101+ WordPress Plugins 2024 (Ultimate Hand Picked Collection)

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WordPress websites can be made as interesting as possible using the WordPress plugins. Since you can easily add new features, you can improve the usability & the performance of your website in multiple ways.

Whether it is a blog, a corporate or agency website, a business website, or an eCommerce website, there is a WordPress plugin that can add value to your website.

This is a list of the best WordPress plugins that you can use to improvise your WordPress website in different ways.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

WordPress is an SEO friendly CMS, but what about the pages and content that you create. To ensure that your website & it’s content is SEO optimized you can use one of the following WordPress SEO Plugins.

These WordPress SEO plugins are easy to use and help you take care of the SEO friendliness of your content. You can easily integrate one of these SEO plugins into your WordPress website and start optimizing your content on your own.

Yoast SEO plugin: This SEO plugin for WordPress lets you manage the SEO of your individual posts and page. It is one of the best for proper keyword optimization and readability analysis of your website.

All In One SEO Pack: All in One SEO Pack is the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin that has some of the best SEO features for the beginners as well as advanced features for API developers. This is the best plugin for beginners, just install and it starts working.

Broken Link Checker: This WordPress plugin checks broken links and broken images to enhance your website. It provides you with a list of all the links so you can fix them.

SEO Image Optimizer: This WordPress SEO plugin optimizes images by resizing & compressing them, and automatically changes the alt tags and titles to make them SEO friendly. It is lightweight and works for WooCommerce images too so you can have SEO optimized images into your website.

Rich Snippet: This is a schema markup plugins for WordPress to show rich snippets for your WordPress web pages. This plugin allows you to create snippets for review, event, people, product, recipe, Software Application, video, articles, etc.

Monster Insights: This is a plugin that will help you to make the best decisions for your website using analytical statistics. It also makes it possible to view important analysis reports right into your WordPress dashboard.

Redirection: This is the best and most popular redirection manager that takes care of 301 redirections, 404 errors, etc. You can create unlimited redirections for your website using this plugin. It is lightweight and comes with an intuitive interface to manage redirections.

The SEO Framework: This is an SEO plugin for beginners as well as experts. This plugin comes with the feature of Automatic page optimization and comes with different features to improve the search ranking of your website.

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Google now prefers mobile first website designs. Therefore, it becomes very important to check the performance of your website on mobile phones. This plugin optimizes your site for mobile devices making it faster on small devices.

Google XML Sitemap: This lightweight plugin optimizes your site for SEO by generating XML sitemaps. So when a request it made, it becomes easier for the search engine to retrieve your page from your site as it already knows your site structure through the sitemaps.

More resources to optimize your website: SEO of your website is affected by different factors like page speed, user experience, etc. Therefore, besides using these SEO plugins, you can use plugins that upgrade the performance of your website.

You can use the image optimization plugins that compresses the images and eventually improves the page performance, the caching plugins or Site speed optimization plugins that significantly improves the speed of your site.

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WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Your blog can only be successful if it ranks well and provides with the best user experience. To improve the user experience, you can use the below-listed plugins.

All these WordPress plugins for blogs are designed to the help you make your blog more effective by adding new features or enhancing the existing ones.

Jetpack: Jetpack is a package of many useful features in one. This WordPress plugin for blogs is great for advanced customization, marketing, performance analysis, backups, etc. Moreover, it also provides security services like brute-force immunity, spam filters, downtime tracking, etc.

Image Watermark: If you are using exclusive images on your blog and want to protect it with a watermark, this plugin is your solution. It not just automatically watermarks every media file, but also watermarks all the previously updated images.

Featured Video Plus: Want to feature a video for your post instead of the image? This WordPress plugin for blogs is how you can do it. You can use the local videos or videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It also supports SoundCloud and Spotify playlist.

Compress images – This plugin for WordPress blogs helps you make your pages lighter by compressing the JPEG and PNG images on your website. It will automatically compress any image that is uploaded on your site. It also works with WooCommerce.

Amelia WordPress booking plugin – Amelia is a simple yet powerful automated booking specialist, working 24/7 to make sure your customers can book appointments or events and pay online even while you sleep.

wpDataTables – wpDataTables is a best-selling WordPress table plugin that makes your work with tables, charts, and data management easy. 30,000+ companies and individuals already trust wpDataTables to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial, and other data.

CMS page Order – Do you want to reorder your blogs sequences or the pages on your site to place the most effective page on the top? This is a simple and effective plugin to do so. You can install this plugin and rearrange the pages/posts with simple drag and drop options.

Table Press– As the name dictates, this is the plugin for creating beautiful tables on your site. TablePress makes creating and managing tables on your website really easy with its ‘spreadsheet-like’ interface. Using this plugin, you can insert tables in your pages, blogs or text widgets.

Editorial Calendar – Managing blogs isn’t easy. The Editorial calendar helps you easily manage your blog scheduling. You can see when a particular post is scheduled to be published, manage the posts by simple drag and drop, and manage everything real quick and easy.

Starting a blog? Read our in-depth guide on blogging for beginners with tools and tips to set up and successfully run a WordPress blog.

Post Checklist – Your key to publishing perfect posts is the post checklist plugin. So now you can create a pre-publish post checklist and add it to your WordPress blog so that you don’t miss any details before you publish the post. This plugin works great when you have blog managed by different authors for quality assurance of the published posts.

Ultimate Blocks: This is a free Gutenberg blocks plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, you can create engaging blog posts using the Gutenberg editor. The plugin comes with 18 Gutenberg blocks that you can use to make your posts more appealing to the readers. These blocks include a CTA, review box, table of contents, call-to-action, click to tweet, content toggle, and more.

Custom permalink -This WordPress plugin lets you set custom links for your individual posts, pages, categories, or tags.

Yoast Comment hacks: Comments on your blog are really important, and this plugin lets you manage the comments on your blog. As the name suggests, it is a plugin for minor hacks for your WordPress comments.

Thank Me later – This plugin sends a “Thank you for commenting” message to your users, after the specified time. Obviously, you can edit the thank you message as many times as you want and set the time for the message to be sent.

WPFront Notification Bar – If you want to highlight an important message on your WordPress website, this is the tool for you. The WPFront Notification Bar plugin lets you display a notification bar with your message and a CTA button, on the top or the bottom of your screen.

Content Upgrades – This is the WordPress plugin if you want to use your unique content to win subscribers for your newsletter. This plugin helps you create content with a link to read more. When the visitor clicks on the read more link, he will be asked for the email address. After this step, they will be redirected to the desired page/content.

Printfriendly & PDF: Print-friendly allows your visitors to create a print-friendly version of the page and download it as pdf. This fast and reliable wp plugin comes with print, PDF and email options.

WordPress Newsletter plugin

The newsletter is a great way to keep your readers in the loop. There are several other advantages of building an audience for your newsletters. While some of the Premium WordPress Themes come with inbuilt newsletter features, here are a few plugins for creating opt-ins for your WordPress websites.

Pop-ups by Optinmonster: This plugin comes with pop-ups and other lead generation features for your WordPress website. This plugin comes with a drag and drop pop-up and opt-in form builder to create conversion optimized forms. It easily integrates with the best email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, Hubspot, MailPoet, and many more.

MailChimp: Known as MailChimp For WP, this is the tool that helps you easily connect to your MailChimp account and create your own opt-in forms using different templates.

Thrive Leads: Thrive Themes is know for its conversion optimized WordPress solutions. Thrive lead is their conversion optimized email opt-in plugin to build your mailing list. Besides the general opt-in form templates and lead generation features, this plugin also comes with the advanced reporting system.

Bloom: Bloom from Elegant Themes is one of the most efficient email opt-in plugin for WordPress. There are more than 100 professionally designed templates to choose from. It comes with 6 classy display types like fly-in opt-in, below content form, as well as a required opt-in for restricted content access.

Newsletter: Newsletter is a simple and straightforward newsletter plugin for WordPress that starts working out of the box. The plugin lets you create your email opt-in form with the drag and drop composer. It also has a feature to import subscribers form already working list.

Tribulant WordPress news letter plugin: This is the WordPress newsletter subscription plugin for managing subscribers and send newsletters to them. It allows image attachment with the newsletter and has many other features.

WP Subscribe: Keep interacting with your WordPress audience using this email subscription plugin. It lets you create the perfect subscription forms to attract more subscribers to your blog. It is fast, simple and very efficient.


Maps & Location-based WordPress plugins

Locations on your website can be easily explained through maps. While most of the premium WordPress themes come with the map based features, you might still want to extend the map features of your site. In this list are some of the best WordPress plugins for maps and locations to create an effective WordPress website.

Advanced Google Map plugin: This WordPress plugin lets you display maps with different filters. You can even display posts on Google Maps. Besides, there are navigation and filter features.

Maps by store locator – Using this WordPress plugin, you can easily create a location finder on your website. It works with just a simple shortcode on your website. You can enter all the locations you want to display and this plugin will display them all on a single page.

WP Google Maps – This easy to use map-based WordPress plugin lets you insert customized google maps into your website. It works great for contact page maps, or map to show a specific location on any other page of your website. The maps are responsive and support street view too.

Google Maps Widget – When you use maps as widgets, you get more flexibility and ease of use. Google Maps widget creates a map with a thumbnail and a lightbox quickly and easily. They also have a Google Map Gutenberg block for your map specific needs on your website.

Flexible Maps – The flexible maps plugin is a simple and straightforward Google Maps plugin that allows you to insert map into your page using a shortcode. It lets you totally manage how your maps are displayed with the available intuitive options.

Google Maps Shortcodes – As the name suggests, this plugin creates a shortcode to insert maps into your WordPress pages or posts. It is a simple and lightweight plugin. It comes without any fancy options and features but is best for integrating maps into your website.

Map markers pro – This is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that you can use to display multiple locations on maps using the map markers. This plugin uses Geo-location features for location tracking. It shows clean and well-organized maps with cluster maps and has many more advanced features.

Intergeo maps – You can use this powerful WordPress plugin for creating custom maps with a powerful map builder. You can add markers and multiple locations into your Google map. There are plenty of customization options to customize your Google maps.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

While you work hard for your new website and add a multitude of programs and features, it is equally important to take care of your site speed. Because, no one likes a slow website, neither your visitors nor search engines.

The caching plugins will not just help the speed of your website, but also positively impact the user experience and ultimate help you yield higher search engine ranks. And what more, you can integrate caching feature into your WordPress website just by integrating a Caching plugin for WordPress.

Here is the list of the best WordPress Caching plugins that can make your website effectively faster and better.

W3 Total Cache: This caching plugin for WordPress helps you improve the speed of your website and download speed by integrating the features like CDN, etc. It helps improve the web server performance during high traffic time. This is one of the best caching plugins and is used by some of the best companies like AT&T, mashable, etc.

Super cache: Super cache is an organized and efficient plugin that helps you make your website faster. It performs various other services like garbage collection, cache rebuild, CDN support, etc.

Your website’s performance also depends on the theme you use for your website. Here are the best, fast loading WordPress themes for a smooth user experience.

Auto Optimizer: This WordPress cache plugin will help you make your website faster by performing different optimization routines – minifying and caching CSS, scripts and styles, and compactifies HTML code. With the extra option, you can even optimize images & Google Fonts.

WP Fastest cache – A simple and fastest Caching plugin and starts working out of the box. It minifies HTML, CSS, etc. and also takes care of the browser caching. It comes with SSL and CDN support.

Fast Velocity Minify This plugin is a minifier that groups CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files. It can be used by any blogger or business owner or WordPress beginner. This plugin also includes some options for advanced users.

Hummingbird page speed optimization This plugin performs various functions in order to make your website faster. It compresses files and minimize CSS and JavaScript, and also caches browser data, & gravatar.

Clear Cache for Me – Caching plugin can sometimes cause problems when widgets are updated or menus are changed. This plugin will make a “clear cache now” button appear on the screen for you. Clicking on the button will clear the cache and make your page re-load to retrieve the updated files.

WP-Optimize– This is not a caching plugin but basically a tool that will clean up your WordPress website for you and make it faster. It will clear the junk files, optimize your database, makes space into your website, and provide you an alert when there is a potential to clean up/compress and free memory.

Lite speed Cache – This WordPress caching plugin works to improve your site speed in many ways. There are many speed optimization operations this plugin performs – like minifying CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, Image Optimization, automatically generate Critical CSS, Combine CSS/JS, CDN support, etc.

WordPress Security Plugins

Security of your website is something you cannot afford to ignore. Here is the list of the best WordPress plugins to ensure the security of your website.

The different plugins listed below helps the security of your site in different ways. You can choose a plugin according to your requirements.

Malcare – Malcare is the best solution for all round security of your WordPress website. It has many advanced features and a security system that helps you focus on your business without worrying about online threats.

WordFence Security – This WordPress security plugin basically focuses on firewall and Malware scan of your website. Besides, there are other features like scanning for vulnerabilities, hack attempts checking, etc.

Securi security – The Securi is a free & efficient WordPress security plugin that comes with different security features. This plugin audits, scans and monitors to create an additional layer of security on your website.

All In One WP Security & Firewall – This is an all-inclusive WordPress plugin for security. It includes checking for vulnerability, firewall features, and implements the latest WordPress security. This plugin works for everything – Database security, file security system, blacklist management, brute-force prevention, comment spam security, user registration, and login security, etc.

Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan -This plugin helps you protect your WordPress website from hacking, trojans, and malware. Moreover, it also helps you with the spam on your site. It also maintains a log of all the suspicious activities on your website.

Security tips: Use these security plugins, but don’t forget the little details- Choosing a strong password, Updating your software/plugins regularly so you don’t miss important security updates, removing unnecessary user accounts, regular backups, etc.

WP Content Security – This WordPress plugin helps you against XSS (Cross-site scripting) attacks. It also protects against Adware and Spywares. It is a lightweight plugin and maintains a log of all the suspicious activities, and violations.

iThemes Security – This is the WordPress plugin for security with distinct features to help secure your website. There are more than 30 different ways to secure your website through iThemes security. It helps you secure, protect, detect and repair your system against many security issues.

Ninja Firewall – As the name suggests, this is a complete web security firewall. This WordPress firewall plugin makes it very easy to apply firewall for your website. It comes with an advanced filtering engine to secure your website. The real-time detection system makes it a really secure tool.

Updraft – If you want to have regular backups of your website, you can use this plugin for automatic backups. It is one of the best backup managers. It will automatically save all your backup files to the platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.

WordPress eCommerce Plugins

Want to sell through your WordPress website. Here are the best eCommerce plugins that you can integrate into your website to start selling online.

The different eCommerce plugins for WordPress come with all the eCommerce features that you need to start a shop section along with your WordPress blog or business website. These plugins are easy to use and SEO friendly.

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress that does it all. It comes with all the best eCommerce features like inventory management, sales management, shipping, tax, etc. It is one of the best and most popular WordPress plugins for eCommerce. Find the best WooCommerce based WordPress Themes for your WordPress eCommerce websites.

Did you know? WooCommerce is one of the most downloaded WordPress eCommerce plugins and it powers over 28% of all online stores!!

Ecwid eCommerce – This plugin too comes with all the necessary eCommerce features to create a website that efficiently sells online. Besides, with the available features, you can easily sell through facebook as well as Instagram. Besides, there are other features like automatic backups, etc. This WordPress shop plugin is powerful and easy to use.

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin – The WooCommerce eCommerce plugin is an efficient eCommerce plugin. However, it does not include the wishlist/favorites feature that can help you convert better. This add-on will add the wishlist feature to your WooCommerce based online store.

WPML WooCommerce – Let your customers interact with your website in the language they are most comfortable. This plugin lets you easily translate your WooCommerce to multiple languages using simple options. So if you want to create a global marketplace/store, you can use this plugin.

Jigoshop eCommerce – Jigoshop is also a basic eCommerce plugin. You can install this plugin and convert your ordinary WordPress website into a fully functional eCommerce website in minutes. You can sell both, the physical as well as downloadable products through this plugin.

WooCommerce weight based shipping – Do you wish to chare your buyers differently for different articles based on the order weight? Then this plugin is for you. It lets you create different rules to calculate shipping on different products.

Easy digital download – This is the WordPress shop plugin you need if you want to sell any digital products such as ebooks, software, music or downloadable documents on your site. It supports all the desirable eCommerce features for your website that you will like to have.

WooCommerce wallet – Create a digital wallet for your WordPress eCommerce website and provide them with the features to save their credit in the wallet, receive cash back and refund in the same. The plugin you need to create your wallet is the WooCommerce wallet.

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce – This WordPress eCommerce plugin lets you make use of the Google analytics feature – Enhanced e-commerce by letting you easily evaluate your eCommerce performance through various reports.

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Here is the list of the best eCommerce themes for your WordPress websites.

Speed optimization plugins

It is very important to choose a speed optimized WordPress theme. You can definitely pick one of these speed optimization plugins or a caching plugin to enhance the performance of your website on a later stage. Here is the list of the best, fast loading WordPress themes for efficient websites in 2024.

Once your site is ready and populated with content, you may feel the need for further speed optimization. Here is the list of some of the best WordPress Speed Optimization plugins to boost the performance and user experience on your site by providing the visitors with faster results and eliminate unnecessary delays.

Autoptimize: This WordPress speed plugin automatically optimizes your website in different ways. It helps improve the performance of your website by minifying scripts, through caching. It also has the options to minify Google Fonts and images. This plugin works great in compliment with the caching plugins like WP Fastest cache, WP super cache, etc.

Cache Enabler: This plugin saves resources and heavy processing by creating static HTML files of your pages and loading them when asked for. This WordPress cache plugin avoids the requirement of heavy background processing and hence improve the performance of your website.

WP Fastest Cache: Like any other caching plugin, the WP Fastest cache will cache your WordPress web pages and render the cached version when a request is made for. The load time improves because the Php and SQL queries will not be executed every time a page needs to be loaded.

WP Super Minifier: This WordPress optimization plugin helps you improve the page load speed by combining and compressing the Javascript, HTML as well as the CSS. Ultimately it will minify your files and improve the performance of your website.

Smush It: At times, it is not your thee files, but the images on your website that may make your website slower. This plugin is one of the best image optimizers for WordPress. This plugin reduces the size of the images while maintaining the quality. It can also be used for bulk smush and resizing.

GTMetrix for WordPress: GTMetrix is a popular tool to evaluate the website’s speed and performance. With this plugin for WordPress, it will analyze your website for tracking performance issues. This WordPress optimization plugin will also schedule reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. All the reports will be visible right into your WordPress dashboard.

LightSpeed Cache: This plugin is one of the best WordPress speed plugin. It includes a server level cache and optimization features for your website. It works in to improve the speed and efficiency of your website. The other features include optimizing images, minifying and combining files, import-export settings, etc.

WordPress backup & Migration Plugins

Backup is your only lifesaver in the time of crisis. You can configure the automatic backups of your website with these WordPress backup plugins.

This list of the best WordPress backup plugins also includes some WordPress migration and other plugins that can help you save and restore your WordPress website very easily.

UpdaftPlus Backup plugin: The Updraftplus WordPress Backup plugin takes care of the backups and restoration of your WordPress websites. It lets you schedule automatic backups of your website. The backup will be automatically saved into the cloud, you can configure it for Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc. It also instantly creates your site’s temporary clone that you can use for testing or any other purpose.

BackWPup Plugin: This is the WordPress backup plugin that you can use for automatic backups. The backup will be automatically saved to an external backup saving service. It will not only backup your website but also optimize your database, and check and repair it.

Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin: The Duplicator plugin is one of the best WordPress Migration Plugin. This plugin lets you schedule automatic backups, move and migrate your website. This plugin is best to pull a live site to localhost or vise versa, or to transfer a WordPress site from one host to another or to manually backup a WordPress site or parts of a site.

Scheduled, automatic backups are great. But don’t forget to manually backup your entire website before you make any major changes.

WP Database Backup: You can easily create a backup of your database, and restore it easily through the WP Database Backup. You can configure this plugin to automatically store the backup to a cloud-based service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon s3 cloud, etc. It can take

BackUpWordPress This is a WordPress backup plugin that automatically backs up your website. It gives you an option to get the backup file emailed to you. You can even exclude certain files or folders from the backup. It even works best with low memory, or even when your website is hosted on a shared host.

All In One WP Migration: This is a WordPress backup and migration plugin. It backs up everything including your WordPress files, media, plugin, themes, and even database. During the export process, you can use the find and replace feature too. It is an easy to use plugin with zero dependencies.

WordPress Backup and Migrate Plugin: The backup guard is a backup plugin with backup, restore and migrate features. This plugin backup your site, the WordPress files, or database. Besides, there are restore and download to local media options for your backup files.

WordPress Slider and Banners Plugin

Create beautiful sliders and banners without any technical knowledge by using these ultimate slider plugins for WordPress. These plugins are lightweight and let you create sliders for your website without touching a line of code.

Master Slider: This WordPress slider plugin lets you create a beautiful image and video sliders that are responsive and mobile friendly. The sliders created through master slider is touch-friendly and swipe support. Moreover, it is an SEO friendly plugin and supports drag and drop slider creation.

Slide Anything – HTML Slider & Carousel: Slide Anything is your plugin for creating HTML You can create slider or carousel with images, text, HTML, and even content driven by shortcodes. Using this plugin you can create beautiful, touch-enabled, responsive & mobile friendly carousels and sliders. Your slider or carousel can even be set for infinite looping.

Smart Slider: Smart slider lets you create beautiful slider easily. You can use the live slider editor to create beautiful slides as per your choice. The created slides will be fully responsive and SEO optimized. It comes with a slide library with pre-designed slide templates to choose from. This plugin works well with all of the most popular page builders.

Video Slider: The Video slider is your solution for creating beautiful sliders with videos. You can upload your own videos or use the video hosting platforms – YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo. This WordPress plugin lets you easily control the speed, the animation effects, pause time, color, fonts, etc.

PickPlugins Product Slider For WooCommerce: Popular eCommerce websites like Amazon, uses a product slider to display a series of products on different pages. This gives your products more exposure effortlessly. If you maintain a WooCommerce based eCommerce store, you can use this plugin to easily create a product slider for your online store. It is responsive and comes with 29 different themes for the slider.

Use sliders smartly: Don’t miss the navigation buttons, avoid using extreme animations that can distract your users, make the duration of each slide long enough for the slow readers to process the data.

Logo Showcase Slider: The Logo Showcase slider can be used to showcase your associates/affiliates, partners, or sister companies, or client logos. This is a simple and straightforward plugin that lets you create this on your WordPress website. There are more than 15 layout options you can choose from.

WP-Responsive recent posts slider: This WordPress slider plugin will let you create a slider of your recent content. While this plugin is the best for Blogs, you can use it for any kind of website. The resultant slider will be touch optimized for mobile devices and fully responsive too. You can set the options for your recent posts, like category, limit, navigation type, etc.

Carousel Slider: The carousel slider is a multipurpose slider. You can use this plugin to create an image slider, a slider with video, or a slider for WooCommerce products. You can even use it for logo and posts. Therefore, this is a multipurpose carousel builder that is ideal for you if you want to create sliders/carousels with different content on your WordPress website.

Timeline & History Slider: The timeline and history slider are often used on the about page where you want to describe the events based on the time/year. This WordPress responsive slider plugin lets you easily create a timeline slider with the available intuitive options. The slider hence created will be mobile friendly with smooth navigation arrow, and fully responsive.

AdRotate Banner Manager: You can use this plugin to display advertisement banners anywhere on your website. This plugin lets you beautifully include ad banners into your website without disrupting the design. The advertisement can be static advertisements with basic HTML or Javascript code, or you can use the Advertising services like Google AdSense, Yahoo! Adverts, etc.

WordPress Page Builder plugins

With WordPress, you don’t have to be a web designer to design the pages of your choice. The WordPress page builders offer you an easy, drag and drop page building interface to create your pages.

Here is the list of best free and premium WordPress page builder plugins that are SEO friendly, lightweight and really easy to use.

Elementor Page Builder: The Elementor page builder is the best free page builder for WordPress. With its intuitive user interface and the drag and drop page building option, this plugin makes page building a breeze. Besides, there are pre-designed templates and blocks that you can use to create a page of your imagination without writing a line of code.

Divi Page Builder: Divi Page Builder is a premium WordPress Page building plugin known for its flexibility. This page builder comes with more than 40-page building elements as well as some page templates to start from. It is the page builder from Elegant themes and the same builder used in their most popular and user-friendly – Divi WordPress Theme.

Know more about the Divi theme & the Divi Builder Since it’s launch, the Divi builder has gained popularity as one of the most popular & flexible tool for building websites. Read our full Divi Builder Review here.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin: The SiteOrigin page builder is also a drag and drop page builder for your WordPress website. Build column based pages with widgets using this free plugin. The interface of this plugin is clean, organized and very user-friendly. It is available in 17 languages already. More about the SiteOrigin Page builder here.

Beaver Builder: The Beaver builder is a WordPress page building plugin with a free as well as premium version. However, even the free version comes with enough easy and useful options to create brilliant pages in no time. You can use different content modules, options, widgets, and shortcodes to create beautiful pages easily. Read the Full Beaver builder review.

Responsive Landing Page Builder: Want to design a landing page on your own? The responsive landing page builder lets you do so with simple drag and drop options. So you can create a page that converts, with your own ideas easily implemented without requiring any technical knowledge.

Fusion Page Builder: This page builder for WordPress is built on the BootStrap framework and is free and efficient. It allows using/creating templates and components for your website. For different website features/elements, there are different free extensions. So you can easily add them as per your requirement.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle: If you are using the SiteOrigin Page builder than this is the plugin that installs some extra widgets that you can use with your drag and drop page builder.

Author and User Management plugins

If yours is a blog website or a website where there are different users, you will need one of these plugins to manage the users.

In this list are different WordPress Plugins related to user management, registration systems, user roles, import/export, etc. Without any programming efforts, you can integrate these features into your site.

Co-Author plus: You can use this plugin if you want to add a co-author to your website. This is a simple but very useful plugin to add bylines to your post or page.

Author: Tired of the boring WordPress default Author box? Now you can create beautiful author boxes using this plugin. It gives you different styles and customization options to beautifully display the author of the post.

User Submitted Posts: If you want to allow visitor’s post on your website, this plugin is for you. It is the plugin that allows your visitors to submit their posts through your website’s frontend. This is one of the best content for user-submitted content. Besides, there are multiple options and setting to let you define the type of post/fields that you want the user to submit along with the content.

Registration Magic – Registration & Login Form: This plugin is sort of registration and user manager for your website. If yours is a simple website without the registration and login feature, you can use this plugin to create the registration and login facility. Besides, it helps you manage the users and keep a statistics of registration & much more.

While you can choose the plugins of your choice from this list, also make sure that you do not stack up unnecessary plugins into your website as that may make your website slow.

Profile Builder: As the name suggests, this is the ultimate plugin for user registration and profile. You can create a user registration feature with the front end registration form and the front end login form. Besides, there are many customization options as well as free add-ons to extend the feature of this plugin.

Import Users CSV: Want to upload a CSV file of the users’ list to add to your database? This plugin lets you upload the CSV users file and import it into your website.

Export Users to CSV: Easily export your users from your database to a CSV file using this plugin. The exported CSV file can then be imported into other website using the Import Users CSV.

User Role Editor: This plugin lets you easily change the user roles of your WordPress registered users. It is typically important if you want to change the roles and capabilities of multiple users at once.

WP Approve User: This is the plugin you need if you want to moderate the registrations on your website. With this plugin, you can select or block the users registered through the registration form.

Directory WordPress plugin

Maintaining online directories is a flourishing business. While there are plenty of directory themes available on the internet, these plugins are ideal if you want to convert your existing WordPress theme into a directory website.

The plugins are SEO friendly and easy to use. Using such plugins you can convert your blog, business website or an eCommerce website into a fully functional directory website.

Simple Directory Plugin: This free directory WordPress plugin is ideal for creating different directories like local directories, yellow pages directory, etc. You can use it for any directory niche of your choice. It is translation ready, simple and easy to use. Moreover, the powerful search features of your website will make your directory website easy to search.

Sabai directory: The premium directory is a multipurpose directory theme with plenty of features to create a fully functional directory website. With this plugin, you can easily create a Yelp clone website, or websites similar to Yahoo local. This directory plugin is mainly ideal for local directories. It comes with geolocation features and OpenStreetMap Support.

The Ultimate Directory Theme You need: If you want to create a full-fledged online directory website, then instead of relying on the Directory plugins, you should have a look at our Multipurpose Directory Theme.

Web 2.0 Directory Listing Plugin: Web 2.O Directory plugin is a complete directory package to turn your website into a fully functional directory website. With this plugin, you can create a directory website of almost any niche – Places, cars, events, real estates, wedding, restaurants, etc. It supports responsive Google Maps and map markets to display the listings on the maps.

Connections Directory plugin: Use this WordPress directory listing plugin to create an address directory, contact directory, staff/member directory. Besides, it can also be used to create a simple business directory website or a church directory. There are some custom fields that you can directly use for your directory. It is a developer-friendly directory plugin for WordPress.

Business Directory Plugin: The business directory plugin is a simple yet efficient directory plugin ideal for creating money making business directories on WordPress. Besides that, you can also create an Events directory, online yellow pages, a review website, a church website, or an address directory with this plugin. It is highly customizable and comes with location-based features with advanced search and filter options.

Directory Pro: This is the WordPress Directory plugin you should use to create a fully functional membership directory. This WordPress plugin comes with Front-end submission feature, user registration and dashboard, and a beautiful layout. You can integrate any payment gateway of your choice to accept payments through your web directory.

Name Directory: This WordPress directory plugin is ideal for creating a glossary list or a mini dictionary on your website. It has several customization features and is really easy to use.

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Social Media Plugins for WordPress

When working on the internet, we cannot forget social media. The social media has an unparalleled impact and has worked as one of the greatest tools for marketing your content.

There are different ways through which you can make the best use of social media to attract more visitors to your site. Here are a few social media plugins that can help you make the better use of the power of the social media.

Autopost to social media: Reviving old post is a smart and effortless content marketing tactics that have worked well ever since. You can just use the intuitive options to schedule automatic sharing of your old posts on social media so they get the deserved attention.

Social Icon widgets by WPZoom: Display beautiful share buttons and icons on your WordPress website through this plugin. It includes 4 different icon sets and you can use these icons with a link to your social media. Through widgets, they can be added anywhere you want in your website.

Nextend Social Login & Register: Registration through a social media account and social login makes it really easy for a visitor to get connected to your site. This plugin lets you integrate these features into your website so that the visitors can register as well as login through their social media accounts.

Super socializer: This is a feature packed plugin that helps you in different ways. It comes with the social login ability on your website. It also includes customizable social media icons to create share buttons. Moreover, with the available features, you can even fetch the comments from your social account to your WordPress website.

Better Click to tweet: You must have seen the quoted text with “click to tweet” messages in many sites. If you want a similar feature on your website you can use this plugin. You can do this by using a shortcode or Gutenberg block.

OnePress Social locker: The Social Locker helps you protect your most valuable site content behind a group of social buttons. The access to the protected data will only be granted when the visitor shares, tweets, likes or +1s your page.

Use Google Analytics to evaluate your SMM efforts: You can use the Google Analytic’s social reporting features to check if you are getting satisfactory results from your social media campaigns.

WordPress Social Sharing Plugin: This is a social media WordPress plugin for creating icons for social sharing. It is a lightweight plugin that comes with plenty of options to choose from. The icons are totally customizable.

Social Media Share Button: This plugin adds share buttons on your website. So your visitor can easily share a page or post on his social media account by just a single click on the share button.

Blog2Social – Autopost & Scheduler: This plugin lets you schedule the auto-share, auto-post, re-publish, re-post and schedule blogs posts on social media. It is lightweight and easy to use WordPress plugin that makes managing your site and social media marketing a breeze.

AccessPress Social Counter: Numbers do leave an impact. If you want to display the number of times your article/page has been shared on different social media platforms, this is the plugin you can use. Lightweight, straightforward and really easy to use.

BuddyPress: Let your visitors engage and communicate through social community features on your website. Build your own social media on your site through WordPress using the BuddyPress plugin. Here is a list of best BuddyPress WordPress Themes.

Final Words

The WordPress plugins are a great way to add new and more features to your website. With the plugins, you can modularly develop your website with WordPress.

Moreover, removing plugins is quite easy too. Don’t require the feature anymore, you can easily uninstall or delete the plugin for your WordPress website.

The different plugins listed in this article come with different features and functions to make your website more user-friendly. Choose wisely and you can greatly improve the user experience of your site and reduce the exit rates.

We would love to hear what plugins do you use for your WordPress website?

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