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Get your business Online. Discussed below are the advantages of getting your business website, and using WordPress for Business websites.

Business websites are certainly great for opening up new doors for your offline business. If you run a business, design agency, creative studio, or any such small business then you must think about getting your business online.

When you create a website for your agency, you are certainly making it open for a wider audience. It is not just one of the best ways to promote your website, but also to attract clients through the internet.

Therefore, there’s no debate to it – An online presence is a must for your business.

Whether you are a freelance photographer, or a web design agency, or an architectural firm, or an interior designer, or a modeling agency – you need your online presence.

And thanks to the advanced website building tools, that make it so easier to get your website done affordably, and easily.

Some advantages of business websites:

  1. An easy way to showcase all your accomplishments and user reviews to convince the prospect clients
  2. A reference where the interested clients can easily know more about you
  3. Making it easier for more customers to get in touch with you
  4. A way to promote your business
  5. It acts as your business representative active 24*7, 365
  6. Exposes your business to a wider domain, opening it for new opportunities
  7. A good way to keep your existing customers in the loop
  8. You can use your site as a way to work towards customer satisfaction through customer service
  9. Adds to the credibility of your business
  10. Can even help with customer interaction

Moreover, there can be other advantages based on the type of business website and your business domain.

And given that all you need to invest for your online presence is a little time and finance. The modern technologies to create business website, especially tools like WordPress are much affordable, easy to use and

Why WordPress For Business Websites?

There are so many platforms out there for you to get started with your business website. You can opt for a website builder, a CMS like WordPress, or a website built with a programming language.

As a business owner, you need a platform that requires minimum intervention and is easy to manage. Creating a website using a programming language is totally out of the question because – for a simple business website you probably won’t need a custom design or features. With CMS and website builders, you can find a lot of ready to use designs.

Also, programming can turn out expensive, and then it might not be that easy to use. Therefore, we suggest using WordPress for your business or agency website. The following are the best reasons to use WordPress for business websites:

1) Easy to use

WordPress is best for the non-technical people to start with. Without even touching a line of code, or opening the code files, you can easily update the content of your website, add posts, create pages, manage multimedia, upload images, etc.

You have the pre-designed themes for your business websites and they can be installed easily. So all you need to do is update the site and personalize it easily using the backed options.

2) Free Platform

WordPress is free and open-source. This gives you a lot of freedom on what you want to create with WordPress.

For creating a website with WordPress, you can download WordPress and start using it without going through any registration or any such process. The only expense here is of hosting and the WordPress theme. To further cut the cost, you can use a free WordPress theme. However, WordPress themes are generally very affordable. The best and hightech theme costs about $40-$60 with a lifetime usage license.

3) Very Flexible

No shoe fits all. Therefore, mostly all the WordPress themes are highly customizable. The flexibility surely depends on the type of theme you choose.

A basic or free WordPress theme might only come with limited customization options. But you still get the option to tweak the code and customize your theme. On the other hand – there is premium WordPress themes that comes with included page builders and endless customization opportunities. So, the choice can be yours.

4) Create Responsive beautiful websites

Choose a responsive business theme and your business website based on WordPress will look great on any device it is viewed on.

Today’s fast world demands your website to be adaptable. Different users use a variety of devices to access the internet. Therefore, you cannot afford to disappoint any of your visitors, can you?

5) Theme designs and plugins

As a business owner, you might not get the chance to design your website, or even imagine a design of how your website should look. Therefore, WordPress presents you with a plethora of theme designs. Just search “Business Themes for WordPress” and you will find endless designs for your website.

Moreover, even when it comes to adding new features to your website – there are plugins. These are feature packets, that you can install with a single click and add new functionality to your site. Need a contact form – get a contact form plugin, want an event calendar on your business website? – There are so many event calendar plugins.

6) Get Online Faster

WordPress lets you get started with your website in just minutes. The setup time is minimal. Some of the hosts offer WordPress optimized hosting which will reduce the time even more.

The only time taking task will be writing content and creating effective pages for your website.

7) Gives you opportunities to get Creative

Since the websites built with WordPress are very flexible – you can easily change your website and make it look and work the way you want.

Right now, almost all the best WordPress themes are page builder based. Here, without actually being a designer, you can easily design the pages of your website with simple drag and drop options.

8) SEO friendly

One of the best reasons to recommend WordPress for a Business website is that it is SEO friendly. And above that, it supports the SEO plugins to further optimize your web pages.

WordPress is a CMS initially developed for blogs and websites based on content. Therefore, it is already SEO friendly and that is what can help the visibility of your business website. Here are some additional tips to SEO optimize your business website.

9) Lots of tools for promotions

WordPress is a widely used CMS. When using WordPress for a business website, you will find a lot of tools in the form of plugins and add-ons that can help you with marketing.

There are WordPress based tools or plugins that lets you integrate the services you can procure to help you promote your new business website/or your business.

10) Updating will be easier

Playing with the options when maintaining a WordPress website is so easy. And one of the major advantages of using WordPress for business websites is that you can maintain it on your own.

So if you wish to make changes to one of your pages, or replace an image on your website, change color, or create a new page for current offers, or create a new page for a new service, you can easily update your site.

11) Highly customizable

Okay but I already have an idea on what kind of website I want!

Alright, WordPress has enough flexibility for customizing your theme and make it represent the image you had in mind. If you don’t find a theme that exactly matches your requirements, you can try a page builder based business theme to realize your vision. For advanced level customization, you might have to hire professional designers or programmers according to your requirements, but it’s possible to do so easily.

Final Words

WordPress is a simple and very useful tool for beginners as well as programming experts. There are perks for any of them.

The beginners get an easy way to be in control of their own website. The learning curve is minimal. When I started using WordPress, it took me about an hour or so and I was familiar with most of the options and already started loving the CMS.

On the other hand – the programmers can rejoice considering that WordPress is open source and the theme can be altered easily by adding new functions or updating the CSS for design.

But for business owners, WordPress offers a whole new level of comfort and stress-free website building and management. So are you ready to use start with your business websites with WordPress?

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