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One of the things our recent survey showed us was that most of you guys are satisfied with our support. Support is something we’ve been working on extensively for the past year so it’s really nice to finally see some real numbers / results. One of the things we’re extremely proud of is the fact our forums became something more – a community. Templatic forums are now a place to not only get support, but also to talk about your theme and exchange valuable tips with other members. However, there is always room for improvement….

The improvement this time around is a new support staff member, mr. Motaz Tawfik! Those of you who visited our GeoPlaces v4 forums most likely saw a post or two from motaz (his username). Motaz was by far the most active member of the forum so when time came to hire a new employee we really didn’t have to look far. Not sure what makes us more happy; Motaz coming to work with us or the fact we were done with hiring in 20 minutes :)

Improving support systems

How happy are you with the current support systems (Helpdesk / forums) from a technical perspective? Would you prefer a unified system? What is in your opinion the best support system / solution out there? You are being asked these questions because we’re starting the see room for big improvements in our current systems. However, if it turns out that most of you are happy with the way things are, we won’t go about messing with what works.

Thank you for the input!

15 thoughts on “Improving support

  1. Tina Dixon / George Lato says:

    I think the support is great. I know ahead of time that I can post questions i the afternoon before I leave and when I come in the morning they are always answered. I also had a great experience with the support ticket system as well.

    Tina Dixon
    Gulf South Disability Lawyers

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great response time and reliable service!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The forums are great no argueing there. Motaz deserves his job because he is very supportive :-).

    However the ticket support is somewhat lacking in the fact that the support staff don’t seem to read the whole ticket and just reply to certain parts of it. Also, when they do intervene on your WordPress installation they don’t seem to look if what they have done actually functions.

    So there are some points to be gained there.

    In regards to support systems. There are so many out there, that I can’t say if one or another is better. So I will leave an opinion on that to others.

    I have always been to taught: if it works don’t mess with it. The ticket system works, so leave it alone :-).

  4. glissonryan says:

    Great support, no further explanation needed.

  5. Anony2 says:

    Hi there,…

    I absolutely agree to Anonymous from February 7, 2013.

    The biggest Problem seems to be, that the support will not check what they change at the tickets problems. Coding is still one, but to check teh changes also must be done. This seems to be a big problem.

    Service is absolutely top… great!!!

    Hope you reed this and change this.

    Have a great Day

  6. Francesco none says:

    It’s very good

  7. Jared says:

    I love the support. That is one reason I stick with the membership. In both the support tickets and the community forums, they offer responses very quickly and the solutions work very well.

  8. extrapaid says:

    the only thing I would like different is for this to be shown as a link or something in the members area

  9. mah5977 says:

    I am trying to submit to submit a ticket, but as long as I am logged in I can’t submit a ticket. I get the following message: Sorry, you do not have permission to access the ticket center. Please go back and try again. If the problem persists, please contact an administrator.

    Very frustrated!

    1. Vedran says:

      Please send me an email (containing the username) and I’ll check out what’s going on -> email

  10. sagar says:

    I went to do a test drive of site, and there is nothing there. What is going on?

    Is this software for real, and will the test site be working?

    1. Vedran says:

      Test sites can sometimes fail to load, in those cases a blank screen appears. To “fix” this just create a new test site – using a different username and email.

  11. jceke says:

    I very happy with templatic support! Haven’t had issues with service yet. I appreciate the support team’s painstaking effort to ensure that members are happy.
    I also like that you seek to improve an already awesome system.

    Great Job guys!!

  12. pjmax190 says:

    So far i’m not very impressed with the ticket support. I ask for one thing to be fixed and something else breaks. So instead of being proactive and fixing the issue, they just leave it for me to tell them to fix it. My theme isn’t modified in anyway, so they should see when it breaks.

    The reason i choose Templatic over other theme companies is the support. I really hope things improve.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi there
      I just went through your ticket in Helpdesk and…the questions were all answered (btw, I replied as well). Admittedly, not everything Umar wrote was quite clear but he did get the job done. Despite our efforts to streamline support, language will always be somewhat problematic. Whenever you feel misunderstood please send me an email, I’ll do everything in my power to clear the issue -> //


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