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Free WordPress Theme Installation Service (Includes WP setup, and Plugins)

You want to get your site live quickly and effortlessly, don’t you? Let us help you with that.

You heard it right, we are offering you free WordPress installation, plus installation of your chosen theme and plugins, and speed optimization for FREE if you host your site with our partners.

So you have two good reasons to rejoice:

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  • Free WordPress, WP theme and plugin installation from WordPress experts

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Bluehost is our hosting partner and offer an exclusive discount to the Templatic customers. So you can sign up for hosting at a lower price.

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And yes, FREE WordPress & Theme Installation!

Once you sign up for Bluehost, contact us using the form below to claim your full theme and plugin installation service for free..

What do we offer as a part of our FREE WordPress setup service?

Think about your business strategies and content while we set up your WordPress website for you!

With our Free WordPress Setup and Installation Service with speed and SEO optimization, we will help you accelerate your website building process. Save your time to focus on your business details instead of wasting your time setting up WordPress, themes and plugins. WE WILL DO THE PRIMARY WEBSITE SETUP FOR YOU, FOR FREE.

1. Free WordPress Setup and Installation Service

We will install WordPress and your WordPress theme for your website. Regardless of the WordPress theme you choose, we will install it, and set it up for you with the sample data.

This also includes installing and activating all the plugins required to successfully run your website.

2. Site Enhancements:

We will also install some of the best free WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO(for SEO optimization), Akismet (for spam protection), WP Total Cache (for caching), etc.

3. Contact form:

We will also set up a contact form for your website so that you can start receiving queries right away.

4. Site Speed Optimization:

We will perform a few checks and run a few routines to ensure that your WordPress website performs well.

Follow the steps below to sign up for our free theme installation services:

  1.  Click on this link to visit Bluehost.
  2. Choose a hosting plan of your choice and complete the payment.
  3. Once you’ve purchased your hosting, use the form given below and let us know your email ID or User ID using which you purchased hosting at BlueHost.
  4. Also, provide us with credentials/required resources for theme/plugin access and leave the rest to us!
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Why do we recommend BlueHost?

We partnered with Bluehost because it is one of the best and reliable hosting platform for your websites. We have been in the business for 10 years now and many of our clients use BlueHost for hosting their sites.

BlueHost has the most favorable reviews from among our users. So we have partnered with BlueHost for exclusive discount to our users. Templatic customers get hosting, starting at $2.95 at Bluehost instead of having to pay regular price.

You can choose any of the BlueHost packages as per your requirement. However, we recommend their “prime” package.

You may ask: Why would we do it for free?

When it comes to our business policies, we like to be as transparent as we can get. You might be thinking why would we provide hosting discount and Free WordPress Blog Installation?

We are affiliate partners of Bluehost and are paid a mini commission when you buy hosting from BlueHost using our affiliate link. And it takes just minutes for our experts to install a WordPress theme for free, making it a fair deal for both the parties. No one loses here.

We get our affiliate commissions and our users get free theme installation services. Moreover, we have always strived to help new WordPress users be able to create their site and flourish their business. This WordPress installation and setup service for FREE is a little contribution from us, to help our customers save some time and efforts.

If you have already purchased hosting but looking for help we installation, we do offer Get Started.

Send your inquiry to claim your free installation service.


Don’t forget to mention your Bluehost username if you have already purchased through the link above.

Also, we will need the domain access, zip files for the theme and plugin installation & the license key to activate them, to setup your WordPress website for you. You can upload the zip files on Dropbox or a cloud server and provide us with the link to download them.

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