Best Media sites developed using Embedded or Self-Hosted videos

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The websites here are the video websites that share high-quality videos on them. Using the video wordpress theme, the owners have made the websites that let the users view as well as post the videos to the video portal.

  • Video WordPress theme

    Wushu Sports

    A sports website for Wushu

    The team of this website travel around the world filming the wushu related events and interviewing the athletes and coaches. It’s an amazing video website that has a story and the scent of china’s traditional sports attached with every video in it.

    Purpose: This is a website with a beautiful goal to introduce and promote Wushu (Kung fu) to the world. The founders have the aim to introduce wushu related events and championships to the rest of the world.

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  • Video WordPress theme

    The Comedy Minute

    Funny Vidoes

    The tagline of this website explains it all. “Comedy from the people who you havent heard of..yet”. The website is aimed at entertaining the viewer and has vidoes posted in many categories.

    Purpose: The purpose of the website is to sperad humor among the visitors. It allows user submissions too.

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  • Video Directory


    Food Directory

    Rozenburg is a green village in the middle of Rotterdam port industry.  Officially Rozenburg since spring 2014, a government commission area , or suburbs of Rotterdam . But in his heart every Rozenburger feels normal inhabitant of the village. A green village with a rich history.

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