Directory theme from Templatic is powerful listing theme that has the capacity of sustaining innumerable listings. A directory website is considered as a platform for showcasing and advertising your listing. The businesses would definitely want their listing to have more and more user attention. For this, we have the featured listings option.

What are Featured listings?

The featured listings are the ones that appear on top the home page and category pages. The main purpose of getting your listing featured on the home/category page is to attract extra user attention to it. It is ensured that out of all the listings on the site, the featured ones are specially highlighted.

You can set price for featured listings and the day for which the listing will appear as featured. This feature provides us to earn more by providing the listings spotlight for a number of decided days. The listings can be featured on the home page, or on the category page, or both.

featured listings

Home page featured listings

The home page featured listings will appear on top the home page of your website and therefore catches the eye of every user that visits the site.

Category page featured listings

The category page featured listing is shown up on the when a user visits a certain category. Therefore, the listing will have the attention of the user who is particularly interested in the category it belongs to.


Suppose we have a directory website that has in-numerous listings. We have a new listing for a new multi-speciality hospital, that needs user attention. Now to stand apart from the rest of the listings, the listing owner wants this listing to be featured on the home page as well as the category page. We can charge him for featuring his listing on our site.

The hospital’s listing will get extra focus whenever the user comes to the home page. If any of the users searching for hospitals on our directory opens the category page for hospitals, they will again see the featured hospital listing on the category page.