Optimizing Image for your WordPress Blog/Website

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Optimizing Images for your WordPress Blog/Website Posts and Pages includes the following:

  • JPEG Compression
  • Removing Meta Data from Images, especially from JPEG Images
  • Removing Unused Colors from Images
  • Suitable conversion of certain GIF Files to PNG Files

Above optimization techniques not only reduces the file size of images, but also retains the quality of original image. Above optimization techniques are completely lossless, hence your resulting images will retain its original color and visual quality.

All the above optimization techniques have been integrated into a WordPress Plugin called WP Smush.it based on the concept of Yahoo! Smush.it. Just install the plugin and all images which you are going to upload after the plugin installation will be optimized using the above mentioned lossless optimization techniques.

Old images, which you uploaded before installing this plugin, can be optimized by clicking Smush.it Now link present just below every image in the Media Library.