The Directory WordPress themeĀ is totally location based. The Tevolution Location Manager’s activation will make the theme more location aware. With the Location manager plugin, the preloaded countries and states will come into existance.

With the Directory theme, there are unlimited possibilities for your WordPress website. The theme can be used to create a local guide limited to one small city or a global directory that encompasses multiple countries.

242 preloaded countries

The Directory WordPress theme comes with 242 preloaded countries. Besides that you can also add the countries of your own. The countries come with their actual details already loaded.

3898 states

The Directory theme also has 3898 states configured with their respective countries. These states can be used as a prototype for setting your own state. The popular states are already added into the theme. You can choose any out of 3898 states. Besides this, you can add your own state.


The preloaded countries and states, allow you to select one. Most of the countries and states are already mentioned, so you won’t have to bother in creating ones. And if they’re not, you can easily refer the existing ones and create the countries, state and cities of your own.