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If you use any of our Directory themes, this post will be super useful for you.If you are not using any of our themes yet, you have even more reasons now to build your dream directory site now.

We receive a lot of repeated queries from Directory theme customers. So our support team frequently writes detailed tutorials on those frequently asked questions. This way users are able to get efficient help on their own without having to wait for someone to attend their query.

However, not everyone knows about these tutorials. Also, some of the tutorials were not written yet. So, we have prepared this brand New, awesome list of 40+ Free Directory theme tutorials which will be super useful to you. We first listed the topics which should be covered in this series of tutorials, then once we had the list we divided them in two sections: Directory Configuration Tips and Directory Customization Tips.

Our team then started writing detailed tutorials for all the topics that we have listed down, and we have been able to create 42 such helpful tutorials. You can see all these 42 tutorials on our “Docs” site.

1. Configuration Tips

Tutorials under this section are related to the configuration of the Directory theme, some useful tips are shared in these tutorials which will surely help you build a better website with our Directory based themes.

Widgets Settings

  1. Include/Exclude categories from category widget
  2. Display Recent Posts in Directory
  3. How the Search by Miles Range(Filters by mile) widget is supposed to work?
  4. Effective use of Instant Search on your Directory
  5. How to display a unique city message in a text widget or in a page?

Submission Page

  1. Allow users to submit blog posts on your Directory theme
  2. Allow users to submit a listing for lifetime on your Directory website
  3. Troubleshooting steps if you are unable to upload images during the submission process
  4. How to assign a single listing into multiple cities/state/countries?

Bulk Upload

  1. Confused about bulk Import feature for listings?
  2. Bulk upload new countries and states in Directory

Configuration Tips

  1. My Directory site is showing a blank page or Internal server error frequently
  2. Why the Events I have added are not appearing in front-end?
  3. Some of the common doubts you might face while configuring your site using Directory theme
  4. Benefits Vs. Drawbacks of Comments in Directory
  5. How to moderate comments on your Directory website?
  6. How to use custom fields in advanced search on your directory theme?
  7. How to change the icons of the homepage category menu in Classifieds theme?
  8. Adding/Removing Images for individual posts from WordPress admin panel

Useful tips to increase business

  1. Increase your local visitors by using WPML + Directory
  2. Securing your WordPress Directory website
  3. How to create a Facebook App for enabling Facebook login?
  4. Make your own Global Directory
  5. Create your Events portal with Listings child theme for Directory
  6. FAQs curated specially for new Directory theme users
  7. 6 Mistakes to avoid in a Directory website

2. Customization Tips

Tutorials under this section are regarding the small code tweaks which extends the functionality of your Directory theme powered website, we highly recommend that you go through this list of customization tutorials. There will be that one customization that you always wanted to do on your Directory theme.


  1. How to disable marker refresh on map while scrolling?
  2. How to localize Google Map in Directory theme?


  1. Remove the logout link from the top menu in Directory based themes
  2. How to show primary menu as a sticky menu in Directory theme?
  3. How to keep different logo images for each city in Directory theme?

Home Page, Detail Page & Category page

  1. Show author info along with date, time on listing detail page
  2. Customizing comments section on your Directory website
  3. How to enable infinite scrolling on Listing category pages instead of the traditional pagination?
  4. Sort events by “Start Date” by default in your events directory site
  5. Customizing Listing category pages with hooks

Author Page & Submission Page

  1. How to remove post tab from Author page in directory based themes?
  2. Show author info along with date, time on listing detail page
  3. How to customize submit listing page on your Directory website?

CSS & Debugging

  1. Make CSS changes without affecting the original theme code
  2. Some useful tricks for developer for debugging

We have created these 40+ tutorials to start with but we will continue adding new tutorials in this list so before you create a support ticket next time, its highly recommended that you take a glance over this ever growing list of Directory WordPress theme tutorials.

Hope this will be super useful to you while using any of our Directory themes to create your listings website in WordPress.

So how do you like this? What tutorial would you like to see in this list? Do let us know via comments below.

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