10+ Best WordPress PopUp Plugins for Opt-Ins, Discount & More

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Want to create a popup on your website? Good Idea. Let us help you pick one of the best WordPress Popup plugins by explaining them in this list. 

Popups are one of the best ways to help you build a mailing lists and generate leads easily.

This is because, they easily catch your visitors attention. And once you have your visitors attention, you can display offers, discounts , or any other deal that makes them opt in.

But is it really that simple to integrate?

Thankfully, it is. WordPress is a wonderful platform that lets us add new features in just moments.

In this list, we will see the top and the best WordPress Popup plugins for your websites to help you have more opt-ins through popup.

Ninja Popups is one of the most popular popup plugins. It lets you create responsive opt-in popups effortless, in just minutes, without touching a line of code.

The highlight of this plugin is it’s easy to use popup theme builder that gives you all the features to design your popup the way you want. Moreover there are many pre-designed themes for you to get started with. So the choice is always yours.

The best thing about Ninja Popups is it’s beautiful animations. with this feature, you can create beautifully animated popups without extra efforts. The plugin is designed with SEO friendly code, takes care of the performance without slowing down your site, and optimizes graphics for best results.

If you want to lock content behind a pop-up, than Ninja Popups make that possible. You might want to lock your content with a social popup, to make the interaction mandatory, then Ninja Popups can do that too.

Besides, you can create different popups for each page. The forms made by Ninja Popups can also be translated using the WPML plugin. Ninja popups integrate with almost all the popular and widely used email integrations.

To track the performance of your campaign, this popup plugin also includes Google Analytics Event Tracking integration, and supports A/B Testing.

The Ninja popup plugin is easy to use and can be managed with very simplied and intuitive options. It is a premium plugin available for download at codecanyon.

But isn’t that a page builder?

Yes, but Elementor Pro tends to do more than that.

The Elementor Pro not just lets you create beautiful pages with its drag and drop page builder, but also lets you create popups with the same.

It is definitely one of the best page builders(Read the Elementor review here) and also easiest to use. The Elementor popup add on lets you use the same drag and drop page builder to create popups for your website.

With available options, and the intuitive page building elements, you can create almost any type of popup: Fly In, Full Screen, Hello Bar, Bottom Bar, Classic, etc. These popups can be used for a number of purposes: for a welcome popup, login popup, newsletter sign up, promotional banners, announcements, sale, exit intent, etc.

This plugin too can be used to create popups that lock the content. You can even add your WooCommerce products to your popups easily. You can choose from over 100 pre designed templates or create a design of your own.

This plugin is a complete package of all the features a popup must have. You can choose the trigger, the pages/posts where the popup will appear, or use advanced options to set rules on when and to whom the popups will be shown.

And what more? You don’t have to buy them separately. Elementor Pro popups are available as a part of Elementor pro package with no additional cost. So what you get is: An excellent page builder and a professional popup plugin – at one price.

If you want to try your hand and get creative, you can design your own popups with this plugin, on your own, without touching a line of code.

Since you are looking for a lead generation/popup based plugin, you probably must have heard about optin monster. As the name suggests, this is a beautiful plugin to let you create opt-in pop-up forms, and much more.

Optin Monster is used by more than 700000 brands to increase their conversions. The main aim of this WordPress popup plugin is to let you capture more leads and increase conversion rates by making the best of the traffic you receive.

Unlike other optin plugins like Ninja popups and Elementor Pro popups, that are general purpose pop-up plugins, optin monster specifically tragets conversions for increased leads, sales and subscribers.

The plugin works in three simple steps. With the available options, you can create an offer design, with the drag and drop builder – of course. Next, you can manage the behavior and personalize the popup for smart targeting. And lastly, test the impact with the available statistics and split testing tools.

Since the idea behind optin Monster is maximum conversion of the traffic, it comes with analytics and reports to help you track your campaigns.

With the page level targeting, you can decide where you want the popup to appear, and when. It’s a smart tool for delivering the offer to the audience, where it makes perfect sense. Optin Monster is a premium popup plugin and has plans suitable for every level of user. An individual, small companies, enterprises, etc.

Looking for something simple, elegant and straigh-forward for creating email opt-ins on your website, here’s Bloom.

Bloom, from Elegant themes, is a plugin to help you grow your email subscriber’s list with stunning popup forms. This plugin allows you to create beautiful popups with the 100+ available templates, which are thoroughly customizable.

This popup plugin too lets you create smart pop-up enabled to show unique forms and different offers to different visitors based on their location. This WordPress Opt-in plugin also lets you decide where, and when to show the pop-ups.

You can set the trigger, to make sure that the pop-ups appear at specific events, like scroll event, or reaching the end of the page, and even set delay times. Besides the popups, the opt-ins can be in form of static content placed in widgets, in between the content, at the end of pages/posts, etc. because the ultimate goal is – more opt-ins!

It supports about 19 Email Integrations that includes the most popular ones like Hubspot, MailChimp, iContact, Convertkit, MailPoet, AWeber, emma, Mailster, etc.

The customization options are plenty: You can choose the orientation of the opt-ins, manage the Colors, borders, Images, etc. You even have the easy option to choose to target specific post types and categories.

Bloom is a premium plugin and is available as a part of complete Elegant themes package. It includes Divi, Extra, Monarch and all other beautiful products. And the price for them all is as low as the price of a single theme or plugin!

If you already know about Thrive Themes, you must be familiar that all of the products there thrive for conversions. Thrive leads is one of them, an email list builder and a WordPress plugin for lead generation.

Thrive leads isn’t just any other popup builder, it lets you create targeted, planned and conversion optimized opt-in popups to convert your audience into your customers.

On design front, the opt-in plugin comes with predesigned templates to choose from. There are variety of designs that you can edit and create a totally customized opt-in form on your own. You can do so using the drag and drop page builder.

Thrive leads comes with advanced targeting system for maximizing conversion and delivering perfect offers to the audience based on the posts, categories, and tags. This optin can be included at different parts of your website, in different forms. Specifically, it can be included as a popup, sticky ribbon, inline form, a widget, slide-in, screen overlay, etc.

It also supports content lock, multiple choice forms, two steps opt-in forms. To find out the method that works the best for you, this plugin also supports A/B testing and advanced analytics reports to let you track the campaign’s success.

This opt-in plugin lets you create 100% responsive and mobile friendly, elegant popups with beautiful design. It is a premium plugin and it’s pricing starts at $67.

WP Subscribe pro is a budget friendly email-opt in plugin for WordPress. This simple and lightweight plugin is best for bloggers and small business owners to create popups to capture leads by email subscription forms.

This WordPress popup plugin for email opt-ins captures more leads and improves user engagement. It is fully responsive, speed optimized and supports a number of email integrations. It comes with beautiful designs and allows customizations to make popups that complement your website.

Apart from popup, the WP Subscribe Pro opt-in form is also available as a widget that you can embed anywhere on your site. You can control where, how often and when the popup appears with the help of popup trigger options. To make your popups more attractive, there are popup animation effects too.

You can also use this plugin to show your readers a list of the related articles to reduce the exit rates. With all these features, you can reduce the bounce rates on your website. There is a free version of this plugin if you wish to try it before actually buying.

Looking for a free tool to create popups on your website? Then Icegram is the WordPress plugin you need. This is a simple yet efficient tool to let you create popups and display them on your website.

Actually, Icegram can be looked upon as a package of many different plugins that work in different ways to let you create popups and opt-ins. The plugins are Icegram engage, email subscribers and Rainmaker.

The good news is: all of them are free. You can download them and start using them right away.

The plugin is easy to use and has over 4000 active installs. The plugin helps you display popup optins to grow email subscribers, efficiently use the traffic on your website and make your website more engaging and productive.

The plugin lets you show opt-ins in form of Light box Popups, Header & Footer Action Bars, Toast Notifications and Slide in Messengers. You can even use the full screen overlays which are more effective.

It works together with the Rainmaker plugin to provide you form templates for newsletter subscription, lead gen, etc.

Sumo is a WordPress popup plugin that lets you create beautiful, timed popups on your website. It is one of the popular popup plugins that you can use to increase the email subscribers and improve eCommerce performance on your website.

This tool for creating popups on your WordPress website is easy to use. There are two versions: a free and a pro version. Sumo is also available to use with other website building platforms, as well as WordPress.

In WordPress, there are a few simple steps to install and activate the plugin. You can keep using the free version or upgrade to the pro version for more features.

With the Sumo eCommerce features, you can integrate WooCommerce products, show discount offers and promotional deals through the popups. It also has the features that can help you grow your email subscriber’s list and reduce the abandoned cart rates.

Another simple and efficient way to build attractive pop-ups on your WordPress websites is by using popup builder plugin. As the name suggests, you can build popups with different intents with this plugin.

The popup builder plugin has more than 1,00,000 active installs and is free to install and use. However, for more features on your popup builder, you can buy and use different extensions.

By default, the popup builder has the all the basic features. So if you want a very basic, custom popup on your website, we recommend using it. The popup plugin lets you create unlimited popups with custom designs and beautiful animation & sound effects. It comes with some popup themes to choose from. Besides, you can choose the popup’s location, set scroll delays, etc. It also lets you create repeatitive popup that appears at the determined period of time.

The popups are WPML compatible and even work with WP Bakery Page builder. The popup builder plugin works with Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms & Google maps.

The advanced version of this plugin supports WooCommerce popups, login & Registration popups, Video, social, countdown, exit popups, Iframe popups, and includes auto responding facilities. You can also show recent sales by live sales popups to promote more sales. The popups also support web push notifications, and age restriction popups for age restricted content access.

The other features of the paid version includes the advanced control over when and to whom the popups are shown and whether to show the popups on mobile devices or not. You can even disable popup closing, or set a time for the popup to close automatically. Moreover there are saperate extensions to get statistics about the performance of your popups, aweber/Mailchimp support, Adblock popup.

The Popup software to create popups is easy to use, and enables you to create and manage popups on your website. With these popups you can display discount deals, get your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, or declare any kind of promotional notices, easily.

This is a more generic popup builder that works with variety of different platforms including WordPress. With this pop-up builder, you can create popups for email subscriptions, exit intent, countdowns, redirects, notifications, etc.

Popup domination lets you create page specific popups and the popups that are shown based on the defined triggers. This popup software comes with some predesigned themes that are fully responsive as well as highly customizable.

It supports A/B split testing, and shows you the analaytics to track the effectiveness of your popups. Popup Domination also enables you to show the popups only when the site is accessed from the selected geographical area. It is crafted to work with almost every email integrations.

The software has a very different pricing policy. You have to pay for the views only. The basic plan starts at $9 per month for 10,000 views. At this price, you get all the features offered by Popup Domination. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren’t fully satisfied.

Wrapping up

All these plugins, and the power they put in your hand makes it possible for you to easily capture leads and improve the conversions at your website.

Whether it is a business website, or a blog, an eCommerce website or an online directory, properly planned lead capture system can really help you. Whether your goal is to make them sign up for your email newsletter, or to reduce exit rates by redirection, or to show your best deals, one of these plugins, could surely help.

However, only downloading the best popup plugin won’t solve all your problems. Marketing your website and conversion optimization will need a lot of your patience, persistence and continuous efforts. Integrating an email opt-in, or a WordPress popup plugin, is just one of the initial steps into your marketing endeavor. Good Luck!

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