Big updates for HotelBooking and all eCommerce themes

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After major updates for our GeoPlaces and DailyDeal themes we finally got around to update some other fan-favorites.

Around a month ago we released eMarket, a sleek eCommerce theme with some new functionality. That functionality is now coming to the rest of our eCommerce pack! Upgrading your current eCom framework will get you a wealth of great benefits like:

  • Flexible checkout with PayPal Pro that enables customers to checkout even if they don’t have a PayPal account
  • Better back-end content organization with Products as a new custom post type. Your posts and products are now completely separated!
  • Improved Guest Checkout makes checkout as quick and painless as ever!
  • New Transaction Reports section makes tracking your sales stats a breeze


To test these new features just create an account on

HotelBooking is an advanced Templatic theme that enables anyone to run a small hotel with ease. Today’s HotelBooking upgrade will make your day-to-day site management even easier!

Bulk Import/Export for rooms

This feature will make transferring content between two HotelBooking powered sites a breeze. It will also enable customers with a lot of (different) rooms to easily upload that content.

Custom taxonomy for rooms

Room taxonomy will open a whole new world of possibilities for your HotelBooking theme. It will also make creating rooms more easier since you’ll be using the same tools you would normally use to create your posts. Since posts and rooms are separate managing each will be super easy. With rooms no longer being tied strictly to your theme options area you’ll even have the option to add them directly to your custom menu.

Other awesome improvements

  • Improved seasonal prices
  • You can now book a room even on category listing pages
  • Room sorting/ordering is now possible because of the room custom taxonomy
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

To test out these new features head over to the test site. To purchase the theme click here

Excited about the upgrades? Tell us how you feel in the comment section below.

13 thoughts on “Big updates for HotelBooking and all eCommerce themes

  1. MarkB says:

    Is Guest Checkout now available for your Publisher Theme?

    Also can I use Short Codes in the Geo Places 4 Theme if I want to further customize it?


  2. Kev says:

    This is great news. What I would like in the hotel theme is if we could expand it to allow users to add hotels then every hotel gets these same features. So rather than managing one hotel with this themes multi user can manage multiple hotels or s hotel chain. Just a though that I think will come in handy.

    Any takers others think this is needed?


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Kev
      For such functionality you should check out our GeoPlaces theme. It’s not strictly hotel-oriented but I’ve seen a lot of people use it for that. One drawback is that it doesn’t have a booking form, but you could forward all your visitors to or other sites like that.

  3. YenNhi says:

    This is fantastic news! Thanks for update

    1. Vedran says:

      Glad to see you like it! :)

  4. Matthew says:

    Would you recommend the bed and breakfast theme or the hotel theme..?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Matt
      If you need a fairly simple site for managing only one property, I suggest Vacation Rental. If you need to manage a bigger facility (with rooms) HotelBooking is the way to go.

  5. John says:

    And how to update the eCom framework ?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi John
      Download the newest version of the theme from member area and overwrite your framework folder.

  6. Spavelous says:

    The Hotel Booking really really need the function of close out dates. Currently we have no way of turn off certain dates even when our hotel is full. Please consider that.

    1. Vedran says:

      You can’t overbook a room. If a room is already booked (booking confirmed) for a certain date, someone else won’t be able to book that room (considering you have only one).

  7. Michael says:

    Will the back end be the same for all the ecommerce themes? Meaning I could build a site with one ecommerce theme but then switch to another ecommerce theme and it would just change the look but keep all the data intact.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Michael
      Yes, your data would stay intact. The only thing you’ll probably lose is your widget information. You’ll have to re-create them (and populate with data).

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