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Digital Downloads plugin helps you to sell digital products like eBooks on your website

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Digital Downloads is a plugin that will enable cool product-selling features on your WordPress site. It works alongside our main app plugin – Tevolution. This WordPress digital downloads plugin is ideal for authors, book publishers, e-magazines and anyone else looking to sell digital stuff.

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Key features

  • Unique Features of this WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin

    Custom product information

    When the plugin is activated a number of product fields are created (including ISBN No, language, dimensions, etc), but you’re not limited to only those fields. New ones can be added at any time.

  • Templatic WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin Features

    Upload samples

    Allow your visitors to experience a small part of your product by downloading a sample. File types such as pdf or mp3 are supported.

  • WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin From Templatic

    Multiple payment methods

    Choose between PayPal and PreBank Transfer (provided after install) or purchase and activate other gateways such as 2Checkout, or Google Checkout.

  • WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin

    Add different product types

    Is your product available in two or more formats, e.g. pdf and epub? This plugin will allow you to enter both versions and assign a unique price to each.

Main Tevolution plugin is provided for free with each purchase

  • WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin - Templatic Digital Downloads

    Sell using E-Junkie

    Have an E-Junkie account? You can use it instead of the built-in selling system.

  • WordPress Digital Downloads Plugin - Templatic

    Manage orders and reports

    Extensive back-end section for order management and reporting will allow you to easily identify best selling products; as well as those that aren’t doing well.

  • Unique Features

    Translate the plugin

    Use WPML to translate the plugin and even create a multilingual site where visitors can change the default language per their requirements.

  • Unique Features

    Setup promotions using coupons

    The included coupon module will allow you to offer discounts on your regular product prices. Coupon codes created in the back-end can be modified and removed at any time.

  • Unique Features

    Sell on Amazon

    The included coupon module will allow you to offer discounts on your regular product prices. Coupon codes created in the back-end can be modified and removed at any time.

  • Unique Features

    Complete email control

    Use the back-end to edit each email sent to visitors after purchase. Several shortcodes are provided for including dynamic information inside the emails.

How does the purchase process look?

The individual product page is where it all starts; from that page your visitors can purchase the product. Once the payment is made you can control what happens with the order (confirm/deny). After you confirm the order, the user can download their purchased product. This is possible from their own front-end dashboard which lists all purchases they have made.

appointment booking plugin for wordpress

In case you’re wondering, the answer is YES

The booking form in this plugin is pre-loaded with fields as soon as you activate the plugin. It’s your call whether to use it as-is or modify the fields. All the settings you need are provided in a logically designed back-end section of this WordPress booking plugin. From there you can manage the actual bookings, form fields, tax, deposits, services, emails and much more.

  • Can I display the products on my website and not sell them?
  • Can I tweak the fields shown on the product detail page?
  • Can I change the emails that are sent to customers?
  • Am I allowed to customize the plugin?
  • Can I see number of downloads for each of my products?
  • Can I use e-Junkie instead of the built in selling system?
  • Can I tweak the fields on the registration form?
  • Can I keep track of my transaction reports?
  • Can I export the transactions in a CSV file?
  • Can I divide my digital products in different categories?
  • Can I easily load some sample products?
  • Can I see number of purchases for each of my products?
  • Can visitors rate and review my products?

Works best with Publisher

Although designed to work with any WordPress theme, the booking plugin truly shines with our Publisher theme.

Key Publisher features

  • Elegant looks coupled with a responsive design
  • Fully widgetized homepage
  • Multilingual and WPML compatible
  • Unlimited color options
  • Automatic updates provided via the WordPress back-end
  • 1-click install feature
  • Several included page templates
  • Dozens of custom widgets
  • Support for Templatic shortcodes and mega menus

The Digital Downloads plugin is an ideal solution for all those looking to sell digital products and keep things simple and easy for customers. The best part… our advanced Tevolution plugin is provided totally free.

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