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Welcome to our collection of the best WordPress business themes

We have some of the best, niche specific themes that lets you create your own website, in minutes.

In addition to that, we have some tips and guidelines for the newbies who want to create their professional business website using WordPress.

Our WordPress business themes are simple and designed for everyone. Whether you are an artist looking for a theme to create a professional online portfolio, or a doctor, lawyer, tax consultant or a savvy business owner who wants to have an online identity.

Here, you will find themes with all the features that an ideal corporate website should have.
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Taking your business online, is a great decision..

Alright, you are ready to create a business website but there are still some questions in your mind?

By creating a business website, and that will help you gain more exposure.

The first step for any business is to make it’s mark. You have to make sure that all the customers looking for the service or products you provide, know that you exist!

So creating a website to represent your business online is the best thing to do.

It not just helps you increase your acquaintances, but there are a lot more advantages of doing so.

There are so many advantages of this, we’re going to talk about a few of them, that are certainly going to help boost the performance of your business.

Get the customer queries online with your business website

Let the customers reach you with just a click.

Your website helps reduce the communication gap between you and your prospect customers.

That’s what the “contact us” form of a business website are for.

All you need to do is to make sure that the links to the “contact us” page is placed at all the relevant sections on your website.

Using these forms, your prospect customers can key in the queries and send them to you instantly.

Brand awareness

Your website will represent your business online.

And with a website with relevant, and original content, that scores good on SEO there are 100% chances that people of your concerned industry link back to you.

You can even advertise your business with the links to your website to make people aware of your services and skills.

All of these ultimately ends up helping you create a bigger name, for your business.

Let your website speak of the services you provide

You can advertise your business on various medias, but you can’t exactly describe what you are and what you do!

This is what a website helps you do..

Just jot down every little service you provide, explain the advantages of your products/services,
You can further describe, in detail, how your services are beneficial to the people and even display the pricing plans, customer testimonials, etc.

There are so many things you would want your customers to know, aren’t there?

And there is no restriction on the number of pages you can create for a website. So create all the necessary pages (and link them properly!).

If you are running some scheme or discount offers than you can advertise it on your website.

Furthermore, you can host advertisements of other related businesses to earn passive income. Besides, there are so many advantages of doing so.

You’ll get a clearer picture, as you proceed further.

What should your corporate business website ideally contain/display

Now that you know all the advantages of creating a business website, you must be wondering what exactly should your business website display.

Don’t worry, here is a list of the simplest details that makes your website relevant and useful for the end users.

Basically, a business website is a simple website that will display the business details

So, an ideal business website generally contains the following information

  • Simple business information, what you do, how you do, etc
  • Contact information
  • An About page
  • Description of the services provided
  • Staff introduction
  • Work history/showcase
  • List of happy clients/testimonials

Transparency in any business is very essential. So, you are free to express everything using your web pages.

How will people know about my business website?

I hope the previous section helped you gain some clarity on how you can create your business website, but there’s still one question – “How will you advertise your business website?”

There are certain ways to make people aware of your business and it depends on the type of business you’re dealing with.

Below listed are a few general things you can do to promote your website.

Display your web address on your business card

Obviously, you will! But here’s why it is important.

Your business card can just contain your name, contact number, business logo and web address.

The interested customers can visit the website and find out all the details about your business
Advertise on relevant platforms

For instance, if you are a company that manufactures microwave ovens and other baking appliances and accessories, then you can advertise your business on cooking blogs, website related to cuisine, etc.

You can even advertise on food and lifestyle based television channels, cookery shows, etc.

Other referrals

One of the best form of promotion – is through your happy customers. Isn’t it really nice that the customers who had a happy experience with you recommend your products/services to others?

More than advertisements – your customers tend to trust recommendations from other customers.

This basically means, your existing customers inspiring your potential customers. Isn’t it the best and the easiest way to promote your business?

SEO helps the visibility of your site

Search engine optimization is a very focused approach to attract more and relevant traffic on your website.

It ensures that when a customer enters the search keywords related to your business, your site shows up among the top search results.

SEO is a vast subject and there are a lot of small and big things that affect it. However, you can search the internet and try implementing the SEO rules while creating your own website.

Alternately, for an in-depth optimization, you can use the WordPress SEO plugins that are designed to let you create SEO friendly websites and generate content and pages that are optimized for search engine.

Getting your WordPress business website created

You can hire professionals to create your website or just grab a suitable WordPress theme and start creating your website by yourself.

Moreover, sometimes it gets difficult to explain your needs to someone else. And you may wonder “What if I can create my website myself?”.

Yes! You can create your website – by yourself

Especially when you are a small business owner and are ready to spare a few hours to work on your website, it’s easier.

The main advantage of creating your website on your own is that personal touch, that no one, but only the business owner can provide.

However, it all depends on the type of website you want. If you want a massive business website with lots and lots of features, you can hire professionals to do so.

But if you want a simple descriptive business website, all you need to do is to explore the options and find a suitable theme.

WordPress and WordPress themes are so easy that you will be able to do all of it yourself. (We have so many happy customers who are not techies but were still able to create a website on their own). You must even have a look at our commercial directory software to create business directories in minutes.

Why do we recommend that you do it yourself?

If you want a simple WordPress website, with a few pages and information – Grab one of our business themes and STOP looking for professionals to create your website.

Because our themes are designed for creative people like you!

It comes with pre-designed pages, which can be customized using the customization options, page templates to suit your need, etc.

When you create your website by yourself, you can give it a personal touch that no body but only you (as the owner of the business) can give.

Besides, we’re here to help you. On buying any of our themes, you get reliable technical support for 1 year.

What should an ideal business website be like?

A very simple business website must have the following features in order to serve its purpose.

A comprehensive homepage that reflects the most important details

The homepage is surely, the most important page of your website. Because that’s where a new visitor will land

And of course “The first impression is the best impression!”.

So first of all – Make it eye pleasing, clean and easy to process.

The next thing you have to take care of is the arrangement of the elements on your homepage. The important elements

The homepage is a page that reflects what your business is about and the

Pages for describing your services/products (should express what you do)

Your business website can serve as your service catalog and you should take this opportunity to display the details about your services.

Client testimonials to inspire others

Nothing will make you happier than happy customers expressing their gratitude towards your service, by sending you kind words of appreciation!

Customer Testimonials are believed to have a positive effect on your confused customers.

Your business website can just have a section that displays the testimonials of your existing customers and that could just help

A smooth and purposeful navigation system

Navigation is one of the most important factors that will contribute to the performance of your website.

A purposeful, properly designed as well as planned navigation system will help the visitors easily find what they’re looking for.

The menu is what your users will search for when they’ve come to your site to find a particular result.
It is therefore important to organize the content of your website and plan an effective menu to facilitate to your users.

Social media integration for sharing and promoting your business website

Your website needs some social media magic!!

By enabling social media sharing, your visitors will be able to share your pages to their social media sites.

This helps you gain more and more exposure!

Contact us page to get in touch with your prospect clients

The contact us page is one of the most important pages of a business website. It is a page that enables your prospect users to send you a message.

The link to the contact/contact us page can generally be found on the menu and some of the important parts that can get user attention.

Design a short and neat contact us page that is easily accessible. The main fields of your contact form can be the username, user’s email address, and the message box.


You can prepare a list of the user’s question and display it on your website using an FAQ page.

This helps your visitors understand your business properly and also helps solve their confusions and queries.

So prepare a list of questions pertaining to your business that is frequently asked and display them using a dedicated page on your website.

How WordPress themes make it easy to create business websites?

No need to manage the database

A database is indeed the base of any website.

But WordPress is a CMS that is designed to ease the process of website development. It is a self-managing system.

WordPress acts very much like a mobile application.

Pre-designed with customization options

Are you wondering how will your website look and how will you manage the design?

Well, managing the designs of WordPress website is actually fun.

Additionally, our WordPress business themes come with plenty of customization options through which you can manage how your website looks.

So if you are wondering that pre-designed themes will restrict the changes you can apply, you are wrong.

You can change the colors, background, upload the images you want, change the location of the theme elements, etc. and make your website look and behave exactly how you plan.

Time to go creative with WordPress and our customizable themes!!

Optimizing the visibility of your WordPress business website

After you put all those efforts into your business website, it is very important that the targetted audience find it.

SEO of a website plays a very important role, so it is a subject you should pay attention to, right from the beginning.

The very first step for an SEO friendly website is to choose a SEO friendly theme.

Additionally, there are so many WordPress plugins that help you optimize your page content. Make sure that your theme allows the integration of such plugins.

There are a few SEO tactics that you can follow while building your website. You can take help from Google to find the tips and techniques to optimize your website.

However, you can also hire an SEO expert to help you optimize your website and rank for the keywords that are related to your business.

Do it yourself, Easy to manage

The modern WordPress business themes are just like the applications you use in your mobile phones. Just like there’s no need to take your time and learn a mobile application, you don’t need to learn it.

You don’t have to be a technical expert or learn a new programming language to create your website now.

With WordPress and the superb WordPress Business themes available in the market, you can create your website all by yourself without requiring the help of any IT professionals.

The themes are designed for people with little to no technical know-how and can be managed with the simple options available.

Here’s a glimpse of our WordPress themes of the business category. So what’s your pick today??

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