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Here Is How Authors Are Selling Ebooks and Online Digital Products Over Websites

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These websites are the e-shops for digital downloadable items which allow authors to submit and sell ebooks and digital products. The websites are made using the publisher, ebook or Digiseller themes. These websites let the users download the digital books and can be used for both, paid as well as free ebooks.

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    Drinker’s Guide to Healthy Life

    A Book Website

    This is a website for a book “The drunker’s guide for healthy living”. This website has it all, information about the book, a section where the users can place their queries, reviews about the book, etc.

    Purpose: A promotional as well as a user support and informative website for the book.

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    Beyond Wheat and Weeds


    Beyond Wheat and Weeds is one of the first emergency preparedness books of its kind – it not only lists and gives explanations to many of the world’s most effective alternative, natural and nutritional remedies, ranging from ancient herbs and clay’s to the latest scientific breakthrough’s, but it also covers how and when to use these remedies and includes descriptions, symptoms and treatment protocols for an array of illnesses that could take place during a disaster.

    Purpose: The complete guide to using the most effective natural and alternative remedies (and essential tools) for the prevention and treatment of diseases and maladies during a disaster.

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