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Templatic offers you 80+ premium WordPress themes to help you power and monetize your website and all come with top-notch support. Our vast collection includes themes for event portals and responsive business directory themes, travel agencies and tourism business themes, online booking and ecommerce themes. Our collection also includes visual composer themes, magazine, one page, multi-purpose portfolio themes and

Building easy to use and customizable WordPress premium themes is our passion .

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Our Premium WordPress Themes adds a beauty to your Website & Blog

Want to get trustworthiness, performance and high-quality results for your industry? Reinforce your business ideas with grand designs, and you'll reach this objective. Here is a site name Templatic that offers you many popular premium WordPress themes to support your business to monetize your website and all come with excellent support. At Templatic our huge collection includes themes for real estate & responsive business directory, portfolio, travel agencies, magazine and tourism business, online booking & ecommerce.

Genuine Premium Themes & Templates for your Wordpress Blog or Website

Our collection also comprises visual themes, one page, multi-purpose portfolio and many more. You can also get other applications such as plugins, ecommerce templates etc from online sites. While selecting from online sites, make certain that the site is extremely consistent and authentic. There would be several swindle sites offering poor quality WP website templates at extensive rates. As you can find numerous sites online, you will find it hard to select the best site to buy WordPress themes which are premium. But you don't need worry with Templatic you will get all genuine templates here.

Choose our Themes to give beautiful life to your blog

Wordpress web template are considered to be the most excellent and result is most substantial as they can be used to make a top-quality website with amazing design. These are also a reward of Wordpress which add along by to the charm of this application software. Well designed and prepared WP templates can do fairly different to change the plain blog site to a great management system.

Read why Our Wordpress Templates is better than free ones

Website and blog themes accessible on the internet blend numerous features and functionalities. Nowadays blogs are used to make money from a variety of deeds. There are several of the them that a person can choose from a premium website Wordpress theme that has superior characteristics with numerous alternatives. It has recent advanced idea with a variety of colors that you can select from. Paid templates offer numerous significant benefits over free ones. The most essential benefit is the number of features offered through web templates that are simply not accessible in free versions. It come with a much superior and cleaner code and offer superior features with outstanding support. The most significant aspect of a website templates is the certification that detail all the features and selection of the theme.

Premium Templates vs Free Templates for Blogs

Usually, the quality of premium Wordpress templates is much superior to their free complement. The major benefit of a free WordPress theme is the price free. It lowers the barrier of entry to starting a blog. Though hearing the sound free makes numerous people cautious. Why would someone give you free website templates when others are dealing premium website themes? Free ones do not generally come with any type of support. This can be an actual deal breaker for numerous as it's frequently essential to troubleshoot a bug or aspect of a novel theme. You'll have to settle for universal support via or user forums. All paid website templates come with the support of several kinds; forum, email, phone, etc.

Directory Themes

The Directory is nothing but a brand new and wide-ranging platform which has numerous plugins, parent theme. It is extremely superior platform which is designed with numerous custom features.

Scalable Template for Any Website

If you desire to build your classified website, shop directory, service listing site or commerce directory, you can certainly find ideal directory themes suitable for your objective. If you desire to promote your website, the most excellent thing to do is to submit your website to special directories. Web site directories form links back to your site, & this helps your website turn out to be more extremely ranked in searches.

Use it to run web directory for SEO

Have you ever thought regarding running your very own link directory? Another big feature is based on the fact that you can develop an unlimited number of websites. And if you've been looking about online, you'll have found that numerous of the directory premium website themes for WordPress offerings do not let for this. Generally, one would have to pay a fee for one authorizes which equates to setting up.

Business directory themes

Directory websites have plenty of possibilities for high traffic in addition to monetization opportunities since numerous local and online businesses are constantly looking for ways to endorse themselves. From creating listings of neighboring businesses, traveler attractions, events, and classifieds to creating job boards and coupon sites, WordPress business directory themes have the whole thing you require to create a directory website. Ease of Use - A high-quality directory theme will be simple to use and navigate. Utilize of search functions and the capability to filter the listings is included in good directory themes. Integration through Google Maps - Allowing for users to eagerly get listing locations, such as apartments, traveler attractions, or additional featured locations. Monetization - Simple integration through payment gateways so you can get payments or ad networks, to display advertisement on your site.

Video Themes

WordPress is the perfect platform for create a video website. Whether you desire to build a portfolio website to display your personal digital creations, or you need to develop an association site that contains confined video content, the themes in this collection will make it simple to complete either kind of project.

Showcase your Creativity with our Video Premium Themes

Video Premium Web Template is a WordPress theme that is built for blogs that have media such as video. With a like/dislike quality, watch later aspect, playlist, low bounce rate, addition with YouTube for view counts,however! You require yourself quality video themes if you desire the result to be smart to your visitors. And that's no matter if you desire to just embed videos from third parties or host them on the site.

Impress with your work

In fact, video is a magnificent way to make clients remember your corporation, since it connects with the senses, engages visitors, and generally gets across a message within a few minutes or just seconds. And one method to bring videos simply to your visitors is through the use of WordPress video theme. When shopping for a video theme, choose one that will meet all your necessities in addition to have a good-looking and responsive design. Aside from that, there are a few extra features to keep in mind.

Real Estate Themes

Real estate is one of the most lucrative spheres of industry beyond doubt. So, there is a need in a solid online platform to showcase the most excellent offers and deals. Considering its status and rich usefulness, WordPress engine is the most excellent fit. Real estate premium theme that meets the requirements evens the most challenging realtor. It's well intended, it looks good, it looks expert, and it certainly looks the part. Whether you are marketing your individual properties or marketing the properties of others for a payment. At templatic you can get the most complete collection of top real estate WordPress web themes you will ever require to build your own real estate and rental website.

Classified Themes

Whether you desire to create an online space where your guests can sign up & post their services and stuff for sale, or a directory where neighboring businesses and attractions can be scheduled online, this theme has got you covered. Using a classifieds theme on your WordPress installation is a grand method to come up with a full blown classified ads website with no any difficult technical details to go through.

Make Money with Ads with our Wordpress Premium Templates

Through using a classifieds theme, you can simply turn your WordPress blog into a classifieds website through only a few mouse clicks. Whatever the niche marketplace your classifieds site is targeted, be it real estate, cars, software, or a range of products of services, one of the most excellent ways to set up your classifieds site is through a WordPress platform using a WordPress classifieds theme. You can simply start showcasing and selling your advertisement in just a few minutes following setting it up.

Premium Themes for Writers & eBook Store Having Wordpress Website/Blog

WordPress is one of the most excellent solutions for making online shops, combined through a plugin such as the free WooCommerce you are capable to sell anything you like online Setting up a writer website is pretty much a given for every self-publisher. Given that blogging is also a significant facet of writer promotion, it can be easier to utilize a blogging platform for the general website.

Now Writers Can Setup Website with One Click

It's extremely possible to make a blogging premium template function as a business website. Wordpress themes for writers designed to aid you sell books and further products. The theme comes through a full Woo Commerce compatibility, meaning you can sell together digital and physical products. Because of its easy design and straightforward setup, the theme is perfect for all those looking to get started as rapidly as possible.

Get Complete Package with our Ready Template

At Templatic get a complete collection of the most excellent Wordpress theme for eBook store and further digital and downloadable goods such as software, apps, icon sets, themes and many more. The collection comprises an adaptable selection of WordPress themes to make certain everybody can find the one that they really enjoy.

Ecommerce Themes

Are you starting an innovative ecommerce site on the WordPress platform? One of the most excellent things regarding WordPress is that it's so versatile. You can utilize it to build all kinds of sites like forums, communities, magazines, directory, portfolios, FAQ sites, diaries, and many more. These days increasingly, retailers are adding or moving to online stores & they're constantly looking for methods to sell or promote themselves online.

Our Premium Ecommerce Themes for WordPress Website is always on high demand

Online selling is a spot of the internet that is growing rapidly, with no signs of slowing down, and it's a grand way to reach an extensive customer base. Small sellers might not have the communications to support sprawling websites like main retailers do, or the funds to pay developers, but they still desire to stand out from the crowd. WordPress is one choice for filling that place, as a number of its themes are being intended through ecommerce.

Why to Avoid Free Ecommerce Templates?

Such templates, offer retailers or wholesalers with complete flexibleness to have managed on the content of the website. Although free Ecommerce themes are available, they cannot live up to the necessities of the merchants that easily. They are short of some significant features which are accessible in paid themes. It is also easy to set up such themes since they are ready to be installing as soon as you click on them.

CMS Themes

WordPress is certainly the most favored CMS platforms on the web. Due to the reputation and growth of this CMS, themes that are particularly made for sites powered by WordPress also gained substantial fame in the market. Users love CMS web templates as it is effortless to set up and can be used to make a website like blog, personal, corporate and collection site.

For Easy Design and Managing Simple Website

The great quantity of free themes and plug-ins has added to the attraction and reputation for using these content management systems. Premium web themes lead the method of the tendency thanks to the reputation the free CMS. There are several great free CMS Themes for these platforms. However, in most cases they only present extremely basic functionality and easy designs.

Magazine Themes

Magazine themes are an outstanding option to make your individual magazine or news website with profits from marketing and associate advertising. These are several of the most preferred WordPress themes since they let you look after a great quantity of posts on a webpage in an outstanding structured and enjoyable way for guests.

Ideal Premium Theme for News portal

WordPress magazine themes are a wonderful resolution for compact & medium-sized association who desires to post their article content almost every day. It is a trustworthy platform for a number of different kinds of tasks, for instance weblogs, providers, portfolios, galleries, etc. It presents numerous positive aspects to business owners: you can increase a quicker dialogue with the visitors and clientele, and you can market diverse options and events.

Portfolio themes

Portfolio offers plans for web portfolio & now also for web portfolios. WordPress Portfolio Themes are most excellent suited for creative people to obtain their online portfolio set up in no time.

Ideal for Graphic Designer to Showcase Work in an interactive manner

This CMS platform being the mainly used blogging platform is an outstanding choice for almost a majority of the bloggers. When it comes to show your innovative work, the Portfolio web premium themes are the top. WordPress is the most excellent platform for bloggers makes any type of website using premium and Free Themes to make a well-designed website. These kinds of paid themes are used through the bloggers who like to display their creativeness, the most creative people desire to make a portfolio website to show-off their creative power to millions of viewers.

Photography themes

We frequently take photography for granted. All of us grew up in a globe that did not deprive us of this wonder, but for the primary few people who had the pleasure of witnessing it, it was really a wonder. Imagine the capability to freeze a moment in time, capturing it for posterity. We simply take it for established because we have grown familiar with it. WordPress is used by thousands of photographers, designers, and artist from all over the world to wonderfully display their portfolio and photos. Looking for Photography themes for your photography website? Selecting the correct theme can be daunting with the lots of templates out there.

Restaurant themes

When it comes to blogging the most excellent platform that you can select for the similar is WordPress because it comes with such a range of themes and options that you can simply customize and individualize every blog, making it exclusive and let it stand out between the rests. The blogging platform offers the users with plenty options to display their skills and endorse their services in the most excellent possible manner.

Premium Template for Cafe and Restaurant Website built on Wordpress

The beautiful Free WordPress Restaurant Themes are immediate hits, which is certain to give a boost to your enterprise and reach out to the ample in a very good-looking manner. With the help of the themes such as Italian Restaurant theme you can transform the look of your blog completely to make it more appealing to the eyes and good-looking to the readers of your blog. The flexible and responsive theme in addition to the feature of reservation system that is accessible for the users makes it extremely appealing and good-looking to the bloggers who are looking for alternative to highlight their cafe or restaurant to the community eye.

Free themes

Currently the great blogging tool is nothing but WordPress; it is the most well-liked platform used by numerous bloggers to make a powerful website. Millions of bloggers are deepening on these elite themes in creating elegant blogs.

It is a for Temporary purpose

This also involve to your business websites, which, if not changed, your clients will tend to develop over them, rendering your advertising strategy useless and making the asset done in preparing the website worthless. But even to improve your website, the technicians or designers accuse a huge amount.

Install Free themes if you don't have money for Premium Theme for Wordpress

The change consequently becomes a choice to be taken, by considering your financial plan parameters. But to ease you from all this, Get Free Themes, offers free of charge themes for your websites. The themes change the whole look of your site and its offerings, with no any change in the content. It is always good to have premium wordpress themes.

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Why Should You Choose Our WordPress Premium Themes?

  • Unlimited Domain InstallationJoin our themes Club and download and Install all of our themes on unlimited domains. Members also get new themes we release.
  • 85+ WordPress Themes CollectionYour theme search stops here. Our collection of themes includes something for everyone.
  • Regular Updates And UpgradesEnjoy regular updates to any theme you download. All themes in our store are compatible with the latest version of wordPress
  • Guaranteed SupportGet 1 year of free support with our themes. Renewal for another year is totally optional.
  • Open Source CodeAll of our WordPress themes come with open source code. Full access to all theme files.
  • SEO Friendly ThemesGet loads of traffic for your website with our SEO optimized WordPress premium themes.
  • Try Before You BuyNot sure which theme to buy? No problem, request a test site for any of our themes here.
  • 1-Click InstallAll of our premium themes include 1-click install. You could be up-and-running in minutes.
  • Sample ContentEach theme comes with sample content. Press 1 button and your theme looks like its demo.
  • Customer SatisfactionOver the last 8 years Templatic themes have been powering tens of thousands of websites.
  • Free Footer Credit RemovalRemove our credit from the footer and add our own. Where other charge for this, we don't.
  • Responsive Themes Our collection includes many responsive themes. These will look great on any mobile device.
  • Start Your Blog Wondering how to start a blog? No problem, all Templatic WordPress themes include a blog.
  • Translate ThemesTranslate our WordPress themes into any language. Some offer WPML and RTL support too.
  • Powerful App ThemesWe build app themes which are more advanced and powerful than regular WordPress themes.
  • Easy To Customize We develop themes for you. Customize logo, footer credit, menus, text, categories and colors.
  • Save Time And Money Quickly have a professional looking website . Our themes let you concentrate on your business.
  • Use In Any Country Customize the locations and currency. All of our WordPress themes can be used in any country.

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Our collection ranges from listing directory themes, real estate, job board and classified ad themes to business templates, hotel reservations and appointment booking themes.

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