The Music Theme – Best WordPress theme for Music Bands

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Templatic has again come up with a beautifully designed, lightweight and easy to configure music theme to showcase music related content. This theme comes with stylish and responsive design, easy interface, smooth and controlled navigation, simple and managed post types, and easy search options.

Music Theme

Highlights of the Music Theme

  • Responsive design
  • Thoughtful and eye-pleasing design
  • Very simple navigation scheme
  • Carousal slider to make the web-page attractive
  • Stand alone theme – No need to install any extra plugins
  • Comprehensive Homepage that reflects the content of the website
  • Reviews section
  • Social sharing options on all the detail pages
  • Mega-menu support
  • Fully widgetized pages for easy content management
  • Two built-in post types – Music blog/Music events
  • Easy search options
  • Translatable, RTL mode and WPML support
  • SEO optimized
  • Allow your visitors to Play music

All-inclusive homepage

The homepage of music theme shows a glimpse of what’s on the website. Display your latest music posts, events, advertisements, videos and anything else you like on the homepage. There’s enough room to place links for all the engaging content of your website on the homepage.

The homepage, as well as other pages, are fully widgetize. All the content comes from different widgets placed in specific widget areas. This makes it very easy to add, remove and manage the content blocks on the website.

Fully Responsive

The music theme is highly responsive. The theme components adjust themselves based on the display size of the device it is viewed on. A music site needs to perform well on different devices and so it does with the Music theme.

Let Google find you

To stand a chance with the competition among the websites in the music industry, any music website needs to be SEO friendly. The music theme is SEO optimized. Our developers and designers earnestly follow the SEO standards while creating the theme. Unique, good quality, and fresh content, with SEO optimized theme like Music, can really help you make the search engine love your site!


Create a website for your music blog in local language with this theme. The theme allows translation of its component to any language you like!

Don’t wait anymore!!

The music theme has it all to let you set up a music blog site. The theme is extremely easy to use and even non-techies can develop a wonderful music blog website with it.

Check out the Live Demo or Purchase

Some important changes at templatic site.

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After the recent hack, we had to rethink the way templatic site is built and various sections we were handling. The main infrastructure of the site was planning in 2009-10 and things good and working just fine. Few things were outdated and even though it worked just fine, improvements were certainly possible. Some call it technical debt.

It was time to deal with it and we are actively working on it.

Here are some of the important changes we made recently at templatic site.

We have new support system now:

This was announced earlier last month already. We were using customised version of self-hosted, trellisdesk support system. This helped us integrate it with the sales system we are using but sometime, it resulted in lost email. We switched to GrooveHQ helpdesk now. For any kind of support or communication required, simply to use “” form or email us here “”.

Sure the new ticket system has its limitations but it’s much more efficient and accurate now.

Forums is retired and will be available in read-only mode, eventually becoming part

Our support forums are closed and are available in read-only mode for now. Eventually, we will turn useful threads from forums into a document guide and it will be available at section. Forums will be removed then after.

Redesigned Showcase

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Showcase on our site was release before few years (approx in 2010) to showcase different sites users built using our themes. It has been almost same ever since except minor design changes.

We were doing some case studies of people using Directory sites on their site and needed a list that shows all the case studies together in a list along with their site title, screenshot, testimonial and other little details. The list came out nicely.


So we reconsidered usefulness of the showcase and it looks like, mostly users need samples of the sites of a particular kind, for a particular theme. And surely we can do better. Instead of showing them an automated archive of sites using a particular theme, we removed the showcase altogether and are re-introducing it in the form of case study kind of lists.

Video Site which Introduces Wushu Sports to the World

Posted on Video Site broadcasting wushu to the World. Their aim is to cover all major championships and events. The team travels around the world to film documentaries and interview all the best athletes and coaches. They offer the opportunity to become part of the Wushu Sports Team to anyone who loves Wushu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Shaolin and has a passion for broadcasting. They built beautiful broadcasting Video Site using Templatic Video theme Template

Video Site

Video Site

Proximity Search by IP Address now available

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Last week, we’ve pushed a new update in Proximity Search plugin for Directory theme. This is a small but important update and we thought you’d love to know about this.

While viewing a directory website, your search result showed how far the particular listing is from the city you selected at the top menu. Many users requested this to be changed per the city from where the user is viewing the listing instead.


User’s Success Stories Using Templatic Themes

Welcome to the Templatic showcase of real sites using our WordPress themes. Here we have published some user’s success stories, who created wonderful Directory Business sites. How they were able to implement their ideas with the theme. We are confident you will be impressed by what can be achieved by using our WordPress templates.

  • Success Stories


    Kids Market place

    This is a classified site with in-numerous advertisements. It’s a marketplace for the kids products in Malasiya. It allows the users to post free advertisements and also lets them view the advertisements posted by others and contact them.

    Purpose : This market place set up using the kids market place with super-easy search options and thousands of free advertisements, makes it clear that the classified can be used to set up an online market place targeting various sectors of market.

How to Find Content Ideas for Your Directory Website

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Not to long ago we wrote a post that discussed the importance of creating engaging content for your directory website. This is a point that we can’t belabour enough. If you want to create a successful directory website, you’ll have to create content that provides value to your visitors. The directory is important but it’s the content that draws people in and keeps them coming back. Content is also what will help you rank for crucial keywords that attract traffic.

As you sit down to work on your content strategy, one of the first questions you’ll be asking is:

“What kind of content are my visitors searching for?”

How A Young Product Manager Turned his Idea Into A Business Using Templatic Classifieds Directory Template

Posted on is a kids marketplace in Malaysia built using the Classifieds Directory Template where the users can post a free advertisement of their products and can also view the products that are on sale and they can buy. This is a kids marketplace with super-easy search options and thousands of free advertisements make it clear that the Classifieds can be used to set up an online marketplace targeting various sectors of the market.

Mr. Lucas Lee, the owner of the website, shares his inspiring thoughts about Classifieds Directory Theme, and the story of the development of MyBudak.

Tell Us About Yourself & The Site

I am a Product Manager for a Job Portal with a technical background in software development. is an online marketplace to buy and sell items for babies and kids. It is a single platform for Malaysian parents to search, buy and sell items, which are in good condition and no longer needed.

It is also a place to help vendors and business owners to grow their business in this niche marketplace for babies and kids. Sellers can post free classified ads to sell pre-loved items or promote brand new products.



How Templatic Real Estate WordPress Theme Helped a Non-techie to Find Success

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We interviewed Neil Waldbaum to find out about his experience of building his properties portal “buywithoutabank” . Neil has kindly spared us some of his valuable time to answer our questions. Here we bring you some insight about how he’s turned our Directory into a Real Estate template and made it all happen.

The Buywithoutabank portal is designed to let its users sell or buy properties. Like the name suggests, this site allows users to buy property without the hassle of applying and waiting for bank loans. The listings on the site are well presented, detailed and with lots of pictures and clear explanation.

This is a very simple to use site that can help your business growth can be set up using the theme so that your clients can trust you by having enough information about you online. You can also display your offerings/products on the site and let your users study and evaluate them without having to contact you for every piece of information.


Home Page

New Theme! Check this newly released Music WordPress Theme for music studios and agencies.
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