In this tutorial we have covered some frequently asked questions we receive in support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question – I have added cities in Location Manager but I can’t see them in the city selector.
Answer – Please check that each city has had at least 1 listing added to it. The same applies if you are using any other post types for example: Events, Properties or Classifieds etc.

Question – How do I control the categories on the homepage map for each city?
Answer – You can choose the categories you wish to appear from WP-admin> Tevolution> Manage Locations> Cities (TAB). Now edit any city and you’ll find the ‘Categories‘ option over there.


Question – I can’t make listings show the ‘Featred’ label.
Answer – Please check that you have activated the ‘Featured Options‘ for any price package. You can edit price packages from WP-admin> Tevolution> Monetization.


Question – How do I enable social login for Facebook and Twitter for example?
Answer – Please refer to the theme’s guide. You will find the exact steps to enable this option from here: #registration-settings

Question – I have added a custom field, how do I make it searchable?
Answer – You have two options; the first one is to select this field in the ‘Instant Search‘ widget. This is usually the one which appears at the top area of your site. You can edit the ‘Instant Search‘ from WP-admin> Appearance> Widgets.

The second option is to make a field appear in the ‘Advanced Search‘ widget. To do this, go to widgets and expand the Advanced Search widget’s options. Now click on ‘Add a Search Field‘ and choose the field you want to make searchable. If you haven’t already added the ‘Advanced Search‘ widget, please add it to the sidebar area in widgets.

Question – I am making changes to my site but I can’t see them reflected on the front-end.
Answer – Please check that you have cleared your browser cache. Now refresh the page and try again. Please also check that you have deleted the cache from a cache plugin if you have installed one.

Question – I can’t see listing categories or other items to select for my menu.
Answer – Please go to WP-admin> Appearance >> Menus and click on the ‘Screen Options‘ button in the top right corner of your screen. Where you see the items you want are not selected, select them. Now they should be available for your selection for the menu.

Question – I can’t see some field appearing on the submission form.
Answer – Please edit the fields which the form is missing. In each field’s option screen, check that you have activate the ‘submission Form‘ option for the field.

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Question – I am using the Fields Monetization add-on but all fields do not change on the front-end submission form.
Answer – Please check the fields on the submission form after you select a category first.

Question – I cannot see all the map pins as on your demo.
Answer – Please download the map pins from your member area. You will find them under My Downloads> Free Downloads (Tabs). Now you can edit any listing or other post type category and upload an map pin to it.

Question – How do I upload my logo to the site?
Answer – You can upload your logo from WP-admin> Appearance> Customize> Site Logo (TAB).

If you want to get the another list of Directory based FAQ then also here is the list for your reference:

These are few of the questions that we thought would be helpful for new Directory theme users, feel free to contact us if you will have any query which is not listed here.

Always happy to help you 🙂