15 types of online directory websites to make money in 2020

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Online directory websites sure have made their mark as one of the most profitable online businesses. This is because they are extremely beneficial, both, for the directory site’s owner as well as the users.

Online Directory websites work as they are mines of information for the users. Let’s consider a visitor looking for a good place for your dinner date. So instead of looking at different places, he can just visit the local food directory and check out all the restaurants’ listings.

Again, as a directory website contains a large amount of data in form of listings under different categories, it automatically helps the visibility of your website.

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If the category is “Chinese food in Auckland”, then there can be a number of restaurant listings on your directory website that mentions “Chinese food”, “Best Chinese food in Auckland”, “Authentic Chinese food in Auckland”, “Chinese food home delivery”, etc. Therefore, a directory website effortlessly targets a large group of keywords. And this increases your chance of appearing in the organic search and thereby reaching more people.

Moreover, with the modern day’s tools and techniques, creating directory websites is easier than ever. You can either go for a CMS like WordPress or use the SAAS Directory building platform to create your online directory.

So a directory website is can prove to be a very profitable form of online business. In this article, we will discuss the most popular types of director website that you can create to earn passive income in 2018.

1. Real estate directory websites

With the Directory website template, you can create an online real estate directory. Such a properties portal can be used by the visitors can look for rentals properties or properties for sale.

A property listing website can have different categories and sub-categories like rental properties, properties for sale, suburban homes, villas, condos, etc.

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Generally, a real estate listing directory has the feature for agents account. So the property dealers or brokers can register and post the properties. This kind of property directory website software needs a powerful and failsafe front end submission system and works well for paid submission revenue generation.

The property brokers can, therefore, register on a property portal website and post all the properties they want to sell. Even those who are looking to sell their property can register and post their listing on your website. All the people looking to buy a property can search your property listing website to find the property of their interest.

Unique features of a real estate directory

  • Location-based features like proximity search
  • Advanced filters for an easier search
  • Proper categories on a website
  • Maps for easier recognition of the address and location
  • A fully functional front-end submission system

An example of a successful real estate directory website

airbnb real estate


Use the HomeQuest Real Estate WordPress theme to create a location aware, real estate directory similar to AirBnb. The WordPress real estate directory theme comes equipped with features to let you create a real estate directory with WordPress effortlessly.

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2. Events directory websites or Events Portals

Events portal events web Directories are typical directories that focus on events. They have events listings by different locations posted under different categories.

An events directory website can be an event portal with events under multiple categories like sports events, medical events, dance events, music events, etc.

Or they can be niche directories like charity events website dedicated specifically to non-profit events. A technical events website that won’t host any listing pertaining to entertainment events, only the technological events will be hosted.

In addition to these features, an Events web directory can also list event organizers, planners, and a store to sell events related badges, banners, party supplies, etc. Some of the events portals also let the users buy the events’ tickets through their website.

A front-end web directory submission system is a must in such an events portal because it lets the different event organizers or hosts post their events.

If you want to create your own events portal where the event organizers and host can post their events, you can use the Eventum WordPress Theme to create a fully functional events directory. Such event directories are a great way to make money online.

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An example of successful events directory website:

Events in America

3. Job directory websites or online Job portals

A job board directory website is, in fact, an online employment exchange. Here, the companies and employers will post listings for their jobs while the job seekers come to find vacancies.

Generally, a job board directory allows the job seekers to post their resumes but it’s an optional feature. A job board website can perform just fine even without the resume posting feature.

Just like any other directory website, a Job board directory listing website has job listings posted under various categories. Also, it too includes a fully functional front end submission system where the employers can pay and post their job listings. However, you can even allow free job posting.

Must have features for a job board directory

  • An efficient advanced search system
  • Job posting/resume posting features in your job board directory

Create your own job board directory website with WordPress using the Job Board WordPress Theme. You can allow employers to pay and post their vacancies and the job seekers to find a job in the category of their interest. A totally membership based online employment exchange for your city.

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An example of the best job board directory website


4. Hotel/restaurant/cuisine directory websites

This is a foodilicious niche directory that is all about food joints and restaurants. This type of directory typically targets a certain location.

For instance, you can create a food directory listing website for your city. Here you can allow listings for all the food points like restaurants, cafe, bistros, diners, bars, etc.

Features that can make your food directory website more useful

  • location based features, preferably a map-based website
  • A coupon module so you can include discount coupons
  • An event module so food events and food fairs can be listed

Create your own restaurant directory with the SpotFinder WordPress Theme. You can let the local restaurants pay and post their advertisements on your website effortlessly.

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An example of a restaurant web directory software

restavista hotel directory


5. City Directory website/Local Directories

City Directory as the name suggests is a city guide website. A city directory website is a website that can cover multiple directory niches for a certain city. For example- A food directory, business listings, real estate listings, etc.

The city directory website is a city portal where all the useful places, business, and contacts of the city are listed. A city directory website preferably should be location aware directory websites.

It helps the people of the city find the places and businesses of their interest. A city directory listing website should have an efficient and easy to use front-end submission system and an ability to create custom fields and use them for different types of listings for a city directory.

If you want to earn passive income through an online business, creating a city directory website is a great idea. You can use the GeoPlaces City Directory theme to create a location based listing directory where you can allow the local businesses to promote themselves by providing paid online submission system under different categories like Places, Events, Restaurants, Jobs, etc.
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An example of city web directory software


6. Classifieds directory websites

A classifieds directory website for listing different classifieds products can also be a very profitable directory niche. A classifieds directory website needs to have a fail-safe front end submission system. So the visitors can upload their classifieds listings on your website.

However, whether you want the submissions on your classifieds listing directory website to be free or paid, you can decide for yourself. Generally, paid classified submission systems only work when your website dominates the market and has considerable traffic.

Also, a classifieds directory displays different categories. So be very careful while creating categories for your directory listings. While classifieds are generally multipurpose websites, they can be subject specific like an auto classifieds website, a book classifieds website, etc.

Desirable features for your classifieds web directory

  • Proper categories for the classifieds listing
  • Ability to upload images and videos for the products

Create your own classified listing website and earn online with WordPress using the Classifieds Directory Theme. Here, the classified WordPress website will be the central advertising platform for the sellers and the buyers to post advertisements and find classifieds advertisements respectively.

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Best classifieds web directory example



7. Travel directory websites

As the name suggests, this online directory niche is all about travel and locations. However, there can be a number of travel directories.

Location directories for different travel locations

  • Travel directory for a specific city with listings regarding attractions of the place
  • Travel guide paired with travel blogs
  • A travel review directory
  • It is not very different from a locations directory. The major difference can be the intention of a travel directory. While a travel directory’s listings may intend on persuading a visitor to travel, a location directory listing only wants to inform the visitors about a place.

A travel directory may or may not have a front end submission system. A map based directory template is a pre-requisite for a travel directory.

It is possible for you to create a travel directory website of your own, with listings about the locations and other information, on your own. Use the Locations Directory Theme for your own custom travel directory.

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An example of travel directory website

travel directory trip advisor


We recommend SiteChecker

Checking the position of the site in search engines is needed for all self-respecting site owners. At a minimum, this is necessary so that customers can find out the real results of your work before you place your order. You also need this data to clearly understand which direction to go next, and what you can refuse. Everyone knows that the first positions on certain requests and with normal traffic are the main criterion for the well-being of website promotion on search queries.

Using online rank tracker, you can quickly monitor your positions, which will provide an analysis of the most valuable keywords. If you want to always know how your site works and what you have already achieved, then determine for yourself a couple of dozen of the most important queries and follow their progress in the search engines.

8. Article directory website

Article directory website is a directory website of useful articles. This can be a website with a front-end submission system where the visitors can post their articles under a relevant category.

Generally, this kind of website can be educational sites where the content is posted for various subjects and the students can access it as and when required. The article submission portal can be for content marketing, knowledge base, or a paid publishing platform.

You can create a membership-based article directory website where a visitor is only granted access if he signs up for the membership.

You can use this article directory template that you can use to create an article directory website.

If you want to create your own, unique article submission website, where the visitors can submit their content, you can easily do so. It will be a content directory with useful articles on different categories, powered by user generated content.

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9. Yellow pages directory website

yellow pages directory website is one of the most common forms of online directories. Just like the yellow pages books our parents used to rely on, this is the online replacement for it.

The yellow pages directory can contain all types of listings. Locations, hotels, schools, clinics, parks, museums, business listings, and even a job board. Therefore a yellow pages website is a combination of all the directories.

A yellow pages directory website is comparatively very difficult to manage as it can contain lots and lot of listings. It usually comes with a front-end listing submission system.

requirements for a yellow pages directory website

  • An efficient and manageable front end submission system
  • Ability to create custom post types
  • Ability to upload multiple images for a listing

Online Yellow Pages website is infact an advertising platform that can help you earn by allowing people to post their advertisements in form of yellow page listings. Create a Yellow Pages portal of your own using the Yellow Pages Theme.
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Best yellow pages web directory example


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10. Business directory website

A business directory website, as the name suggests, is a directory with different business listings. These business listings can be of a certain geographical area or a global business directory website.

Alternately, you can also create a niche business directory for a certain business. For example – A directory website for all the business producing drones. Or a business directory of fabric manufacturers in a province.

Busines directory website can be a location-based directory to precisely show the correct locations of the listings on the maps. It can even feature a front-end submission system to let the business list themselves in the business directory.

Want to make money by maintaining a business directory for your locality? You can easily create and manage your business directory website with the feature packed and easy to use Business Directory Theme

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An example of location-based business directory website

business directory website


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11. Video Directory website

You can create a video directory website like YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, etc. The video directory websites can be educational, entertainment websites, or a video channel for a specific purpose.

You can create a subject based video website like a video portal dedicated to nail art videos or a portal dedicated to football videos. Or it can be a general purpose video website where you can post videos under different categories.

You can have a paid/free video directory listing website submission system that lets the front end visitors post their videos on your video directory website.

Must have features for a video directory website:

  • Ability to let the admin set the max upload limit on the video website
  • Ability to let the users upload, embed or copy link for the videos
  • Inbuilt video player
  • A full-screen video play mode

You can create a video website of your own with the help of the Video Theme. It is loaded with the powerful front-end video submission form feature – allowing any registered member to submit videos just like YouTube and Vivo.

Get Video Theme

An example of a video directory website:



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12. Review directory website

A review directory website is the one regarding the reviews and opinions of the customers or consumers. It can be a product review website, movie review website, etc.

A review website is generally focused on posting honest reviews about a product or a service. However, it can be a means of affiliate income by reviewing the products and services of an affiliate business.

A review website may or may not have a front end submission system. But enabling comments and ratings on your review page is must. Thus the users can post their own options through comments and rate the product as per their experience.

A review web directory example:

trustpilot review directory


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13. Coupons/deals directory website

Coupons or deals directory websites ave simply deals directories that sells coupon codes and best deals. These kinds of directory websites have a fully functional front end submission system where the business can list their coupon codes ad advertise their deals.

These websites are comparatively easier to manage and maintain. They absolutely don’t need a map based template.

Coupons website are becoming more and more popular and you can own one easily with the help of the Coupon directory website. It simple, easy to use and one of the best ways to make money through affiliate links.

Get Coupon & Deals Theme

An example of a successful coupons or deals directory website:


14. Automotive directory website

This is a niche directory website where the listings are about different types of automobiles. For instance, an automotive directory website can be used to create a directory website that lists all the pickup trucks, two-wheelers, and cars on sale.

It can be a car dealers website. Such a website generally consists of comparison feature where two or three different vehicle listings can be compared. Such a vehicle directory generally doesn’t require a front end submission system.

Must have features for an automotive web directory website:

  • A comparison feature to compare two automotive listings
  • Ability to upload high definition images

The best example of an automotive directory website:


15. Contact directory website

A contact directory can be in a form of a staff/employee personal database, an online telephone directory,  a business contact directory etc. Basically, it must contain contact details about business or people of a group.

It generally doesn’t require a front-end web directory submission system. Only when the directory is a business contact directory, a front-end submission form is required.

Compared to the other genres of directory websites, a contact directory is easier to use create and maintain.

Best Contact web directory example:


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Share your ideas with us:

If you have decided to create a directory website to make some passive income, the ones mentioned above are the most popular types of directory websites.

The directory templates here can help you create any kind of web directory in minutes. No need to hire technical experts or wait for days to get your website created. You can do it all by yourself, without writing or tweaking a line of code.

The WordPress directory software is easy to use. With the sample data, they are just like ready to use websites. All you need to do is to update the sample data with actual data.

So which one is your favorite type of online directory website? Don’t forget to share your opinion and experiences on online directory websites with us through comments.

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