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WordPress Themes for Events

Create amazing, fully functional and elegant event portals, Effortlessly!

Looking for a WordPress theme to create a feature packed events website?

Here we have well designed and feature rich WordPress templates for events that you can use for creating a variety of events related website. Pick up the one that fits your requirements and get started with your website building.

All of the themes presented here are really easy to use. The back-end options are simple and intuitive. The themes enable you to create your website without writing a line of code. You can use this theme for Conferences, Events, Meetups, Exhibitions, Congresses, parties, wedding events, music concerts, shows, celebrations, etc.

You don’t essentially have to be a technical person and know programming to create your event directory website now. The event website scripts here lets you control everything just by changing the options available at the back-end.

Why go for a WordPress event portal website?

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. There are so many reasons that make it ideal for creating event website. A few of them are listed below

  • It is the free and open source. If you are a skilled programmer, sky is the limit
  • Not to worry if you are not a programmer. It lets you create amazing website without writing a line of code
  • WordPress is easy to use. It’s like using a mobile app
  • WordPress is flexible and manageable
  • There are plugins that you can add to your site to make it more feature rich
  • The premium WordPress themes let you create a website without writing a line of code.

The kind of event-related websites you can create with these themes

If you’ve decided on creating an events website and let it generate passive income for you, pat yourself on the back. Because events portal website is becoming more and more popular each day. With the themes listed on this page, you can create great websites for events and conferences and earn online.

Each of the events WordPress websites can have a different concept and scope. The following are the most common types of event websites you can go for.

Multi-city Events portal

The most common type of event portal which is not limited to a city or a category. Anyone, from any location, can submit their events on your portal.

Such website basically displays different events of different cities. You can allow individuals or event planners to register on your website and submit their events. This submission can be paid or free (you can decide).

As soon as the event listing submitted by them goes live, they can use the link to their events page to share and promote their events.

City events directory

This is the kind of event portal which is limited to a certain geographical location. For instance – An events directory website for Auckland with all the events happening in the city listed. These events can be of any category – Social, religious, music, technology, exhibition, auctions, conferences, meetups, etc.

Subject-oriented event website

You can create a subject based events website with any of these WordPress events themes. For instance – A tech event website that enlists all the events related to tech exhibitions, lectures, workshops, etc. Or a music event website for all the musical events, concerts, and tours of various artists.

Such websites can be

  • A wedding planners website
  • A website for all the religious events
  • Dance party website
  • Website for conferences of a political party
  • A performer’s website for musical events
  • Corporate event websites
  • Conference event WordPress theme, etc

These were only a few examples. With these WP events theme, you can create anything you can think of.

An event portal for an institute

For bigger companies, education institutes or charity organizations, you can create an events website that displays all the events for the employees/member/associates.

For instance – A university website with a sub-domain dedicated to the events happening throughout the year. Or the event’s website for a company for all the general meetings, conferences, celebrations, parties, etc.

Create an events directory for your city

If you are ready to earn some passive income through your events directory website, these event website templates can help you do so. Just setup an event portal website (which you can do on your own, quick and easy) and start earning through your site.

The event’s organizer of your city can register on your website and post their events. Even the individuals can use your site to advertise their conferences, parties, social meetup. The local artists can post their show details, or concerts, etc. The possibilities are unlimited.

Event planner’s website

If you are an event planner, you can create your business website with these event-based themes.

With the WordPress themes, you can create as many as pages as you want. Create profile pages to introduce yourself, service pages to advertise your services and write blogs related to event management.

Moreover, if you wish to sell some products like party decoration items, disposable plates, glasses or any of those materials needed for organizing the parties and events, you can easily do so. Just integrate eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce into your events directory and start managing your online shop.

Location based event directories

Create location-aware event directory website that helps people find events of a particular place. Based on our popular directory platform, it will let people select their preferred location.

The results shown will only belong to the location your visitors choose. Thereby, making the results of your site more precise, and improving the user experience. Everyone is going to love your events directory website if it provides the relevant and precise results.

First, decide the scope of your event WordPress theme

The very first thing you should decide before commencing your website building is to plan the scope of your site.

Decide whether you want your website to be about. Then go for a theme accordingly. If you want to create a comprehensive event listing website for a city (or multiple cities), the Directory portal and the Eventum WordPress theme is ideal. On the other hand, if you want to create a simple website to display events, you can go for the event’s theme.

However, if the decision making gets you confused, you can get in touch with us. Our support executive will be happy to help you choose the best theme based on your requirements.

Tips for running a successful events website

There are innumerable tools and techniques that you can add to your WordPress events theme to extend its capabilities. But somehow, the number of features of your website doesn’t matter as much as the usability does.

The thing that matters most is how convenient your website is for the users. How easily they can find the stuff that they are looking for.

Show events on Events Calendar

An event calendar is a graphical approach to show the events on your website. Our WordPress Events themes come with the event calendar widget that you can place on the sidebars (or anywhere you want).

This calendar will show the events marked on a calendar. With this event calendar, it becomes so convenient for the users to find the events based on dates. This helps improve the user experience of your website.

Design logical and affordable price packages

If you are allowing front-end submissions on your website, you will have to decide the pricing plans for the submissions.

Here, creating convenient and affordable pricing plans for your website plays an important role.

Make sure that the pricing plans fits the requirements of all your user classes. For instance, an individual will not plan events very frequently, so you can create a package that fits individuals as such. This can be an economical package, with single submission (or a very small number of submissions. For instance – two or four listing submission, etc).

On the other hand, if an event organizer registers on your website, he would like a package with a large number of submissions.

Basically, plan your packages keeping in mind the requirements of your various user groups. This helps them choose a convenient and affordable option on your website.

Advertisement banners helps you earn

One of the easiest ways to make money through your website is by displaying advertisements on your website. Besides there are services like Google AdSense, that will help you earn by displaying advertisements on your website.

Each of our themes come with a fully widgetized homepage. Because our WordPress themes are flexible enough, you can display advertisements almost anywhere on your website and make money online.

Manage the categories for your event’s website

Categories may seem like an ordinary feature on your website. But it is, in fact, one of the most important modules. For you as an admin, Categories are a way that the content on your website is classified and organized. For the users, on the other hand, the categories are a way to let them quickly find whatever they are looking for.

So when you are adding categories for events on your website, you should be a little extra careful.

  • Include all the categories for all the types of events your website will show
  • Make sure that the categories have a concise meaning
  • Strictly avoid repetitive categories
  • Organize the types under a category as sub-categories

Check that the content on your site is legit and organized

Once your website is online, you need to keep a check on how it’s performing. Ensure that your website is easy to use and search.

If you are allowing front-end submissions on your website, make sure that the listings added by the registered users are complete and admissible.

If you find an event with incomplete information, take the necessary steps to ensure that the listings are meaningful.

Make sure that the events are added under proper categories so that the users searching for events based on categories can find it. For this, you can hold back the events listings for moderation. So when the users submit their events, they will be saved as drafts. You can check the events and then publish the events.

Add high-quality relevant images

Images are inarguably more expressive than words. Again using attractive and high-quality images on your website makes it more intuitive.

Always try to add images, you can add images of the event venues, the performer/speaker of the event, or images of any relevant subject. You can encourage your users to submit images for their events listings. If it’s a recurring event, you can display pictures of previous sessions of the event.

Multimedia surely helps make things easier to understand. Therefore, you can even go for videos on your website.

Menus and navigation facilitate your visitors.

The navigation system of your website essentially guides a visitor through your website. All the links to the important pages on your website should be shown on the homepage of your site.

Arrange the important links of your website as menu and sub menu items. If necessary, you can also use the Call to Action section to make your users take immediate action.

SEO is VERY important

We all want visibility for our websites, don’t we? After all, what is the use of a website if it does not reach the intended users. But how do we ensure that the website reaches the targeted audience? SEO does that.

So, on account of SEO, the very first thing to take care of is to ensure that you choose an SEO friendly event WordPress theme. Along with great design, easy and intuitive options to manage your website, choose a theme that is coded with strict SEO practices.

Moreover, you can use optimized images and use the SEO plugins. There are so many WordPress SEO plugins that you can integrate into your event’s website. These plugins will help you optimize the content of your website and make it more search friendly.

An events portal, just in minutes

Gone are the days when you had to hire experts (programmers to code, and designers to design) your website. Now, you can do it on your own and within a very short time span.

Our themes are just like ready to use website. Installing the sample data will make your site look like a complete website with all the features and some example data. All you need to do then is to replace the sample data with your original listings. Rearrange the widgets (with drag and drop options) and restructure your website.

So your website can be ready and be running just in minutes. You don’t need to explain your views to the programmers and designers or wait for days (or weeks) to get your site created and then request modifications. Not to mention, the hassle of calling programmers for amending simplest changes in your website.

Instead, do it yourself. It never gets easier than these WordPress events themes to create profitable event portals that earn for you. 

Click the “View Demo” button to see how your website will look, or press the “View Details” button to check out the full features of the theme.