New Elementor Feature Tutorial Using GeoPlaces Theme

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If you are like me, you enjoy having a drag and drop interface that allows for easy customizing of your website, then Elementor page builder is for you. This gives you an outstanding ability and access to icons, widgets, colors and appearance features.

What is Page Builder?

Page builders are plugins that enable the editing of a page by a drag-and-drop editor. For WordPress this comes down to an easier way to customize. This easier way makes WordPress similar to website builders. Page builders give those with no experience with WordPress or coding the ability to completely customize their website with little to no knowledge. You can build a completely professional website using a plugin.

Pros of Using a Page Builder


  1. Easy to customize
  2. Gives you more ability
  3. You can See What It Will Look Like
  4. Saves Time
  5. Community of Help
  6. Many features

Why Elementor:

We recommend Elementor for many reasons. We have an excellent article review that takes you through the features, pros and cons, and how to use it.

But here are a few quick reasons why we recommend it; Elementore has an easy interface with many rating it 5/5 on the usability and ease-of-use. It includes many ways to customize, and can even build your own theme. There is a free and pro version, and both includes easy install, widgets, global integrations, and text options. You can also see responsive design to see how it will show up on other devices. See more about responsive and mobile friendly devices

New Feature

Icon Library

The Icon library is a fantastic feature with innovative icons you can add to your website. This includes a new interface for managing all of them, and it comes with the free version. According to their website, Elementor has over 1,500 free icons, including brand icons for you to use. 

I am going to be using our new GeoPlaces Theme for demonstration

To get started:

Once you have Elementor downloaded you can go to your WordPress Dashboard, click on plugins and add it to the list.

You now have Elementor added and can begin editing with it.

( if you need more information on downloading for to

Click on the page you want to edit, then it will popup as an option for you.


Using Elementor:

Once you have the editing page up for Elementor, Open the Icon Library by clicking the button on the left hand side.

This will open an entire list of icons that have to do with the widget you are currently working with.

This is the new icon library where you can completely manage all icons. You can filter by name or category. They have Regular, Solid, and Brands. These are great for adding more characterization to your pages with an easier way to do so.

Once you click the icon you want it will appear on the page as you can see here on my rough draft website. Of course, you can add text and assemble the way you will like.

More Features of Elementor:

If you are curious as to how elementor works here are a few more details into adding elements to your pages. The options include everything from more sections of writing, buttons, videos, pictures, google maps and much more.

Here you can choose an image to add to your page. This includes details about the size, alignment, caption and link.

You can also add in more sections to write descriptions, captions and other information for your website. This is extremely simple to use.

Here we have an example of how your final website could possibly look

(see more with the GeoPlaces Demo)

All of our themes are compatible with Elementor and we even have themes that include Elementor for you:

eCommerce Theme

Food Blogger


and More

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