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This theme is deprecated and is no longer available for purchase.

We at Templatic love niche themes so when the opportunity presented itself to create a price comparison theme we jumped right on it. This theme has been on our radar for a while so it’s a relief to finally release it. Please welcome Price Compare theme! Price Compare is for those looking to showcase products from different sources on the web. To make the theme accessible and easy to use data feed entry was greatly simplified, but more on that later.

Price Compare WordPress Theme

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Price Compare theme offers built in support for two data feeds; Amazon and CJ (Commission Junction). This means that you can showcase thousands of products on your site without lifting a finger! To enable the feed from those two sources all you must do is populate the necessary information in back-end and everything is ready to go. You can even set the frequency in which new data will be pulled from the actual source. Other data feeds are uploaded using a .csv file.

One of the things we’re proud about is the design. Homepage is fairly simple while still offering everything you would need from a price comparison site. When it comes to the homepage everything from the header to the footer is customizable with widgets. Because of its unique functionality Price Compare comes with a number of custom widgets; Search Price widget for instance. That widget allows visitors to quickly find specific products based on their price input. Home Page – Content widget area offers some cool functionality specific to Price Compare theme. Every “Latest Products” or “Popular Products” widget you add in that widget area isn’t added below the other widgets as you might expect but as a new tab! This will make handling all those products much easier.

Price Compare Theme for WordPress

Instead of offering a couple of skins we included a Style & Color options panel which allows you to customize your site quickly without touching a single line of code! Background color/image, fonts, link color – it’s all editable from the theme options panel. For editing elements not included in the back-end you can always use custom.css feature. To get a glimpse of Style & Color settings area watch the Video Overview below.

Just like in most our recent themes there is a custom post type for products making them completely separate from regular WordPress posts. In other words, anything you create under Posts -> Add New will automatically display as a blog post. Once you set up the data feeds all fetched products will display in the Products section in your WordPress admin panel enabling you to easily find and tweak them. Creating a navigation bar is also super easy since you can add product categories and even individual products to your custom menus.

Video Overview

We realize that a lot of time has passed since the announcement, are you happy with how the theme turned out?

45 thoughts on “Price Compare WordPress theme

  1. Shob says:

    How about some Indian site’s (flipkart) API integration?

    1. Vedran says:

      You can upload new feeds using csv files. I haven’t tested that part personally but our team did.

  2. mark says:

    Linking this theme with major players in the industry is fantastic.

    Working with such resources is the only way to go, even if supplimented with other efforts.
    Lets hope the resulting pages can be indexed by search engines and can appear in results

    Brilliant on sites being suited to their use… have high hopes for future themes
    (shame the hotels site is isolated and real esate ones do not link with UK / European property portals)

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Mark
      Thanks for the input. We’ll try to utilize existing (popular) services whenever possible and appropriate

  3. Abu Zayd says:

    Hi this looks great..

    Just have 2 requests:

    1) a retailer should be able to submit their product themselves through a form which can be approved

    2) sort results by price, and rating (so users should be allowed to rate retailers) – this is essential

    Any chance of these?


    1. Vedran says:

      Our programmers added everything they meant to add to the theme so you won’t see any major changes. Sorting by price is possible in search pages. Sorting by rating unfortunately isn’t possible.

  4. Kev says:

    It would be nice to have the TABBED homepage feature on other themes, esp. GeoPlaces4…
    Any way to release an patch update with that feature ?

    1. Vedran says:

      Sorry, there are no plans for upgrading GeoPlaces v4 at this point. GeoPlaces was our primary focus for so long…we need some time to recover from it :)

  5. fabnomics says:

    Love the manage feed API really nice. Will be trying this out. Nice one Vedran

    1. Vedran says:

      Glad to hear that! Have fun playing with it!

  6. Tomas says:


    I am very interested with the theme .. but i was to know a few things .. i live in a country where the feeds will not be needed .. i will have to update the prices myself for the different stores .. can this be done ? Awaiting your reply


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Tomas
      Price Compare works best when using the feeds to populate products. While you can create products manually the theme only truly shines will automatically fetched products. I recommend you test the theme on our test site to see whether it will work for you or not. Since you don’t need the feed functionality I recommend checking out our eCom themes. Any one of them should work nicely for you.


  7. Kev says:

    I tried this with CJ feeds and cant seem to get it to work. Can you do a video on setting up the CJ or Amazon feeds?

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Kev. Try submitting a ticket in our Helpdesk. We’ll check out what’s wrong. Thanks!

  8. avis says:


    I like your Price Compare theme, but I would like to use Affiliate Window and Linkshare to import products, would you be added this soon?


    1. Vedran says:

      We don’t have any plans on adding new built-in affiliate systems but you can always use the csv file to upload a new feed to the theme.

  9. blubba says:

    Hi there,
    can you explain how to input a feed from amazon? I have an aStore and the both keys for API. But… how oder what feed would be inserted? If there is the possibility to set the user-keys for amazon and the theme can pull data from aStore or something, this would be best! I can not understand, how the import works with amazon…oO Bwah… i am confused…sorry…

    1. Vedran says:

      Amazon API setup is explained in Price Compare theme demo. If you own the theme open the theme guide and see how to set it up

      1. blubba says:

        Thank you for your quick reply. Ok, so i have to publish each product at once and the api only puts the right price and description in it? Is there a way to get thousands of products from api with only a few clicks? This would be great.

        Another question…
        Is there a difference between products from, .de, .at …? I mean is there a difference in the code?

        1. Vedran says:

          Once you set up the API it will pull products automatically from the source. You can set the number of products that are pulled as well as the refresh frequency.

          Yes, there is a difference between different amazon sites. By default the theme only works with You’ll have to make a small coding tweak to make it work with other sites. Submit a thread in our forums if you’ll need help in doing that

          1. vivianrollins says:

            Hi i’m testing this out on your test site and would like to know how to import products from amazon. i’ve entered all relevant infor for the amazon api but what now? where do i put in the keyword for the product to pull? how do i set it to pull to a certain category? i can’t read the post as i have to pay and sign up for an account. thanks

          2. Vedran says:

            Are you trying to use or a localized amazon site? The test site will only work with .com, but you’ll be able to tweak the real theme to use a local amazon site. The options you see in the back-end are all there is to it – it should work right away.

          3. vivianrollins says:

            hi i’m on the backend and just dont know where to put in the keywords for the product and how to put them into a specific category. any chance you can let me know exactly where to go for this?

          4. Vedran says:

            Submit this question in our Helpdesk (Pre-sales Department) and provide a link to your test site. Our team will tell you how to make this happen.

  10. prince says:

    Dear sir,

    i have some question regarding this themes its auto get new product details from amazon ? or can i able to add more other website feed like this ? and

    Just have 2 requests as i already posted by Abu Zayd

    1) a retailer should be able to submit their product themselves through a form which can be approved

    2) sort results by price, and rating (so users should be allowed to rate retailers) – this is essential

    Any chance of these?

    can you give me any contact mail id so i can directly contact you for some more information i need.

    1. Vedran says:


      Thank you for the suggestions but we don’t have any immediate plans for updating Price Compare. You can contact me directly via email at any time. Click on the following link to see the email:

  11. saurav says:

    hi i have a website, i want to start new website with comparison theme but i am from india where amazon,cj is not used, we uses our indian affiliate program from one source like OMG which has all companise like flipkart,myntra etc can you tell me how to do all.

  12. Rocking Chairs says:

    I am very interested in this theme. Does the theme accept any CSV file regardless of the column names and formats – or does it have to meet some basic criteria?

    1. Vedran says:

      The csv has to follow a specific structure. You’ll find the structure inside the theme guide.

  13. fetjb says:

    could i have this theme with the eventlisting fonctionality implémented on it ?

    thanks in advance

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      No such planning to include event listing is made at this time for this theme.

  14. Nathan says:


    I like your theme. i need details about add another Linkshare data feed into your theme.

    Please guide me.

    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Nathan
      To get help with PriceCompare please submit a topic inside our forums -> //
      We’ll try to help you out there

  15. wawan says:


    I have try the demo.
    I need to use to local market (not amazon, cj).
    would like to know:
    – how to add/use Indonesian Rupiah (IDR or Rp) to the curreny?
    – How to embed products form more than one store below an article/post?I want to post an article then below it will show the products from different store.
    – Is this unlimited license or single site license? As an affiliate I need many license because I do not know yet what sites from many of my sites that will succeed.


    1. Vedran says:

      1. The currency will be pulled from the products you upload, you can tweak the position in the back-end
      2. Products with the same name will should be automatically grouped together, no further action will be necessary.
      3. The theme comes in 2 packages; single-license (standard) and multiple use (developer). You will need the developer package.

      If you’ll have more questions about Price Compare send me an email -> vedran[at]

  16. Ethan says:


    I have a question in regards to a mobile or responsive version of this theme.

    Is that possible and when are you looking at releasing that?


    1. Vedran says:

      Hi Ethan
      Unfortunately Price Compare isn’t a responsive theme. At the moment there are no plans for making it responsive.


  17. John says:

    Can you use Price Tapestry’s WP plugin with this theme? //

    1. Vedran says:

      Hey John
      I’m afraid we haven’t tested Price Compare with that plugin. It’s really hard to say whether it would work or not. If it doesn’t, we won’t be able to support the plugin…

  18. LocalPola says:

    Is it possible to use clickbank to this theme . Need to know urgently .
    If possible then any tutorial is most welcome .

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Sorry about the late reply, but clickbank isn’t available with PriceCompare. Amazon and CJ are the only built-in APIs.

  19. Mike says:

    Hi. I need to add a new currency with the currency sign as well. Did the change in the edit currency settings but could not find the currency sign field to amend. Please guide me accordingly.

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Hey Mike
      Sorry, but we can’t provide theme support here on the blog. Connect to your Templatic account and post the problem inside Helpdesk – we’ll help there.


  20. amit says:

    why you guys are not improving the theme with more inbuilt API

    1. Vedran Fak says:

      Right now we don’t have any plans to update that theme. It will be updated sometime in the future, but, it’s hard to say exactly when.

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