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WordPress Theme Installation Service

Save Tons Of Time With Our Theme Installation Service!

Considering outsourcing some of the one time job is crucial so that you can focus on real business instead of juggling the tools.

Are you new to WordPress? Is your time valuable? Want to create a website but don’t have enough time for it? Let’s make a deal. While you create your actual content, we’ll handle the heavy work for you and set up everything with our theme installation service!

Buy one of our themes, and choose a service plan listed below and let us handle the installation.

  • Basic Installation


    • Theme install
    • Required plugin installs
    • Adding sample data
    • Logo image upload
    • Removing the footer credits
    • Adding a sample navigation menu

  • Premier Installation


    • 3 hours of consultation Personalized help with a WordPress expert
    • WordPress Installation
    • Theme install & Adding sample data
    • Logo image upload & Plugins Install
    • Removing the footer credits

With our installation services, You can get WordPress installation, theme installation (theme purchased separately), requested plugins, sample data, setting up theme options, adding the logo, custom changes, posts, pages, widgets etc as per the installation service you’ve selected from the list above.

If you have yet to decide on a host for your WordPress site, we recommend Bluehost. Using one of this hosting services makes your website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.

Note: Once you purchase any of the three installation services, open this form and claim your installation by sending your website login details. Claim your Installation.

  • Instead of spending hour trying to learn how to setup everything, I worked on my site’s strategy and I hired team templatic to the job for me. The very next day, I got a site that looked exactly like their demo! Highly recommend trying their installation service.

    Ken Bryant

Premier Installation details

By purchasing the Premier package you’ll receive 1-on-1 help from one of our employees. We will be installing WordPress, the theme & plugins that you have purchased and make the site ready as per the demo.The three hours of custom work can be used for tweaks such as color adjustments, removing design elements with the default theme and plugins settings;as this service does not include adding new features as those can rarely be completed within the 3h time limit. Once you purchase the Premier Installation Service you just need to send in your Hosting login details which can be Bluehost, Hostgator or SiteGround where we will install the theme and plugins on your behalf.

Consultations are also available as part of this service. We encourage you to contact us via email or Skype (messages) in order to discuss the custom work necessary for your site. You can also use it to ask us questions about the purchased theme in order to get more familiar with it. Please note that all communication is included inside the three billable hours. If you have questions about this service please submit a Pre-Sales question inside our contact form

Important notes

  • You need to purchase the theme license separately, this service only includes installation and not the theme
  • The service is aimed towards first-time installs. If you already have content on the site, please contact us first
  • Basic customizations are not included in the Basic and Pro installation package (just the Premier)
  • The service is for one domain only
  • The “Plugin installs” benefit within the Pro (and Premier) installation package includes plugins required for the theme to run + all previously purchased Templatic plugins. For example, if you purchased the Directory theme and a few add-ons, we’ll install those add-ons for you while installing the theme. We will not install any non-required third-party plugins.
  • Purchasing one of the above packages does not let you any priority support. To get help after the installation has been completed visit this link and we’ll help you out.
  • We can’t design your logo and other site elements. Design work isn’t included in any package
  • The Premier installation session will be in chat form and not necessarily be a Skype call (subject to availability)* and it will be done in IST time-zone.

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