Social Share buttons
This buttons enables your visitors to directly share a post on your website to their social network. This will share a link of the post to their selected social networking site.

Importance of social network sharing

You can imagine the benefits yourself when a page of your website is shared on some user’s social network. This exposes it to a large number of audience and it directly ends up bringing traffic to your site.
With more social sharing, the content will reach more people. The users can share your listing as a way of recommendation to their friends. This means that by social sharing, you can get unexpected publicity and the people who would not at know about the listings will become aware of it.
Moreover, it is a feature for your visitors that they can share the content they like on their social network.
The detail page will also display how many shares the post has achieved till yet. This lets the visitors get an idea about the popularity of the post/listing.
However if you don’t want to display the share button, you can place the following code in the Custom CSS editor
body .social-media-share li a {


Suppose a user is visiting your site and is getting attracted to an event. He shares it on his social network. His friends also visit the event page. This fetches more traffic. There are chances that the person’s friend, friend of friend also shares it. Just imagine how your event is publicizing itself just by a social share and without you having to play any part.