What are Featured listings?

The featured listings are the ones that appear on top the home page and category pages. The main purpose of getting your listing featured on the home/category page is to attract extra user attention to it. It is ensured that out of all the listings on the site, the featured ones are specially highlighted.

You can set price for featured listings and the day for which the listing will appear as featured. This feature provides us to earn more by providing the listings spotlight for a number of decided days. The listings can be featured on the home page, or on the category page, or both.

Following these below steps will help you enable Featured option on your site:

(1) “Settings for Featured Entries” in WP-admin >> Monetization >> Price Packages >> Edit say “FREE” is responsible to turn a Listing to be featured.

(2) After configuring the above mentioned section, please find featured options while adding / editing the Listings with the respective Price Package i.e., FREE.
The above steps are helpful to feature the listings.

The image references can be more useful:

featuring featuring1

Now, points to be remembered for why The Featured Listings / Posts Unnecessarily Discontinue To Remain Featured, Why?

(1) Featuring of Listings depends on “Published” date and time and the Number of days inserted while configuring Featured options in the above mentioned step 1.

(2) “Published” Date and Time and the Number of days go hand in hand. The Listing will remain Featured keeping both these times into consideration.

For an example: If a Listing say “Test” was published on 01st January 2016 and it is set to Featured then, this particular Listing will remain featured for the Number of days inserted as Featured duration. Let’s say the number days are 100.
This means that the Listing will remain featured for next 100 days starting from 01st January 2016 which is the Published date. Hence, the Listing will remain featured till 10th March 2016. After this date the Listing will no more remain featured.

On the other note, if the Number of days are 365 then, the above mentioned “Test” Listing will remain featured for the period of 365 days from it’s published date. In this scenario, the Listing will discontinue to remain featured after 31st December 2016.


Featuring of Posts / Listings depends on two major factors which are the Posts / Listings “Published” date and time and the configured “Number of days.