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So 2013 has begun already and it’s time we look back to see and learn what we did in year 2012. For us, it was a year filled with new development, happy and sad moments, business lessons, few innovations. Overall, one of the good year.

Here’s an overview of all the (awesome) stuff that’s been going on in the past year

Theme launches and upgrades

We introduced several unique new themes: eMarket, Tech News, Realtr, Price Compare, Education Academy, Catalog, NightLife and Cool Cart.

Upgraded existing mighty themes such as GeoPlaces, Real Estate, Daily Deal, Job Board, Events, Vacation Rental and Hotel Booking.

Best of all, we introduced Tevolution plugin, our biggest release of the year and symbolize a big shift in handling theme releases. It took the most time for us to develop but it will make things lot easier for everyone going forward. You’ll get benefit of real power of revolution in year 2013.

Other development

What started as a feature is now a must have standard in web design world wide. All new templatic themes now includes mobile ready designs known as responsive technique.

Earlier in the year, we adapted Supreme – a theme framework that will make designing things easier. All our recent theme releases is built on this.

In order to clean up, several themes from templatic store were retired to make room for new development and innovation.

Shift to WooCommerce

In early October we made all our e-commerce themes WooCommerce compatible. As WooCommerce continued to grow we decided it would be cool to give our e-commerce members an option too choose the shopping-cart you want to use.

20 people strong

Any company that wishes to grow must expand the workforce. Templatic is no different, sometime in June we had about 18 people working in our offices in India with extra two telecommuting from USA and Europe.

The cake!

A Templatic member was so happy with the support we provided that she sent us a cake all the way to India at our office! Maybe a small gesture, but it was a very special moment of appreciation for all of us in the team. To this day the team is still arguing which was better – the surprise or the actual cake :)

Docs center

After a few weeks of hard work, the Docs site was finally opened to public. The docs site enables you view all support content on one place.

Taking this further, we are also working on a custom support solution to combine documentation, forums and help desk together which will make support easier, faster and more efficient. More news on this later.

Conferences & Events

WordCamp Mumbai was the fourth WC event in India. Just like in Jabalpur, we attended and spoke at the event.

Also we had the privilege to attend the PressNomics conference in Phoenix, Arizona and meet up with so many popular WP folks.


While you were on Christmas holidays, we moved over to FireHost for better security and stability. This means you will have better access to website and less downtimes :)

Finally, ended the year with Christmas sale. You still have until tomorrow to get benefit of Buy 1, Get 3 themes and club membership offer.

So that was year 2012. Looking back, I guess we matured as a business and took some bitter but right decisions. This not being the fastest but a good, awesome year for us.

We are turning 5 year old in year 2013 and hope to bring in awesome innovations and solutions that will make online presence quicker and easier for everyone this year.

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Year 2012 – an overview

  1. Aman says:

    * WordCamp Mumbai was the fourth in India

    1. Vedran says:

      You’re right, Delhi, Cuttack, Jabalpur and then Mumbai. I modified the post – thanks!

  2. Steel says:

    Does the Aggregator theme allow a feed from Google indexed words that I have feeding into my Google email?

    1. Vedran says:

      No, I’m afraid it can’t work like that.

  3. Lavneet Sharma says:

    Nice work. Templatic themes needs to work on Blogging wordpress themes rather than corporate ones. ;)

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