WordPress Themes for Hotel

Also have a look at this multi-purpose directory solution to create feature rich hotel directory websites effortlessly.

WordPress themes ideal for small hotels as well as hotel directories

Looking for a well designed as well as full functional theme for your hotel website. Or looking forward to creating an online booking website with a property rental WordPress theme? The themes in this collection are ideal for a villa rental, vacation homes, B&B, spa, resorts, diners, holiday apartments, rooms, condos, houses, studios, cottages, self-catering units or any such property.

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Basically, if you have any accommodation facility to rent out, you should have a look at these themes. You’ll probably find the best one to represent your booking online, in addition to that, you can also allow online booking.

Some of the themes have the fully automated booking engine integrated into them. All you need to do is enter the types of rooms and the number of availability for each room and configure the payment processor to accept the payments.

Advantages of using an online booking and reservation engine

This is the age of internet and technology and the internet provides you a large platform to progress with your hotel business.

The very first reason to get online with your hotel and a rental website are to broaden the scope of your business.

The following are the few of innumerable advantages of creating a hotel website

  • You get more exposure, more visitors and more customers
  • It facilitates the users to make a booking from anywhere, anytime
  • You can accept payments against the booking made
  • A great platform to advertise your hotel
  • You can display rooms, services, and amenities of your hotel
  • The visitors can book anytime, from anywhere, 100% availability
  • It overcomes the barrier of geographical locations

Why go for WordPress hotel themes?

WordPress is a CMS that can be used for creating any kind of websites. Just find a suitable theme and you’re ready to create a website on your own.

Moreover, WordPress is very easy to learn. With a well designed and fully functional theme, you can create a site very easily.

The WordPress hotel themes are the themes specifically designed for creating amazing hotels websites.

With these themes, you can create fully functional websites without writing a line of code.

  • WordPress is free and open source
  • It is flexible and very easy to use
  • Many plugins are available to extend the features of your website
  • The availability of themes of various niches
  • Intuitive backend panel to make site building easier than ever

Creating a website for your hotel?

Are you still wondering if you should actually create a website for your hotel or rental property?There are so many good reasons as to why creating such website is beneficial.

Moreover, with the advanced technologies, creating a website is a cakewalk. You can create a site in minutes and on your own.

The availability of niche specific WordPress themes makes the task easier. For instance, all the themes available on this page are fully functional. Therefore, without writing a line of code, you can create feature-rich websites.

Furthermore, they are well designed as well as customizable. So with the available options and settings, you can make it look and work just the way you want.

An Online hotel booking system

There was a time when people avoided creating online booking system because it was a difficult task. But now we have the self-managing booking systems. They are programmed to automatically manage bookings.

  • The perform several functions like:
  • Letting the visitors select the room and check for the availability
  • Allowing visitors to book for the available dates
  • Accepting payments against the bookings
  • Allowing cancellation for the bookings
  • Setting custom ranges and seasonal prices
  • Seeing that only a preset number of bookings are allowed per room

Easy payment processing

When it comes to creating websites with transaction processing, you must ensure that the site allows smooth transaction processing.

A complicated/lengthy registration and payment procedure confuse the users. They might just quit the processes before completing it.

Our themes allow compatibility of a wide variety of payment gateways. Moreover, the registration process is very simple. Besides, PayPal comes integrated. So with a merchant account at PayPal, you can start accepting payments right away.

Websites for rental properties

With these themes, you can create almost any kind of website with online booking and reservation features. The themes are so flexible that you can easily change them to make them look and work the way you want. Besides, if you want to use the themes for your rental properties, then the themes like villa rental or vacation rental are ideal.

You can use these themes to create a website for your rental properties like apartment, villas, cottages, etc. Moreover, you can even pick up a hotel booking theme and then use it to showcase your rental property.

Showcasing your venues

Use one of our rental property WordPress themes and create a website for letting out your properties. If you own a villa or rental home or apartment, you can create a website and show people the beauty of it. Upload all the beautiful pictures of your rental home and list the nearby locations.

You can easily escalate your business and take it to the next level by creating a website for it. Moreover, you can allow online booking features and let the interested users book through your website.

Showcasing the features

Create a website that showcases the features of your rental property. Display your rooms, describe your facilities, set the price and allow sending an inquiry. You can do it all through your website.

In addition, there are hotel directory websites that you can use to list your rental property or hotel. They are a great way to advertise your property and be found by more users. You can provide a link to your own website with such listing and bring people to your own website.

Upload ample images to let you visitors feel your place. You can even upload videos related to your venue. There are so many ways you can use these themes to express yourself and tell your visitors about your rental property.

Tips for a successful hotel website

No matter if you create your website for yourself using WordPress and these themes, or get it created by professionals, your ultimate goals is to advertise your hotel/property and get more booking requests. However, running and maintain a successful website takes more just creating a website and making it live.

You need to constantly make efforts to improve your website and make it more efficient. There’s no fixed block or rules and regulations that can make your website super successful overnight. But the following are a few tips that will surely help you escalate the progress of your WordPress hotel booking website.

Real information about your hotel or rental home

Let your website reflect your business online. For that, you need to provide all the real information about your hotel or rental home to your visitors.

So create as many pages as you want. Scribble down all that you want your users to know. For instance – You want your visitors to know about the Frozen princess’s themed wardrobe in one of the rooms in your villa. So let your users know that you have that bedroom for their little princess.

Express as much as you want, with words, images or even videos. Even let your past customer express themselves and leave their happy comments on your website. This helps inspire people to book your villa.

Uploading adequate, optimized and high-quality images as and when required

Images are better at explaining things than words. So let the images of your hotel booking system speak all about your facilities and services.

One of the most beneficial things you can do is add abundant images to your website. Especially when it is about the resort and hotel business website, images play a vital role.

Think for yourself, won’t you love it if you are shown realistic, original and HD images of a hotel room you are about to book?

Obviously, everyone would appreciate having a look at a hotel, resort or villa before they go for it. So showing images on your website is going to benefit you always.

Allowing and displaying user’s ratings and reviews

Always go for a hotel theme that allows people to leave their valuable reviews. The reviews can help your website in more than one ways.

Whatever reviews you get, positive or negative, they are extremely useful. The positive reviews will inspire other users to book your rooms.

The negative reviews are a reality check that helps you find the flaws in your service and gives you an opportunity to improve them.

Most of the hotel website templates come with the option to enable or disable the reviews. We recommend to let them voice out. Keep the reviews enabled and let your hotel customers express themselves.

Booking calendar on your hotel booking website

A booking calendar is a visual aid to your users. It makes making reservations easier for your visitors. The booking calendar just makes tasks easier for everyone.

Generally, when you go for a premium online hotel booking script, a booking calendar comes integrated. A ready to use booking calendar module is included in all of our hotel booking themes.

A booking calendar depicts the booked or available status of a room on a particular day right on the calendar.

SEO optimization of your WordPress hotel website

Not just for hotel website, SEO is must for any kind of websites. In order to create successful websites, you have to ensure that you follow all the SEO rules while creating your website.

SEO enhances the visibility of your hotel booking website. It is directly responsible for how your website performs. SEO optimization of your website is also vital in order to stay ahead in the competition.

So, always choose an SEO-friendly theme,  and use the compatible plugins like All in One SEO pack, Yoast SEO, etc. Also, make sure that the theme you choose allows blogging. Actively blogging and updating your website with relevant and useful information helps the visibility of your website.

An easy and flawless online booking facility

This is a must have feature for your website. If you have already decided to create a website for your hotel, why not go for a complete hotel website with online booking system.

As we’ve discussed earlier, an online booking system broadens the scope of your website and empowers the visitors to view the images, know the features and services of your rental property. Once they’re sure about staying at your place, they can check the availability and book the rooms and get the confirmation instantly.

Monetizing your hotel’s website

The primary source of income through your hotel booking website is through the online bookings. There are many hotel booking websites running successfully and most of their bookings are done through their websites.

A hotel booking website is just like an eCommerce website that sells reservations or bookings. However, you can earn more through your website by displaying advertisements.

Make money through your hotel booking website by displaying advertisements

The simplest and easiest way to earn through any kind of website is by displaying advertisement banners at various places in your website. This is applicable to each and every niche of website.

Now, if you use one of our hotel WordPress themes, you can display advertisements through widgets. Wondering how that works?

When a business interested in advertising on your website, you can just ask them for a pasteable code for the advertisement. Then use the advertisement widget in any section of your page by pasting the code into that widget.

You can display ad banners of places of interest around your venue, or some event, etc. For instance – You can get the car rental business of the area to advertise on your hotel’s website.

Or you can opt for smart advertising service like Google adSense to show targetted advertisements to your visitors.

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