Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for WordPress and hosting 2016

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Black Friday is the Friday following the thanksgiving and it marks the start of shopping season. During this period, the sellers offer special discount schemes on their products. This is followed by the WordPress industry too! There are great discounts on themes, plugins, membership plans, hosting packages, and even support. Here is the list of the best Black Friday Cyber Monday deals.

Black Friday is on 25th November 2016.

Along with the grand celebrations, this is the time for grabbing great deals. If you’ve been thinking of buying some theme or hosting for a while, this is the best time. Find the greatest deals of all time and buy your favorite products at significantly reduced price.

We aim to help you save money and get the best products. So this is a list of the deals that you shouldn’t miss this season. While these sellers are ready with their incredible discounts and offers, are you ready to shop? Check out the list of companies and the discount they are offering.

Envato - 50% off on 500+ items

Envato market place or Themeforest for WordPress, is one of the best place to find the best WordPress premium themes. Get more than 500 products, at half of their original price. Yes, It's a 50% discount!

Discount period: 23rd Nov - 30th Nov

Discount code: {Not required}

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aThemes - 50% off on themes and packages

aThemes is providing you amazing discount on their "Awesome" themes. They're selling their individual themes at 50% flat discount. Even their developer and lifetime packages can be availed at 50% off. The offer is valid for the use of themes on number of domains.

Discount period: 25th Nov(Noon) to 28th Nov(Midnight)

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY16

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CSSIgniter - 40% off on their themes

CSSIgniter offers you any of their themes at 25% discount. There are as many as 78 premium WordPress themes in their collection. Check them out, you'll surely find something that best fits your requirements. The same discount is applicable for the All themes package too. So, you can choose one individual theme or subscribe to all their themes at 25% discount.

Discount period: 25th Nov - 3rd Dec

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY

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My Theme shop - 72% off on premium themes

MyThemeShop provides you a massive discount of about 72%. You can now download their theme/plugin at $19 only. You can get membership at $99.47 per year. This membership allows access to all their amazing themes and plugins.

Discount period: 20th Nov - 4th Dec

Discount code: 19USDForAll

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Template Monster - 50% off on their themes and membership

Template monster has some really cool themes and plugin that it is offering at discounted price this Black friday. It allows 30% discount on of its premium themes.

Discount period: Now - 31st Dec

Discount code: WP30

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WooCommerce - 35% off on their products

Power your WordPress website with these brilliant WooCommerce products. Get the amazing WooCommerce themes and add-ons at a discount of 35%.

Discount period: 25th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: (Yet to be announced)

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WeDevs - 50% off on their products

Wedevs offers 50% discount on all of its products on Black Friday. So buy any of the WordPress stuffs from wedevs at half of its original rates.

However, this is not applicable for any of their packages, license upgrade or renewal.

Discount period: 25th Nov only

Discount code: bkfriday2016

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Themefurnace - 60% off on memberships

Themefurnace offers you a 60% discount on all the theme memberships. This is a great opportunity to subscribe to their membership plan and get access to high quality premium themes.

Discount period: Now - 30th Nov

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY

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Themeisle - 35% off on themes as well as memberships

Get a 35% flat discount on the elegant collection of WordPress themes from Themeisle. This collection includes the themes of almost all niches like blogging, portfolios, one page, business and photography. This discount is applicable for individual themes as well as all theme package.

Validity: 24th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: TIBF2016

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Ink themes - 85% off on themes

Ink themes has a collection of 49 eye-catching and feature rich themes. On the occasion of Black Friday, you will be able to get their products at about 85% discount. They have various offers running on, you should visit their offer page to know what they have to offer.

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Theme Junkie - 50% Off on them

Theme Junkie has some amazing themes for independent writers, business, professionals, etc. This festive season they're offering their theme packages at 50% off. They are basically, providing you the access to their 46 themes at half the original cost.

Discount period: Now - 2nd Dec

Discount code: {Not required}


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Shaped Pixels - 40% less on themes/membership

Shaped pixels lets you save 40% on everything. This discount is applicable for individual themes, premium or lifetime membership.

Discount period: 25 Nov - 30th Nov

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY40

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Pojo Themes - 50% off on themes

Pojo themes is offering a 50% off on each and every theme. The Elementor theme from pojo is one of the best WordPress themes and you can now grab it at half the price.

Discount period: Nov - 28th Nov

Coupon code: {Not needed}

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Imagely - 40% off on themes

The photographers can use the amazing WordPress products available from Imagely. All the themes and plugins can be purchased at 40% discount. These tools lets you easily setup your photography website and showcase your creativity.

Discount period: 24th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: {Not required}

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Themefuse - 40% off on themes

Theme fuse provides some beautiful and amazing website themes and hosting. This black friday they are selling their themes at a discount of 40%.

Also see their Black Friday Special Discount.

Discount period: 25th Nov

Coupon Code: {will be applied automatically}

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Showthemes is celebrating "Black November". They are selling their themes at discounted price throughout this month. They are offering different products at different prices.

Showthemes provides premium themes for creating event based website. There are 9 themes in total, that are fully focused for event hosting, and selling tickets.

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WP Engine - 30% Discount on hosting

WPEngine provides the rates discounted at 30% for your first payment . If you subscribe during this period, you will get 5 months free on the annual subscription.

Discount period: 24th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: {Not yet available}


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Cloudways - 25% Discount on hosting

Cloudways managed cloud hosting service for your WordPress website. This discount will be availed on subscription for 3 months. The discount rate is 25%.

Discount period: 21st Nov -30th Nov

Discount code:HOLIDAY25


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Bluehost host

Blue host is running some amazing discount deals for hosting your WordPress website. Their different plans are all available at a discounted price.

Their service is fast, efficient and trusted by a huge customer base. Click here to find the best service plans.

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Siteground WordPress hosting

Siteground is a safe and efficient host WordPress. They have the best pricing and uptime and excellent customer support. Siteground offers a discount of about 70%, yes 70% off on their plans(for 1 year only).

Discount period: 25th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: {will be applied automatically}

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Themegrill - 30% discount on themes

Themegril has a collection of beautiful premium themes for niches like blog, business, ecommerce, magazine, one page parallax, etc. As a part of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal they're offering their themes at 30% off. The same rate of discount is applicable for all theme package too.

Discount period: From now till 28th Nov

Discount code: #blackfriday16

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Themehunk - Themes at 60% off

Themehunk has a collection of elegant and utility based themes. Here, you will find the themes of almost every niche. Multipurpose theme, blogging, business, everything. This black friday, they're offering their themes at 60% discount.

Discount period: 20th Nov - 3rd Dec

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY2016

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Famethemes - 50% off on themes

Famethemes strive to provide you with the most elegant themes to create clean and stunning websites. They provide themes for various niches like personal website, professional one page websites, blogs and business. This festive season, you can buy any of their themes at a flat 50% discount.

Discount period: 23rd Nov - 28th Nov

Discount  code: FTBFCM2016

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Mhthemes - Lifetime membership with 20% off

MHThemes is a wonderful store of the magazine themes. If you are about to create an e-magazine website, here are the best themes. And with the best magazine themes, is the best offer. MHThemes provides you 20% off on the lifetime membership plans.

Discount period: 25th Nov - 28th Nov

Discount code: blackfriday16


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Lunar themes - themes at 30% discount

Lunar themes provide you 6 beautiful and feature packed, minimalist and easy to use themes to create your website. Their themes come with eye-catching design and features according to the latest trends.

This black friday, they're providing a 30% off on all their themes. So choose your favorite premium theme and buy now.

Discount period: 18th Nov - 25th Nov

Coupon code: {Not required}

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Styled themes - 30% off on themes

Styled themes are literally styled themes, with best features and simplicity of use. They design professional themes to let you create amazing websites.

On the ocassion of Black Friday, the individual themes are at a 30% discount and a year of free support. You can even subscribe to their theme membership plan at 30% discount and get access to all of the themes. Here too, you are eligible for a year of free support.

Discount period: 18th Nov - 7th Dec

Discount code: blackfriday2016

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Hostgator - Discounted hosting

Hostgator is an easy and affordable hosting provider. They are offering about 65% discount on their pricing. Check out their website for the plans you can subscribe for.


More Details / Download

Nestify - 50% discount on hosting

Nestify is a managed hosting provider. It provides excellent services for CMS hosting and management. They are providing special discount on their hosting plans. They are offering each of their plan at 50% flat discount.

Discount period: Now - 30th Nov

Discount code: BLACKFRIDAY

More Details / Download

Skt Themes - 50% discount on themes

Skt themes lets you buy all of their themes at $99. All the themes are well-coded and SEO friendly. The theme altogether can cost you about $4800. They have about 100 themes in their collection right now

Discount period: Now - 30th Dec

Discount code: {Not required}

More Details / Download


We hope this list helps you find the best deals and a suitable platform/theme for creating your website. These deals are for limited period, so grab the best of it and start creating your WordPress website now. However, before you make purchase make sure that the coupon code is applied and the discount is valid.

We will keep this article updated with the latest offers. Enjoy your Black Friday and cyber Monday shopping!

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