Nightlife v1.1 released with revamped recurring events

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Nightlife has been retired and is no longer available for purchase. Instead, check out the Eventum theme.

Few weeks ago we announced an important update to our Nightlife members. With the update we wanted to revamp recurring events (again) because it felt like they still aren’t on the level the theme deserved. Well, the update is finally ready and here are some of the changes that were implemented…

Recurring events are of course the biggest change. In Nightlife v1.1 recurring events won’t actually exist in the front-end; you will just use the recurring events functionality to generate a regular event for each instance of the recurring event. Say you want an event that occurs on every Friday in March (2013) and lasts one day. Once the main (recurring) event is created 5 additional (regular) events will be created as well. The first one will start on March 1st, the second on March 8th and so on. If you change something inside that main event, new instances of the event will be created (and old ones deleted).

Other changes in v1.1

  • Homepage and category page default tab can now be set form the back-end (Past, Current, Upcoming)
  • Tevolution -> General Settings section now allows you to set the default sorting for the homepage (per start date is one of the options)
  • Login and Register page are now separate and available as actual WordPress pages. This will allow you to have “pretty” permalinks like or
  • Page templates such as Submit Form or Advanced Search have been removed. To generate one enter a short code inside any page. These pages will be generated upon activation of the new version, actual shortcodes are also available inside the theme guide. These shortcodes are active in regular posts, events and even widgets (Text widget)
  • Just like login and register pages, profile (edit profile) page can also be setup as a regular WordPress page

[templatic_msg_box type=”alert”]Just like all other updates, this one is also available in our member area[/templatic_msg_box]

Updating to v1.1 shouldn’t be problematic. When you update Nightlife, Supreme and Tevolution (and visit the back-end) a message will appear at the top asking you to update your recurring events to this new format. Once you confirm, the theme will generate a main recurring event and all appropriate event instances. As usual, be sure to backup your database and theme files before proceeding with this. In case any problems pop up let us know right away in the forums.

In the end, we’d just like to thank all our forum members for their patience, support and feedback during this update process.

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