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How WordPress Blog Free Theme or Paid themes can do a Wonder for your Website?

Wordpress is a blogging platform and its lets makes creating and managing blog website look like a piece of cake.

Welcome to our collection of the WordPress blog themes. Now you can create beautiful and full-functional websites without even writing a line of code. The CMS themes are designed to manage your content as well as provide all the must-have features, based on the subject of your website.

Templatic has an experience of more than 8 years in creating WordPress themes. All of our themes are crafted after proper research of the subject. We focus on effective design and useful features while avoiding unnecessary complications. Our themes come with the primary features that run out of the box. We believe that our customers should always get the best value for their money.

Let’s talk about the features that a WordPress blog themes should definitely have.

SEO – Your blogs only matter if they are found when the users search for relevant topics. An SEO friendly blog theme ensures that your content gets the visibility it deserves.

Support to the WordPress plugins you’d like to use – Before you go for a theme, you should always ensure that the theme supports the plugins that you want to include in your website. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your desired plugin with the theme, you can raise a pre-sales question to inquire about it.

Media quality – Make sure that the quality of images you upload to your website are not affected due to the theme. High resolution images and videos are not just good to look at but also helps you boost the visibility.

Focuses on the content – Blogs are all about the content you write. So, choose a theme that complements your content and

Advantages of WordPress for blog

WordPress started off as a CMS mainly targeting blogging and evolved as a platform that can do almost everything. However, blogging is still the best with WordPress. If you are a non-technical person about to start your own blog, we highly recommend WordPress. This is because WordPress is easy to install, configure and use.

Moreover, it is highly flexible. Once you get familiar with the options and features, there are lots of customizations that you can do to make it look and work the way you want.

SEO friendly

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform. Besides there are many add-ons and plugins that you can include into your website to improve your content and rank better. So, Premium wordpress blog themes along with the SEO plugins can help your website gain the visibility it deserves.

Easy to use

WordPress is for those bloggers who aren’t programmers. WordPress can be used very much like you use applications on your mobile phones.

Easy to extend functionality

With the WordPress add-ons and plugins, you can easily extend the functionality of your website. These plugins let you add amazing functionalities to your website without writing a line of code.

Comment management

For authors and writers, comments and reviews of the readers are very valuable. Again, the comments and reviews add fresh and unique content to your blogs that is beneficial to the SEO. WordPress has an inbuilt system for comments that includes comment moderation and other settings.

Blogging specific features

Even the default themes of WordPress have:

The WordPress editor
Word count
The WordPress editor counts the number of words

Media support

Adding images, audios and videos to your blog site was never easier. WordPress by default has the capability to support all of them. So, create amazing blogs by including videos, and images and making your content more interesting to read.

Abundant themes and blogging tools

There is a massive collection of themes when it comes to blogging. There are WordPress themes of almost any subject. Want to start a recipe blog? download a food blog theme. Writing about your journeys? Get the travel blog themes. There are themes for almost every subject, lifestyle blog themes, educational blog themes, new blog themes, etc.

WordPress enthusiasts further contribute to the community by developing various plugins (that are in fact apps) that enhance the existing WordPress features. There are plugins and add-ons that are aimed at providing advanced features that the users can add if they are interested.

The wp community

WordPress is world’s one of the best CMS. Moreover, there are forums and community discussions run by many of the users. So, if ever you encounter trouble with your WordPress site, you can post your query and get answers from the community members.

Easy Install

Install your theme in minutes. You can download the easy install file for your theme and all it takes is 3 clicks to install your theme and get started with your website.

Sample data to guide you

Once the theme is installed, just one click to install the sample data. Press the “Insert sample data” button and your website will be loaded with sample data to get started with. It will make your website look exactly like the demo.

Subject oriented plain-sailing themes

The themes are all designed for a specific subject, and so it’s design, features and settings are such that it fits the specific business needs. However, the directory theme and its child themes can be used for almost any purpose.

Automatic updates

No more struggling with the theme files to update to a newer version. Now you can update your themes, right from the dashboard, just like you update WordPress or any other theme.

More than just beautiful

Not just beautiful, the themes are thoughtfully designed. The important elements are placed where they can get maximum exposure. Our designers work hard to conclude how the various elements of the theme can be adjusted so as to make it elegant as well as effective

Simple but detailed

We insist on making themes that are uncomplicated, easy to use. The themes’ features and options are self-explanatory. This will help you to easily understand and manage the theme on your own.

Elegantly responsive

Your responsive website ensures that the visitors always get the best view regardless of the device it is viewed on. Let the visitors reach you on their conditions, and provide them the best view on their device.

Outstanding content management

All the themes listed here are designed to manage your content so that when your users request for it, the relevant information is provided. With these themes, you can create fully-functional websites in minutes without stressing about database designing, writing features

Advertisement ready ad monetization

Make money by displaying advertisements on your website. You can
display advertisement at any part of your website without disrupting the design
of your website.

Social sharing enabled

Social media is the best platform to promote your
website/listings/posts. All of our themes are therefore, social media ready.
All you need to do is configure the widget and link it to your social media

SEO friendly

Be found! We know how much SEO matters. So, our themes are designed as per strict SEO standards. Moreover, these themes are compatible with the most popular SEO plugins like the Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, etc. Therefore, instead of worrying about your ranking, you can concentrate on your content and features of your website.

Free WordPress Themes

Looking for free WordPress themes to launch your own blog or for a professional looking website? Templatic specializes in building great looking and functional themes. As well as all the premium themes in our collection, you'll find below many WordPress themes for free download.

Whether you are looking for a free WordPress themes for bloggers, writers, photographers, fashion, food recipes, e-magazines or a news blog and business our themes are all you need. These free themes are easy to customize and use for almost any topic you like.

  • Free Responsive themes icon

    Free Responsive themes

    Creating a website which displays well on all devices is not just essential for traffic. Having a responsive free theme on your website or blog is also great for SEO. All of the themes we are offering for free download will look good on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Display Google AdSense icon

    Display Google AdSense

    You can easily display Google AdSense with any of our themes. You'll find plenty of widget locations in each theme where you simply paste an AdSense code in the 'Text' widget. This widget can be used as many times as you like too, you're not limited.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    Cross Browser Compatibility

    Our free WordPress themes are all tested for cross browser compatibility. This means whether your visitors are using Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Internet Explorer, your website will look great. All these themes are also web standard compliant.
  • Customizable Colors

    Customizable Colors

    Need your own color scheme? Customizing a free theme with your own colors is very easy. Changing colors is made super-easy with the customizer on each theme. This option in the dashboard gives you the endless choice of colors to choose from.
  • Multi-page Layout

    Multi-page Layout

    Templatic free themes give you premium features too. As well as customizable categories and colors, you also have multiple layouts to choose from. Custom layouts include full-width post/page and left or right sidebar design.
  • Easy Customization

    Easy Customization

    Just because these are free download themes, we don't limit you from customizing them to suit your website . You can easily customize everything starting from the logo, colors, fonts, layout, blog categories, social profiles and much more.
  • Translatable Themes

    Translatable Themes

    Need to translate any of our themes into another language? No problem, all of the free download themes are translation ready. We have included .Po and .Mo files which you can use to easily localize a theme for your website.
  • SEO Friendly

    SEO Friendly

    Building a website which nobody can find online is no good for anyone. All of these cool free WordPress themes are SEO optimized. This means that with good content, your website can easily be found on Google and other search engines.

Did you know?

According to W3Techs, a company that tracks the usage of different web technologies, WordPress powers 25% of all online websites. Using this popular and powerful CMS system to launch your website is even better when it's a free theme.

Our collection of free download WP themes offers you an easy to setup and professional looking website in no time. Perhaps it's a website or a blog for business, sport, design or cooking you wish to launch. Making simple adaptations to colors and categories, you can use our themes for almost anything you like. From travel blogs, SEO, food or fashion blogs, our free themes will fit the bill.

Website And Blog Themes Free Download

No matter what the task is, you can choose from any of the free themes below.

  • Personal Blog Themes

    Looking to build your personal blog online with WordPress? We have a few themes to help you start blogging in no time.

    The stylish "TheReader", "Smart Blog" or "Expressivo" themes might be just what you're looking for.

  • Multi-purpose Blog Themes

    Starting a travel, business, marketing or fashion blog and need a theme? We've picked a few themes which we think you'll love.

    How about the "WP Premium" or "Authority Marketer" themes for launching that awesome blog. Create your own categories and you're set to go.

  • Magazine Blog Themes

    So you want to start your own e-zine or news website for politics, fashion, sports, travel or all of those and more?

    You will love the "LiveMagazine" or "Expressivo" themes. These are just the perfect match or you need to customize them? You can do that too.

  • Story Blog Themes

    This is a new type of blog that's becoming more and more popular. You'll now find themes and plugins devoted to the art of telling stories about travel, food, clothing, jewelry, fashion, photography, lifestyle and much more.

    We have selected for you a couple of our free themes for this type of blog. Check out the "Smart Blog" and "VintageJournal" themes.

  • Portfolio Blog Themes

    A portfolio blog is essentially one where you showcase and promote your work or services on. No matter if you need a free theme for artists, musicians, photographers, fashion designers, beauticians or cookery, our themes can be adapted to match.

    You will love our "Live Magazine","Expressivo" and "VintageJournal" themes. Add your own categories, change the colors and create that unique blog.


SEO Friendly Blog Themes

Build great traffic to your website with these free Search engine optimized blog themes. To help you with your SEO, our themes are compatible with Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, Google XML Sitemaps and All In One Rich Snippets plugins.

Feature-packed Free Themes

Here are just some of the features that make our free themes as powerful as premium ones.

  • Built-in Slider Options

    Built-in Slider Options

    Our Free Blog themes offer you features which are usually available in premium themes. The "Live Magazine", "Smart Blog" and "Vintage Journal" themes come with a stylish homepage image slider to spice up your blog or website.

  • Social Media Sharing

    Social Media Sharing

    Get fully functional social media widgets for your visitors can connect with you via various networks. Everything is fully customizable. You can set your Font Awesome icons, custom links, and CSS class in widget settings.

  • Custom Widgets

    Custom Widgets

    With the focus on flexibility and helping you create that unique website or blog, our free themes are widgetized too. Simply 'drag and drop' widgets into a theme's various locations to organize the site the way you want.

  • Quick Setup

    Quick Setup

    It doesn't matter if you want to use a theme for blogging, a business website or an online magazine, getting it easily setup is essential. All of the themes you can download for free are very easy to use with setup tips straight on your dashboard.

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    I made a smart decision when I purchased Templatic’s Themes & Plugins; Excellent products but above all great friendly uninterrupted Support. Keep on the good work. – Michel Noujaim
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    The Directory 2 theme is Brilliant! It’s easy to modify and the Templatic Sales Team bend over backwards to help you if you require help. The final result is an AWESOME website! Check out mine: – Freetrade Barter
  • Review-Image
    Being a full time developer means that I have tried many WordPress template companies over the years, but none has hit the mark like Templatic. They have reached a whole new level when it comes to product support and customer service, and they are at the top in their niche WordPress themes. – Phillip W
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