The Directory theme’s main feature is it’s scalability. You can use it to make a local directory with listings of just one city, or to make a directory with multiple cities of same country, or to make a global directory with multiple cities of multiple countries.To enable the multiple cities, install and activate the Tevolution – Location Manager plugin. With this you can manage multiple cities and countries of your website, add listings to it and even allow your users to add listings to multiple cities

Manage multiple cities with the theme

With the Tevolution location manager add-on you can enable the multicity feature for your Directory website. The activation of this add on will integrate a new option called “Manage Locations” in the Tevolution menu.Use it to manage multiple Countries, States and Cities. For more information on how to use this add-on please visit this page.

Easily add Cities

It is very easy to add cities to the Directory WordPress website with the location manager. All you need to do is to navaigate to Tevolution >> Location Manager >> Add new city. Select the Country and State and add the city to it with the required details.

Homepage City selector

With the Location Manager activation, the city selector will appear on the top of the homepage that will allow the users to select the city. The listings and results of the website will then be limited to only those posted in the selected city.


A food website contains the listings of all the MacDonalds in different countries. A person from US will only want to view the listings of MacDonalds in their country. Therefore, the user will select the US from the city selector on the home page and all the results will now be filtered to show the listings of US only. Now there’s a new opening of MacDonalds’ in a city that is not yet mentioned on your site. You can easily go to the back end and add a new city and add the listing to it and publish it to make it available to the users.