The translation ready Directory WordPress theme from templatic can be used to create a local Directory and surprise your local people with a website in their own language. The theme with vast features and unmatched scalability is originally available in English, but supports translation to almost any language in the world.

Translation ready Directory WordPress theme

More and more people use the Directory theme to create a local guide. The scope of such websites is limited to a certain region. This means that the targeted audience is belongs to locality and most probably speak a common local language. How nice it would be to provide them with a website in their own language. This is made possible with the translation ready Directory WordPress theme.

Easy translation

The translation ready Directory theme comes with a global .PO file that will ease the translation. You can use the tool like POEdit to carry out the translation. This will not only attract the local people to your site but will also improve the user-experience of the Directory.

Child themes has developed many child themes based on the Directory. Based on the powerful Directory platform these child themes are designed, to inherit the Directory features with a new and personalized look, additional features and special functionalities. Even this child themes are translation-ready and they too come with their global .PO files.

An Example

The themes are generally available in English language. But not everyone is comfortable with English. Particularly if most of the people of your targeted audience is are not able to understand English properly, creating a Directory in the local language is a wise choice.

For instance : You want to create a directory of Hospitals in your state. Now, even though most of the population is familiar with English. It will be great to have a site in the local language because everyone in the state will understand it much easily. Such website will also give them a feeling of familiarity and oneness.

So, Don’t think too much, get this beautifully designed, location-aware, and multi-featured Directory WordPress theme to build a website in the language you desire.