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Want to start a quick website streaming live news on some ongoing hot topic, event? Or maybe you just want to stream all the twits from one popular twitter user. releases one more wonderful theme – “LiveTwit” that does exactly the same. Upon checking website, I realized – often times it happens that some tragedy, unfortunate event or at other such moment, a site like flood feed comes handy. Usually, twitter users are first to post about any such event. So, I created this free theme that helps you create such out of the box site in wordpress.


LiveTwit is a light weight theme. On the leftsidebar, it lets you change the logo, highlight your site message and in the FriendMeUp box, you may set your social media profile links.


Not only that, the theme comes with 5 super cool colorscheme so you could choose the color scheme to suit the mood of your site and event. And finally, good news is, you won’t have to touch single line of code to setup and change any and all aspects of the theme. Built-in theme control panel handles all that dirty job for you :).


Here’s the link to demo & download of the theme.

Please Spread the Word: Let the world know about this free theme. Spread the word on social media and your site. It could be of real use to someone in real need.

Do you have a moment? Please let me know your thoughts and feedbacks on this newly released theme via comments.

24 thoughts on “LiveTwit

  1. Kevin Hood says:

    Great theme! Can you update it so it will include the Search Word if it has a hashtag before it? It’s not showing any #searchword for me, just “searchword”. Thanks!

  2. Premium Theme Info says:

    Thanks for the great job! But the demo site does not work perfect in my computer, that’s why?

  3. Josh Stauffer says:

    Thanks for the theme. I have it in action on It was very easy to setup and it looks nice! Only thing I had to get in the code for was to add my GA code.

    There might be a small bug on the search value. I wanted to search the phrase “back problems” and it seems to have saved correctly and it is displaying the correct content from Twitter. However, after the save the search value box only shows a back slash but no biggie. Just need to retype the phrase before I save the options again.

    Thanks again!

  4. od3n says:

    hey thanks for this one!! downloaded.

  5. scot says:

    Great idea!

    If you used the post form from P2 or the PostHaste plugin, could you also make posts that enter the stream?

    Failing that, I suppose you could use a plugin to cross-post to Twitter and if it met your settings criteria it would end up in the stream as well…but it would be nice if posts made in WordPress either from the backend or via the front end post form could enter the stream.


  6. scot says:

    I’ve installed, works fine, but won’t display avatars. I have avatars enabled on my WP site so I’m not sure what the issues could be.


  7. scot says:

    Actually, it won’t display user name or avatars.


  8. scot says:

    Nix that, working fine now.


  9. Shane says:

    Great theme! Any plans on releasing it as a normal blog theme w/o the streaming Tweets?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      not yet. But I get your point and I will try creating a sidebar streaming in my upcoming themes.

  10. Brian says:

    Hey, this is great! Thanks for making it free too!

    Question: Is there a way to pull in multiple twitter feeds and display them just like this in one feed on my website? It looks like you did that in your pic above.

    Thanks so much!

  11. Brian says:

    Clarification: I do not want to display tweets based on keyword or hashtag, etc… but from several select twitter users… not just one.


  12. Iain Broome says:


    This is great. How do you change the freqency of the updates in the stream (to say, once every 20 seconds) and are there any problems if I do so?

    Thanks for your help. This is a fantastic theme.


  13. scot says:


    Wondering if it’s possible to have individual pages display a different search or ID term from Twitter? I can duplicate the Index code for the Page code, but how might you enter search terms for those pages?

  14. Mark says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. This is such a great theme and easy to manage. I launched // in 20 minutes from domain name, to graphics, to done with the help of your theme.

  15. Christopher Anderton says:

    You beat me too it! Very nice done!

  16. Josh says:

    Wow, what a great theme and idea. Thanks for releasing this. I have so many wonderful ideas now.

    Question… any way to add more than one search term to the feed? Or is this a one at a time thing?



  17. scot says:

    Has anyone expereinced an issue when using UserID versus Searchword?

    When I use UserID, the avatars for posts will not show. Any direction is appreciated.


  18. New York Herald says:

    multiple users or multiple keywords would really be helpful and appreciated :)

  19. Brands-and-Jingles says:

    Works pretty well. You are a genius indeed!

  20. Matt says:

    Like others have said, would be amazing to be able to set up so it searches multiple keywords or users.

  21. R.Bhavesh says:

    Hello everyone. I appreciate the comments and agree that the suggested features could help improve the performance and usage at a great deal. Fact is, we are merely using the code provided by the above mentioned link (in the article) and only providing option to users so that they can configure easily without touching wp code.

    Guess you should request the feature to the script author who originally wrote it as, we are a bit naive at coding such kind of stuff.

  22. Al says:

    So who is the script author? And yeah a feature to add multiple selected users would be great!

    Not asking for more!

  23. HotaruCMS says:

    WOW!! I love your theme. Slick, clean, and elegant. Nice work.

    Would you have any interest in porting it to a project I’m a part of? It’s called HotaruCMS, and it’s a free, open-source, truly modular CMS written in PHP.

    Feel free to check out the live demo too. We’d love to have you on our team!

    HotaruCMS Team

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