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What Is A Business Directory Website?


In this age of information, people like it better when they get all their answers on their fingertips. This is why we have multitude of websites for each and every niche.

One of the best source of information about businesses are the online directory websites. a

What is an online business directory?

It is more like a business portal, where the businesses get a chance to publish their listings, whereas, the visitors looking for services can find one from the listed businesses.

A business listing directory serves as a middle ground for businesses as well as the clients/customers. The Business owners looking to advertise their business can use the directory website for promotions. Whereas, the prospect clients, looking for services falling in specific categories, shall use the directory website to find a suitable option.

Therefore, a business directory works two ways. It even helps the businesses communicate with the clients through what is called “business listings” on a directory website.

Front end Listing Submissions

Now, for directory websites – the most important elements are the “listings” or “business listings” when talking about business directories.

The front end lisiting submission system on a business directory is what allows the business to upload their business listing on the directory.

To a front end user – i.e a business owner trying to submit the business listing – it is merely filling up a form and submitting. But technically, the front end submission can be broken down into multiple steps like user registration, payment processing, and form submission.

And the most important step is: The front end submission form. This is the form that the business owners can use to submit the details about their business. The listing can contain as many fields as you want.

This is possible when the directory platform lets you add custom fields for your listing submission form. So you can add more fields on your submission form as and when required and make your listing more informative.

What are the types of directory website you can create?

There are different types of directory websites that you can create to generate some passive income:

The name of these directories clearly dictate what they are about. Besides the one’s mentioned in this list, there can be any kind of online directory. For example: You want to create an online directory for all the charted accountants

See this post on the 15 types of online directory websites 2022.

Typical features of a directory website:

Wrapping up

A business directory website may have different meaning & application for different users. For the general visitors, it is a storehouse of information about different business in the locality. Whereas, for the business owner, it is an opportunity to create an online presence without actually investing on an entire website. It helps them promote their business easily.

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