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This was a frequent request. Ability to have category selection based on parent and child hierarchy.

Last week we have added Multilevel category selection option which determines the look of the categories field inside the submission form.

This option will allow the user to select the category as per parent and child hierarchy. It is a very useful option when you have a number of categories and sub-categories to choose.

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Are you a Directory website owner who wants to enable Booking or Reservation on the places you have listed on your directory site? Well, it is absolutely possible now.

Reservation and Booking System
Introducing a powerful reservation and booking system compatibility in our directory platform.

We have provided compatibility with industry’s one of the best booking plugin. Installing WooCommerce Booking plugin it will turn your portal to a fully fledged booking system. Allow users to book hotel accommodation, rental properties, hire cars, book tours, appointments or even restaurant tables and a lot more.

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Are you planning to create an event directory website or have you already launched one?

If your answer to this is ‘yes’, 

Have you faced this?

A user visits a particular event on your event directory website. The user likes the event and wants to book a ticket. Now, all the user can see is that small box explaining how to register manually for the event.

What if you were able to charge extra fixed fees so event organizers can offer event ticket booking options – and that’s all straight on your website?

That’s not all… what if you were also able to charge a (fixed percentage) commission on event tickets booked via your events portal?

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Good intentions, innovative ideas, hard work and determination surely leads to success. Approving this, is this story, where one of our clients with moderate knowledge of WordPress, developed a translated WordPress Directory website for the people.

The story is of the website – A community information guide for the Chinese people in Edmonton. The website is running successfully and is assisting a number of Chinese immigrants in Edmonton to easily find their interests in the city.

What is about?

“Chinese in Edmonton” is an information guide for the Chinese immigrants and students in Edmonton, Canada. The basic purpose of the website is to provide a guide for Edmonton city in the native Chinese language.

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Crucial SEO Factors
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In the digital age, people long for fast solutions. They flock towards a website that can provide them with actionable, practical, and convenient information in the shortest time. They also hate having to deal with a sluggish site. In fact, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, then will leave.

In the eyes of Google, this is a serious red flag.

If you are site is too slow in comparison to competing sites, chances are . However, if you , not only can you achieve higher ranks, you will also provide better user experience. Thus, stimulating more conversions and kudos from your audience.

To help you get started, here are the Crucial SEO factors for speed and SEO:

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Say Hello, to the simple and very easy to use Furniture theme from Templatic. This time, we have this elegant Furniture WooCommerce theme to showcase your furniture online and sell it without bothering. No shop maintenance and no sales staff needed for your online shop!! All you have to do is to grab this theme, install it and get the free WooCommerce plugin to setup and help you maintain your online furniture showroom.

The shop is mobile. And it is responsive allowing you to carry all the management possibilities in your pocket and allowing your users to shop from anywhere, anytime. Your shop will be available to everyone, everywhere regardless of the physical location and time zone differences.


Why you should go for the furniture theme?

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Businesses are moving towards the internet to stay in touch with their clients. They use the business Property website as a way to attract the prospect customers and maintain touch with the existing ones.

Besides this, there are innumerable benefits of having business website, for your business. The website we are going to talk here is one of the best property site that allows user submission and display the listings that they want to let. We have this case study about one such business website – Marlou Property which is built from Directory theme and RealEstate Plugin.

Meet Mr. Simon Main-logo.fw

I am Simon from Edition1. It is a UK based website design and development company. The company offers clients simple websites. These websites may range from simple websites to promote services to complex commerce solutions selling product ranges online and application based websites.

About Marlou Property website

In 2014, we approached to Marlou Property with the view to update an existing website. A website that will now have the option to allow Landlords to upload properties. These properties can be searched by potential tenants.

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Ever since our site launch, templatic website has always been built on top of WordPress. The site has a unique homepage, blog, club page, different kind of product galleries, and best of all, unique sales pages for different kind of products. Our site has hundreds of blog posts, product sales pages with custom fields, custom pages, specially designed product archives and many other custom built functionality.

So how do we do it on a standard WordPress install? Custom Post Template is the answer


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