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Private blog theme for teams to collaborate.

Earlier this week, we explained how How we used and modded P2 theme to enhance productivity at Templatic and many users really liked the concept of this private collaborating and requested us to release this theme. Well, here’s the free, improved version of the theme with theme admin options for you.


If you are looking for shiny looks, this may not be the theme for you, please download our other freebies. But if you are looking to collaborate with a small team or, you need a private blog where only your team members can view, share files and write the content without going to backend, this is the theme you’ve been looking for.

Here’s some of the features of the theme.


we added file attachment and user notification functions into the P2 theme. Also we added theme admin options so you can avoid features that you do not want.


  • A twitter like theme where the admin and authors can post and reply quick status updates without going to wordpress admin.
  • If private blogging is enabled via theme admin options, You will need to log-in before accessing the blog content. With the members only function in the theme, it serves as private blog as well wherein, you may post the ongoing updates and concerns without any kind of formalities, can make fun or even rant.
  • Attach file(s) when you post an update. Perfect for bug reporting and other tiny file transfers so you refer to the update whenever you need.
  • Notify users When you are adding an important update and want to make sure all / some members needs to be notified about an update. Simply select all/some of the users and post your update. The selected users will be sent an email with the alert on the update you made.
  • Very simple and usable look that resembles 37signal’s product basecamp.
  • If you wish to keep the header small, simply remove pages and slogan from your wp-admin and the header height will automatically be reduced.

Download : GTD theme


Support for this theme is exclusively available to our customers only. You may purchase one of our theme from our Premium Themes Store and attain support.Emails requesting support for this theme will not be responded, comments will be deleted.


  • The base theme is P2 – a theme developed by Noel Jackson from Automattic team.
  • Looks of this theme resembles 37signal’s product basecamp.


  • The theme is released under GPL license. You may use the them for personal or business use. You are free to modify theme in anyway you want, you may remove credits from the footer.
  • Though not compulsory, we’d appreciate a link back to this page in case you wish to share the theme.

73 thoughts on “GTD

  1. Pavel Ciorici says:


    Been waiting for this one ;)

    1. Cplus says:

      Hi, I just want to add tittle input, like <input type="text" name="posttitle" id="posttitle"
      but it is not working?

      Any ideas?

  2. @sparun says:

    Looking good… Great work on the attachments :)

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  4. Magnus says:

    Nice one!

    Isn’t P2 theme GPL licensed? You are violating the GPL license if you put your own license on it… it must keep the GPL license.

    Correct me if I’m wrong! :)

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      I do not understand this whole GPL stuff and wouldn’t want to start one more pointless debate. However, we’ve placed those terms only to stop what others have done with our earlier released Visiting Card theme.

      Original P2 is ofcourse GPL licensed and people may get it from //

      The real users, face no restrictions as they can use however they want.

      1. Peter Knight says:

        First off, great to see some P2 based themes and this one looks good.

        But the first thing I thought when I read your copyright notice is that it conflicts with what I’ve been reading about GPL licensing. I noticed this because I’m developing my own P2 based themes and was wanting to know what the licensing arrangements would have to be. I think if you’re going to use P2’s code it has to remain GPL 2.0, giving other users all the same rights (and same with redistribution) – I’m no expert at the GPL thing either so check with someone who does.

      2. Carl Hancock says:

        Not much to debate. If you used P2 code to build GTD then you have to release the theme as GPL or you are violating the P2 licensing.

        It doesn’t mean you have to release it as GPL and it doesn’t mean it inherits the GPL… it will simply mean you are violating the P2 licensing (which is GPL) if you do not.

        1. R.Bhavesh says:

          Hi carl, welcome to Templatic. Thanks for your input and because we want to provide value to the end user, we’ve changed the license terms to GPL now.

    2. Jane Wells says:

      @Magnus: You are correct. This is a derivative work of P2, and as such cannot have licensing restrictions placed upon it in opposition to the GPL license of P2 (redistribution is GPL-guaranteed freedom).

      Side note: the credits say P2 was developed by the team, but that is not accurate. P2 was developed by Noel Jackson of Automattic with other Automattic developers, not the core team.

      1. R.Bhavesh says:

        thanks for your input. Yeah you are right. Noel is the one who developed it and we’ve changed the credit.

        We are updating the license terms now.

    3. R.Bhavesh says:

      You win Magnus :). The theme is now GPL licensed.

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  6. Joseph Scott says:

    Magnus is right, in this theme is in violation of the licensing terms of P2 (GPL). This theme would have to be provided under the GPL (or compatible) license in order to be ok with the P2 licensing.

    Extending an P2 like this is a great idea, though it’s worth spending some time understanding what the licensing terms are before doing so.

  7. Jeffro says:

    I appreciate your generosity but unless the license stuff changes to be kosher with the GPL and the licensing of P2, I’ll have to remove my mention of this theme on I wrote the post initially thinking it was kosher but after further discussions, it doesn’t seem so.

    Just let me know if the current license will stay as is or if it will change.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Not because of the mention, but because it seems like everybody is looking for a GPL theme, we’ve complied and changed the terms now. Ultimately, our aim was to share the stuff we’ve built.

      Earlier, I’ve privately shared our concerns of mis usage of GPL and that’s why we are reluctant. But anyway, public voice wins.

    2. John Kolbert says:

      Seems interesting to me that you can only report news on GPL compatible stuff. Although I realize this theme didn’t follow the proper licensing originally and everything is kosher now, isn’t news…news?

      1. Jeffro says:

        Well, there is more to it than that :)

  8. Noël says:

    You actually are allowed to redistribute this theme. If it’s based upon P2 which is GPL licensed, then yes, you must allow users to redistribute the theme.

  9. Jon says:

    Magnus is right: you cannot redistribute GPL’d code unless you do so under a GPL or equivalent license. There are definitely some tricky grey areas with the GPL and WordPress plugins and themes (like if a theme contains all your own code with only links to WP functions, do you have to use the GPL?), but this isn’t really one of those cases.

    And if you’re in the business of writing and distributing code for a GPL platform like WordPress it seems like a bad idea to dismiss these issues as “a game”. This is about respecting the wishes of the people who wrote the code that you’re now redistributing in this theme. Yes, people who simply take themes you charge for and redistribute them for free are jerks, but that’s the cost of doing business on a GPL platform.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Thanks for your input Jon. Perhaps we spelled it wrong way. When I mentioned game, we didn’t exactly mean to dismiss the issue, nor to dishonor it. Guess I gotta edit the comment.

      The thing I wanted to point is the endless GPL debates going on whenever it is mentioned. We didn’t wanted to start another one but I see that it has started already on this page.

      And to end it, we’ve complied, the theme is now GPL licensed.

      1. Jon says:

        That’s great news! Good choice.

  10. John Kolbert says:

    Excellent modification! Very useful, thanks team!

  11. Remkus says:

    Indeed an excellent modification. I’m sure a lot of people will find great use to the ‘show more’ part of this theme. I know I will :)

  12. Mohamed says:

    thanx for this great theme

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  15. @nomadone says:

    I am so excited about this theme, I’ve been talking myself blue in the face about extending the possibilities of P2 in this way but just never got around to actually doing anything.

    Appreciate the action on your part, thanks for this great theme, will give it a spin v soon

  16. BTP says:

    nice themes…. i love it

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  18. jim says:

    Post moderation?

    You only seem to post comments you like – up to you, but you completely lose credibility.

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  20. 1d mark iv says:

    Wow cool basecamp inspired theme. can be pretty handy!

  21. Carl - Web Courses Bangkok says:

    Using this theme for our trainees to ask questions to our instructors, thanks for this!

  22. Amy says:

    Hi dear,

    Thanks for this theme. But, i dont see here demo. ?

  23. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says:

    well modofied P2 based theme.. Its looks elegant.. Thanks for the theme..

  24. Premium Theme Info says:

    Nice free theme, thanks!

  25. k says:

    really nice. i def. have to try this one. thank you for releasing it under gpl, so we can re-use the code ;)

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  27. A Josuweit says:

    Awesome theme!

    I had a quick question about the “TAG IT” function. Can you edit the permalink options so when you create a new post, it can be tagged to the seperate pages?

    What is the permalink structure necessary? And, can you please explain the “Tag It” functionality.

    We have a tab called bizdev ideas and when we create a post on the main page, we want to tag it “bizdev ideas” so the post will show up under that tab. Is this possible?


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  29. Rob says:

    First of all, great job on this P2 mod. I do have a question regarding notifications. So lets’ say I create a new post, and decide to check 3 people to notify. That feature works perfectly. However, I would like all replies to that post to also send out notifications to those same 3 people. At present GTD doesnt’ seem to do that – any idea if / how that would be possible?

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  31. NAvarro says:

    Oh god… thats Basecamp =p

  32. Ian del Carmen says:

    Hi! The email notification comes from (unknown sender) — how do we change it?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      make sure to check the theme options

  33. hernan says:

    hi dude!

    I think that it needs to categorize each new post into an specific one and display categories instead of pages in the menu bar.

    main menu (categories) wireframe / layout / development / assets (this is easy)

    then when users would post something. they should be able to mark it into an able cat. example “assets”.
    could it be possible?


  34. Jaina says:

    Would it be possible to hide the comments on default?

  35. Chris says:

    There is a password on the zip file!? Any reason?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      we do not password protect any of our themes. Simply download again from THIS site :)

      1. Fidelis Art Prints none says:

        Any ideas on why I get “Error Loading Information” everytime I post something?

        1. Joakim says:

          I get the same problem.

  36. Kishore Mylavarapu says:

    Great theme..thanks..

  37. Kevin says:

    This is great. I’ve installed it and been using it. The only problem is that when any of the users login, they are taken to the admin area – not the GTD-themed site itself. I can’t find anywhere to change that. Any ideas?

  38. Joakim says:


    Nice theme with great options.

    But I realy hope to see some more features of this theme. The one thing I miss if we should compare it with Basecamp is the function with the timeline that let you set up a “job” that should be done in 3 days by a certain user. Would that be possible to obtain with this theme?

  39. ocube says:

    Just noticed this after trawling the internet. I am looking for something to use in place of Basecamp, hope this does the trick. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Shane says:

    I love this theme I have it doing almost everything I want it to. There is one thing I need help with though. I am trying to use GTD as a group collaboration tool and it would be handy if people could upload their revisions to the files under the same post.

    I want people to be able to add an attachment to a comment. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

    1. Dia Ritoch says:

      This is what I have been looking for too.. an attachment feature in the comment section…. Also, I thought that even authors can just post status updates without going to the back end but I see that admins are the only ones who can do that!

  41. kumar says:

    So far so good…but correct me if Im wrong – for me its not working at all with the Latest version of WordPress i.e. 3.0 or higher.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Hi Kumar,

      we will look into this and fix any bugs – if exists today itself.

  42. Ryan says:

    Any word on whether this is compatible with WP 3.0+ or not? Hoping to use this as a project management solution…

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Kindly download latest version. This is fixed.

      1. Kumar Amit says:

        Thanks Bhavesh for the prompt reply…But as per we,the bug still continue to exist for the version 3.0 or higher.U can follow the comments below for the same.

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  44. Mike says:

    I am using 3.0.1 and it seems the GTD options page is broken in the backend. Anytime I click it it just refreshes the page I am on whether it be widgets.php, themes.php, etc. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    1. Will says:

      I’m having this issue, too.

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  47. Marcelo says:

    Email notification is not working…i´m using WP 3 and downloades the last version of GTD from this website today. Anyone has any ideas what could be happening?

    1. Ivan Ong says:

      Didn’t receive email notifications as well.

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  49. David says:

    the notification isn’t working for me either :(

  50. Travefox says:

    cool it now..
    thanks for share..

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