The publisher theme is Woo-commerce compatible. Also, it offers the installation of the digital downloads plugin. The following is the main difference between Woo-commerce and Digital download plugins.

Multiple downloads

The Woo-Commerce allows multiple downloads whereas with the digital downloads plugin you can only download one file at a time. Woo-commerce has a facility to add multiple items of multiple categories into the cart and then download it. The digital downloads is just a simple plugin that facilitates eBook selling and allows digital download.

All type of downloads

This is the main difference between the digital downloads and the Woo-Commerce plugin. The digital download only allows us to buy(download) intangible and digital goods. While the Woo-Commerce allows the purchase of tangible as  well as digital products.

Shipping and other sales facilities

Woo-commerce is an in-depth system which allows you to manage shipping, taxes and everything. If you want to have these things involved while your customers make the purchase, then you can use the Woo-commerce. The digital downloads is very simpler in that terms. It does the basic task it has to without involving any complex configurations.

WooCommerce is a plugin that will allow you to setup an online store, by installing it all the purchase related modules will be installed. These modules are easy to use and can be configured according to the requirements. But when you’re sure you only wish to sell digital products and do not need complex modules to be managed, you can opt for the digital download plugin.