
When the users will click on the author name it will take them to the author page where they will be able to view the posts of that author in all the post-types. The author page will
Other related settings:

The display Authors widget

The widget is used to display the best authors of your website. To see how to use this widget please click here.

Author page Sidebar widget area

The author page sidebar can be set by placing the widgets on the widget area – Author page sidebar.
You can set the author page sidebar content by placing the widgets in this widget area. The content of this widget will appear on the Author page only.


Suppose a user comes to your site, and likes a post of an author. Now when he clicks on the author name he will be able to find everything at once, the author name , information and all the posts. If he likes one posts of the author, there are better chances of him liking the other posts too.