25+ Excellent WordPress Job Board Themes for 2024

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Thanks to the power of WordPress and thousands of third-party WordPress themes and plugins, it’s easier than ever to create a job board website. Job boards, directory listings, or career portals used to be complex web applications that take a lot of time and money to get off the ground. Now, you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. If you want to create a job listing website, a job board WordPress plugin might be the perfect solution.

However, you still need to browse through thousands of options to find the top job board manager themes. To make matters worse, there are many factors to consider when choosing a job board plugin, such as:

  • Design
  • Pricing
  • Additional plugin or add-on requirements
  • Features
  • Monetization options
  • Ease of use and customization

Don’t worry! You’re in the right place!

In this list, we’ve put together 25+ of the best WordPress job board plugins. All you have to do is to choose the most suitable WordPress theme for you from these top candidates. Alternatively, you can use this job board directory software to create your job board website effortlessly.

We’ve included a lot of variety in this list in terms of style, functionality, and the type of job listing plugins. For example, there are both traditional job boards or directory listings as well as freelancers or micro job marketplaces. So, no matter what your needs are, there will a whole bunch of awesome WordPress themes waiting for you.

What are the Applicant Tracking Plugins? Why is WordPress Good for It?

Let’s start with plugins. Plugins are like add-ons that you can buy or get for free and add to your WordPress website. They usually contain functionality or features that you can use on your website. There are many different WordPress themes or plugins for different types of websites, like blogs, business websites, online stores, etc.

Applicant tracking plugins are specifically for websites like job boards or portals. Its most important features are that it allows employers to post job listings and potential candidates to apply for them. The best WordPress job board software might come with many extra features:

  • Creating online resumes
  • Submitting resumes online
  • Search and filtering tools to find jobs/candidates
  • Personal account dashboards for employers/employees
  • Private workspaces to collaborate on a work project
  • Management tools for recruiters to manage applications and employees
  • Escrow and other financial tools to allow for monetization or for employers to pay employees

What makes WordPress the ideal platform to build job portals is that it’s a no-code website builder and content management system. Even with no website-building experience, you can create and manage a website using a simple and familiar visual interface. Most job board manager themes and plugins support drag-and-drop page builders to easily build out professional pages.

WordPress can also support hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins (free and paid) that you can use to add extra styles or capabilities to your website. You don’t have to be a creative genius or pro developer to have a professional look and feel.

For example, most of the WordPress job board plugins in this list can be installed with just a few clicks. In a matter of moments, you’ll have an applicant tracking website and you only need to adjust some settings and add your own content to have a fully-fledged job portal.

How WordPress Can Help Track Resumes from Applicants?

The good news is that you don’t have to do any complicated setup or coding to implement job application tracking capabilities.

Most of these WordPress job board plugins come with these tools built-in. That means you only have to install and activate the plugin for it to work. However, many of the themes on this list rely on the premium WP Job Manager plugin for most of its features and only provide the styling or look and feel for the job board website.

Others have some added extensions on top of WP Job Manager’s built-in functionality. We reviewed themes based on these criteria, but you should also carefully look at the exact feature set to know what’s included and whether it’s suitable for your website.

The most basic themes allow prospective candidates to upload their resumes to their user profiles. They can then submit their resume to employers through job postings. Employers can also find candidate profiles and see their resumes from there.

More advanced themes come with tracking capabilities that let recruiters collect multiple resumes in their dashboard. Recruiters can then add, remove, favorite, and manage resumes until they find the ideal candidate for the job. They can also hold on to resumes or favorite candidates to keep them in mind for future jobs.

How WP Job Board Plugins Can Help Streamline the Hiring Process?

As mentioned, the main features that WordPress applicant tracking plugins have in common are the ability to connect employers with candidates and help them communicate. However, depending on the type of WordPress job board plugins you want, you can also expect many other tools to make hiring easier.

Firstly, by publicly posting job openings as well as being able to search for candidates, employers can pick and choose from a much larger pool of talent. Candidates that might never have heard of your company or project can easily find you and the other way around.

Companies can provide a lot of detailed information about their job openings. Candidates can also create an online resume and portfolio to further highlight their skills and talents. With all this information, both parties can quickly decide whether it’s a suitable opportunity. Both hirers and applicants can also post their contact details to easily be reached. These are pretty much the bare necessities of a job listings plugin.

Freelancer marketplace and micro job sites are specific types of job board platforms. Most job boards are aimed at companies or recruitment agencies looking to make long-term hires. Freelancer sites and micro job sites are often for one-off projects or contracts.

These sites have special functionality to allow freelancers and employers to directly communicate and work together through a shared workspace. Most also have built-in Escrow services to facilitate payment between the two parties as well as to help resolve any disputes.

How Someone Can Make Money From Running a Job Site on WordPress?

Yes! Most WordPress job board plugins come with a number of built-in monetization options for job portal owners. It’s possible to make money charging employers, candidates, and freelancers for your services. Most job board plugins also support a number of different payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe, and more.

The types of monetization models that are common are:

  • Subscription-based packages
  • A credit system to purchase paid listings/applications
  • A fee imposed on each payment for a job on your job board
  • Paid advertising
  • Custom packages

By using one of the best WordPress job board plugins on this list, you’ll be well on your way to starting your own online job board business.

The 25+ Best WordPress Job Board Themes

Job Board – The Ultimate Job Board WordPress Theme

Aptly named, Job Board’s one-click installer, as well as a massive list of features, makes it one of the easiest options to build your job board platform. You can have a job board up and running within minutes, without compromising on functionality.

The design is also straightforward and familiar, making it easy to use and customize for both candidates and employers. Employment seekers can filter open positions based on the title, location as well as an advanced job search tool. Both employers and job seekers can also create accounts and have their own dashboards and private area. There is also a resume upload option to help applicants secure their dream jobs.

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StaffScout – Modern, Beautiful, and Capable Job Board Theme

Staffscout WP theme

StaffScout is a modern and sleek job board theme, packed with beautifully designed templates, tons of elements, and flexible layout options. Features like a mega menu as well as the customizable footer and header layouts are both useful and functional. StaffScout also does a great job of presenting job candidates with top candidate features and stunning online resume pages.

A one-click demo importer, extensive admin panel, a comprehensive set of pre-designed elements, and widgets make it easy to create your job board website. It also comes with built-in support for WPML, Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and other popular extensions.

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Job Monster – Multipurpose WordPress Job Theme

Jobmonster job directory theme

Job Monster is a flexible WordPress job board theme with a cheerful look and feel. However, it also means serious business with a complete set of features. You can take advantage of advanced job board tools, like filtered job search, front-end job submissions, admin review, pricing plans, email notifications, and more.

Job Monster makes building a complete job board website easy with a one-click demo importer, homepage variations, and translation-ready support. You can also build your pages using Visual Composer or the built-in Customizer. This WordPress job board plugin also comes with unique features, like the Slider Revolution plugin, private messaging, and job bookmarks. With a selection of homepage designs to choose from, Job Monster can be whatever you want it to be.

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InJob – A Sleek and Modern WP Job Board Plugin

InJob multipurpose job WordPress theme

InJob’s polished and professional appearance makes it the perfect choice for recruitment agencies and job consultancies. This job listings plugin comes with tons of exciting features, such as candidate and employer-specific dashboards, a number of integrated payment methods, and job or candidate suggestions. In-depth candidate profile creation, as well as intelligent job search tools, make it easier to find the perfect candidate-employer match.

With 7 homepage layouts, unlimited theme colors, and powerful theme options, you have plenty of control over the look and feel of your WordPress site. Or, build it with Visual Composer or WooCommerce.On top of social app login, employment seekers can also apply through their LinkedIn profile with seamless integration. As a bonus, you’ll get over 20 bonus add-on features.

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WorkScout – Create an Engaging Online Job Listings Platform

Job board by WorkScout

WorkScout takes the pain out of using a job board to find opportunities (or, to let it find you). It’s an exceptionally modern and attractive theme, with superb graphical elements like counters and scrolling effects. User dashboards are also more advanced and easier to navigate for both applicants and employers. Based on WP Job Manager, you can extend its features further with add-ons. And, it integrates with free map services if you don’t want to pay for Google Maps.

It also provides candidates with the ability to create a professional and organized resume page, complete with a graphical timeline. Its shop-like search filtering tools, as well as handy similar job post suggestions, greatly improve the job scouting experience. This is one of the best WordPress job board themes for pure browsing pleasure.

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Jobify – The Go-to Job Listings Application Plugin

Jobify theme for WordPress

Jobify has the perfect balance between a professional look and a welcoming design. The simple job board with good-looking layouts means it will be easy to transform it into your vision for a WP job board. You can probably get up and running within a matter of minutes. Jobify also supports the most popular plugins, like WP Job Manager, Contact Form 7, Apply with Facebook, and works best with the Elementor page builder.

Jobify’s main strength is its simple, yet effective, built-in tools. However, you can extend the default feature set with a huge variety of other plugins and add-ons. It’s one of the easiest job listing themes to get started with but gives you ample room to grow.

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Jobseek – Take Your WP Job Manager Website to the Next Level

Jobseek WP theme

On the surface, Jobseek appears to be a very straightforward WordPress job board plugin. However, it comes with everything you need to run a successful online job listing site and more. It’s recommended to use the theme with the WP Job Manager add-on to unlock the best of both worlds. Its main focus is on front-end resume submission.

It’s bundled with the FacetWP filters plugin so that you can set up an advanced faceted search for users. You can also integrate Jobseek seamlessly with WooCommerce or the WPBakery page builder on your WordPress website. The two home demos allow you to choose between a more basic and user-friendly or a more sophisticated design.

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JobCareer – Mobile-Friendly Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobcareer WordPress theme

Unlike many other themes on this list, most of JobCareer’s features are built-in and don’t require the WP Job Manager plugin. Job alerts, resume manager, Indeed integration, Apply with Facebook, and many other features come standard. This one-stop WordPress theme is great for saving costs as well as simplifying creating your job board website.

With over 15 demos to choose from as well as a number of job listing page variations, it also has one of the widest selections of pre-designed styles and layouts. Technical support, a one-click demo importer, and detailed documentation will help you while building out your site.

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JobsDojo – A Standout WordPress Job Board Plugin

Jobsdojo Job board WordPress theme

JobsDojo is built to use the WP Jobs Manager plugin but has its own unique style that sets it apart from most other job board plugins. The look-and-feel is sleek and minimalist with a mix of modern and elegant fonts. Candidate listings prominently display their profile photo as well as an hourly rate to allow employers to quickly find a suitable candidate.

It’s very suitable for a recruitment agency or career consultancy firm website as well as a job listing directory. Either way, you’ll have all the most important features, such as front-end resume submission, advanced filters, customizable maps, and monetization capabilities.

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WPJobus – Detailed WordPress Job Listings Over 100+ Unique Fields

WPJobus Job board theme

One of the great things about WPJobus is that new features are constantly being developed and added to the theme. Its current feature list is already impressive with employer and candidate accounts, “add to favorites”, and compatibility with premium form plugins.

One of this job listings plugin’s outstanding features is the detailed job offer page with 100+ fields and complete with graphics to highlight skills and requirements. The same goes for the resume page, candidate, and company profile pages. The overall design is colorful and engaging, but still uncomplicated enough to be easy to use and customize.

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JobsDirectory – The No-fuss WordPress Job Board Plugin


JobsDirectory is geared mostly towards large-scale job board directories where both employers and agencies can advertise open positions. It’s a no-nonsense WordPress theme that allows its owner to set up a platform that acts as a middleman between employers and potential candidates. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find this theme especially exciting thanks to its possibilities for monetization. For example, you can set up subscription packages that allow employers to post a certain number of jobs.

With built-in WPML support as well as the ability to switch between left-to-right or right-to-left, you can launch your job portal anywhere globally. You can also rely on comprehensive documentation with 75+ tutorials to help you put together your WordPress job board.

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Jobera is one of the most customizable job board themes for WordPress websites in 2024. This theme has so many customization options to offer.

The theme is compatible with the WP Job Manager and resume manager. It allows front-end job and resumes submission. Jobera is compatible with a wide range of Job board plugins. It has all the features required for a perfect job board. Besides, it is flexible and very easy to use.

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HireBee – Launch a Freelancer Job Listing Marketplace

HireBee Job theme

HireBee is slightly different than most other job board plugins on this list because it consists of a freelance marketplace platform. Employers post jobs and freelancers bid against each other in hopes of landing the opportunity. The theme also comes with various monetization opportunities, such as charging freelancers for job application credits and other subscription packages.

To help you build a freelance platform that’s legal and trustworthy, it comes with built-in Escrow capabilities. It also facilitates online collaboration with employer-freelancer workspaces, separate or shared roles, and terms negotiation tools. HireBee has uniquely designed job listings with a lot of useful information. The entire theme is built on the responsive, high-performance, and customizable Foundation framework.

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Taskerr – Create a Micro Job Site in No Time


Taskerr is meant for micro job board websites where individuals post a single job they are willing to pay for someone else to complete. Now, you can also get in on the gig economy in no time as Taskerr comes with all the needed functionality built-in. Taskerr is also built on the powerful Foundation framework and ships with monetization, flexible pricing, and advanced user dashboards.

Tasker comes with 15+ beautiful designed email templates that you can use for job alerts and other communications. Job posters can include all important information, like delivery time, price, and even sub-categorize jobs to make it easy for suitable candidates to apply.

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Project Bidding – A One-Stop Job Board WordPress Theme for Freelancers

Project Bidding Freelance type theme

This is another freelancer marketplace theme for creating a job listings website. Project Bidding comes with all the features and tools you need built-in – no extra plugins or addons required. This includes monetization, multiple payment gateways, location-based search, a freelancer rating system, and private messaging.

It even features a credit system where users buy credits to spend on job posts or applications as well as an Escrow system to facilitate payment. Once you’ve built your website, you can even publish it as a native app for Android and Apple devices! Project Bidding can integrate with the flexible Avada or Divi theme to change the look to exactly what you want.

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FreelanceEngine – An Advanced Freelancer Job Listings Plugin

FreelanceEngine WordPress theme for Freelancer

FreelanceEngine is one of the best-looking job board plugins you’ll find anywhere. The design is modern, sleek, and minimalist all at once and will definitely create a positive impression with employers and freelancers alike. Freelancers can find job posts using a decent filter set and search tools. However, employers can also search for freelancers and consider their resumes and portfolio before approaching them with an offer.

The mobile responsive design is nearly flawless and will lead to a great experience on desktop or mobile. All the most crucial features are included, such as fully-fledged Escrow capability, multiple payment gateways, and private workspaces. One of FreelanceEngine’s more unique features is the useful insights and analytics tools with graphs and statistics.

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Micro Jobs – Putting the Gig Economy at Your Fingertips

microjobs WordPress theme

The gig economy is bigger than ever, and Micro Jobs will help you capitalize on it by launching your own job board WordPress website in no time. Not only does Micro Jobs look great out-of-the-box, but it also makes your job easier to build and design a website. One of the features you will appreciate the most is the 100+ design blocks. This allows you to put together engaging and organized website pages simply by adding the elements you want. You also get 20+ fully designed website templates, to begin with.

You can track the performance of your job listing site with built-in analytics. All the fundamental features of a micro job site are included. To top it off, Micro Jobs has unique features, like add-ons for jobs for highly customized services and advanced membership tools. Micro Jobs is also one of the job board plugins with the best support – available 24/7.

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JobPress – Launching a WordPress Job Board Doesn’t Get Any Easier

Jobpress Job portal themes

JobPress may look simple on the surface, however, that’s one of its top advantages. This no-fuss theme will help you get your job board up and running in no time. JobPress has all the core functionality of a board plugin – front-end resume submission, custom job listings, etc.

The color-coded job listing tags make it easy to spot suitable opportunities for job seekers. The straightforward layout also makes navigating the website a breeze. JobPress is undeniably one of the best options if you want to launch a basic job board site quickly and easily without any unnecessary baggage.

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JobRoller – A Multichannel Job Board Plugin for WordPress

JobRoller Job board theme

JobRoller is a job board WordPress plugin that comes with everything you need to put together a job directory in no time. Employers can create a custom job type and publish them with color-coded tags for flexibility and effectiveness. On the other hand, candidates can put together online resume pages to hopefully catch the eye of employers.

JobRoller even helps you find applicants outside of the job board from Google with enriched search results and Indeed integration. On top of the typical roles, there is also a special “Recruiter” role specifically for recruitment agents. Bookkeeping is also made easy thanks to PayPal transactions on your site being logged in the WordPress dashboard.

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JobEngine – The Job Board Plugin That Gets the Job Done

Job Engine Theme

Simple and effective – these two words perfectly describe the JobEngine WordPress job board plugin. Designing a website is also made easy thanks to simple adaptive color selectors, built-in responsiveness, and user-friendly theme customization and settings. Payments are also made simple with a number of supported payment gateways and different monetization options.

The theme has also been optimized for top performance on multiple fronts, such as SEO, translation (WPML), and page loading times. Recruiter’s jobs are also made easier with actionable front-end resume management controls to accept/reject pending resumes and applications.

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JobHunt – Create a Job Board with Stunning Looks

JobHunt Job board template

JobHunt will make the job hunting experience pleasant for both prospective candidates and employers. The first thing you will notice is the modern and attractive design with well-designed visual elements, animations, hover states, and more. Job posts are especially well thought out with organized layouts and a handy job summary card.

Combined with the Elementor builder, you can refine the look and feel of your site even more. JobHunt is best used with the WP Job Manager extension for advanced job board features. Its focus is on style, customizability, and ease of use. That’s why you get 5 home page, header, and footer layouts to choose from.

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Premium Press – Ultra Professional WordPress Job Portal Plugin

premiumpress Job board theme

Premium Press’ Job Board theme for WordPress is an exceptionally professional-looking template perfect for creating any blog portal. You get to pick from a number of different styles with various layouts but a similar look and feel. The theme also helps you monetize your site with a number of options for displaying job advertisement lists. You’ll definitely find the perfect look for your site.

You also won’t be disappointed in the features with job customization, hiring management tools, featured jobs, and job application wizards. Furthermore, Premium Press goes out of its way to deliver support with video tutorials, documentation, and live one-on-one support.

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Cariera – A Complete WordPress Job Board at Your Fingertips

job board WordPress themes

Cariera is truly an all-in-one WordPress job board plugin that takes care of everything for you. Bookmarks, job alerts, search tools, and application management tools are all included. From a design perspective, the theme comes with a huge variety of home, listing, and individual job pages for you to pick and choose from. And, if you do want to make building your website even easier, it supports both the Elementor and WPBakery page builders as well as WooCommerce.

Cariera blends seamlessly with useful WordPress tools like Slider Revolution, MailChimp, and WPML for universal translation. There are also powerful back-end management tools for user and company profiles as well as activity tracking and analytics.

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Job Portal by TemplateMonster – A Simple and Effective Job Board Solution

Job Portal by TemplateMonster

Job Portal is another straight-to-the-point type of job board plugin for WordPress. The design is simple and effective which makes it easy to customize as well as to use for visitors. The default theme is made for a one-page website that’s easy to navigate and manage.

One of its recognizable features is the large background images and videos with parallax animations. Candidates can create a simple and structured resume page with a timeline of their experience and education. The theme has also been optimized for SEO and translation.

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Careerfy – The Ideal WordPress Application Tracking Plugin for Recruiters

Wordpress job board themes

Careerfy tries to make it easier for recruiters to manage applications and resumes. For example, you can add required fields to easily qualify suitable resumes. Employers and candidates can also chat with each other live via the website or app. Application deadlines, Indeed integration, and social media logins are all handy features.

Careerfy even lets recruiters export resumes as either PDF or Excel documents, depending on what they prefer. Careerfy is also a chameleon with 20+ complete demos that have unique styles and layouts. In terms of support, you can expect one-on-one support via Skype and email as well as video tutorials and documentation.

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Craftory – WordPress Jobs Board Plugin for Handymen and Clients

job board wp theme

As the name suggests, Craftory is a job directory and listing theme perfect for handyman, craftsmen, or home renovation services. However, it can also be customized for any micro job or gig economy type of service. Craftory will suggest jobs to candidates and allow clients to get various quotes until they find a suitable offer.

Clients can get a quick glance at handymen with excellent profile cards that include a photo, some information, and a rating. Craftory supports multiple payment methods, Google fonts, RTL layouts, and more so that it can easily be used by anyone who wants to build a job portal.

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Now is the Perfect Time to Choose a Top Job Board Theme

There have never been more opportunities in the online freelancer or gig economy space. With these job board themes, you can have a fully-fledged online job portal with a minimal investment of time and money. This exciting opportunity is open to anyone with WordPress and some spare time. And, thanks to this list of the best WordPress job board plugins, you won’t have to sift through thousands of themes and plugins to find a quality solution.

You also don’t need any coding expertise to customize your site just the way you want or implement advanced features. Most WordPress job board plugins come with easy-to-use customization options, theme options, and complete feature sets. It’s basically an all-in-one package.

Your most important task will be to promote your job portal and brand. You should also think about how you want to monetize your site. In no time, you’ll have employers post job opportunities, and hopefully, candidates apply for them on your site.

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