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Ever since started we’ve released at least 2 themes per month on average. On few occasions we even managed to release three themes in a single month. However, time has changed and you probably already noticed that most of our newer additions are “app-like” themes which are way different than simple magazine and portfolio themes. These themes demand a lot more time and effort when it comes to research, designing, programming totally new functionalities and so on.

On the other hand, WordPress as well has evolved to a totally different height with lots of new possibilities. Some of our popular themes like Real Estate, Job Board, E-commerce Themes, GeoPlaces etc. need a well-deserved facelift. On top of that, several recently released themes like Daily Deal, PlusOne etc. need some important additions.

This leads us to a decision of releasing one theme per month instead of two. The additional time will give us time on upgrading existing themes and spend some more time on a theme that we release every month.

This directly affects our existing club members and we would love to know your views on what do you think about this decision.

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  1. Scot says:


    My suggestion wold be to spend less time on releasing new themes and more time making sure newly released themes are bug-free, older themes are kept up-to-date and support forums are top-notch.


    1. Cristian O. Balan says:

      I agree!

    2. Santi says:

      I love this comment. In a constructive adiction i would like to say to graphic designers than… …what about a little view… ….for example… …other website with templates (no names here) and see what is in wp aesthetic of several themes? Thanks!

  2. Ed Dowding says:

    It’s a little annoying really. I was already frustrated by the number of app themes as opposed to just clean, good design which I could adapt. I chances of me building a hotel site / estate agent site are pretty slim, and if I do it will probably be with another design and plugin functionality. Maybe you could develop plugins and sell those, and develop themes which work well with them?

  3. Vivek Parmar says:

    Creating a well designed WordPress Theme require time.
    A sad news to affiliates :(

  4. Altberger says:

    Better to develop one amazing theme per month then 2 ordinary per month.

    Also supporting ur decision in upgrading older themes.

    Go Templatic! ^^

  5. Andreas says:

    I am OK with you just releasing one theme per month if the one theme is great – but if I can’t use the theme or it is not as great as you might think I will just leave.
    Chances are that with releasing only one theme per month you will not meet the needs of most of your subscribers because frankly I don’t care whether the support for plus one is great if I don’t need it.

    I hope this helps.


    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      You’ve got a fair & valid point here. As a templatic club member, how would you like for this to be sorted out?

  6. Angela Denby says:

    I think you’re doing a great job with creating themes that are in line with trends and different from the other options out there. I’ve been able to use many of your themes in client and personal projects, and I am happy that you’re dedicating time to updating the existing themes. :)

  7. says:

    good idea to focus on one good theme per month while updating older themes

  8. Shan says:

    Spend your time in making the current themes great, I rather you give me 10 themes that work perfectly, instead of a 100 so so themes. Spend your time on support too, it is not fun for us to have issues but not hearing back from you in days. We want to see you grow and be successful.

  9. Simon says:

    Updating olter themes is a good idea, especially with subjects like responsive webdesign becoming increasingly important. I also welcome app themes, however I must say that many of them are way to specific. An app theme for events, classifieds, jobs – great idea, but bring it as neutral as possible. I second other comments, I don’t see myself using real estate or hotel themes.

  10. Steve says:

    I agree that the ‘one’ theme that is created each month will need to have the ‘wow’ factor. As a member, having the privilege of receiving 2 themes each month represented AMAZING value for money, IRRESPECTIVE of whether the theme was of any use for my current needs as it was another one to add to the ever growing list of themes I own.

    However, should the new themes that are released be below par or just not something that I think I would use, then more than likely would cancel my subscription because in todays market, you can pick up some awesome wordpress themes from a lot of places for around $30-$40, so I could purchase 5-6 themes elsewhere for the same money as the subscription.

    It’s a case of let’s see what happens. If your membership base radically reduces then you know you made the wrong decision!

    As always, wish you well in your continued success.


    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Thank you steve. Andreas above mentioned the same concern. As a templatic club member, how would you like for this to be sorted out? I mean maintaining that wow factor while releasing themes that you’d actually use.

      1. Steve says:

        Its a diffucult one.

        I’m a paid up member for a couple of other ‘large’ wordpress theme sites and they had just the one-off fee to purchase all their themes PLUS any forthcoming ones, which was an absolute steal.

        It also meant, if they brought out a few themes out that you had no intentions of using, it didnt matter because you weren’t continually paying a yearly subscription.

        Because your site remains a yearly fee/or monthly fee, you have to make sure that members are fully catered for and this normally means creating constant new themes and making sure old themes remain up-to-date with new releases of WP.

        I have to decide at some stage, whether I continue to be a member by making further payments or cancel and have no further access.

        Which one makes you more money?

        I do think one release per month is fine, I do have to admit though that recent releases haven’t excited me.

        Nobody has yet to come up with a WOW ‘small business’ theme that you could have for say, electricians, carpenters, landscape gardners, plumbers. These are ideal small buisnesses that need help in the current economic climate and it would be great to have someone develop a framework that could easily be adpted to all of the above and more.


        1. Doug says:

          I agree with Steve… I can buy one flexible theme from other sources and have been doubting to continue my subscription… It’s acually a lot of money for these themes that I mostly don’t use. Small local businesses is where the money is not big businesses.

          One problem I have is that I cannot configure the payment services to be subscription based and most of my new sites are designed for that so I have to do a work around after the sale and that is not very professional looking that it does not work cleanly through the theme.

          Yes update the old ones but come out with more relevant new ones or I will be leaving as well.

  11. Jason says:

    Maybe do a hybrid approach, one app theme a month and possibly one well designed,clean, straight theme. I find I’m looking for themes as well as the apps. Or one app theme every other month an two straight themes every other month?

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Awesome. Your input sounds practical and welcome. We’d love to take this approach.

      However, we didn’t quite receive good response upon releasing themes like Mini Magazine and Private Lawyer which were magazine and portfolio like themes.

      What do other club members think about this?

      1. N!cklas says:

        I think this is a great idea! I personally doesn’t use the app-themes much, so a combo of the both sounds great to me

  12. Peter says:

    In my opinion it is better to release one theme which is properly tested.
    this will save our time and tech support time answering our questions.
    One but good one and I think that upgrading existing themes will benefit all of us.
    Good job guys

  13. Kim Atkins says:

    I also, don’t have a problem with this. I use many of your ‘app-themes’ and like the idea of these being developed further.

  14. Alek Z. says:

    Quality vs. Quantity, I think Quality should win. Even though you guys make great themes, some of them are need more attention.

  15. Emily says:

    I was waiting for a long time for new themes since last time Templatic asked everyone’s opinion for the Daily Deal theme. Now, Templatic is asking members comments again. I don’t know how long will take next theme to release. I was wondering, if Tempaltic fired some software staffs that’s why not that many themes released or there might something happened with Templatic company?
    I won’t like if the themes not good at functionally but want members to buy more plugs because that will loss the attraction for people to join I think. I might will look for other theme company if this happen.
    However, it is just wondering. I hope there everything is okay. I like Templatic’s idea of themes. I hope the themes can be develop bugs free and good functionally themes.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Hello Emily,

      Thanks for the genuine concern. Nope, we didn’t fire anyone. Infact, more people have joined us and now we are 14 people working full time at templatic. Templatic is progressing. We are also hiring more people in support and development.

      None of our themes require members to buy third party plugins. Yep, sometime we do support third-party FREE plugins which would add additional benefits into the theme.

      If you read rest of the comments, the general voice of the community was that we should upgrade the existing themes. That definitely requires time and resource. That is why this decision.

  16. Mark says:

    Quality specialised themes are the way to go, with the ‘pretty but no functionality’ theme market being flooded. That’s why we joined.

    So time spent making their use as flexible as possible, multilingual and mobile friendly is never wasted. Along with updating older themes to auto upgrade (Framework).

    1 a month would be a shame, but as a short to medium term plan to get up to date, it would be a good move.

    Especially if current members can vote on the new specialised themes it needs and how they should work, plus functional improvements to older ones.

    On the Hotels Theme, for instance, almost all hotels offer their rooms on big booking systems. And they will not take the time to duplicate their data entry on their own site. Making the ‘booking element’ only suited to very small outfits, as best. If a way cannot be found to update it and popular booking engines simultaneously, it may not be that usable.

    Allowing time to make themes suitable to their likely application would be worth the change, if it couldn’t be done otherwise.

  17. Sergio A says:

    I always prefer quality over quantity. But i got to say i agreed with most of the other comments. Work on themes that we really can use and properly tested.

  18. Jason Capshaw says:

    I agree with your decision. Your new themes are more app like and some of the older themes do need some updating and new features. I am not disappointed with your decision.

  19. David says:

    spend less time on releasing new themes and more time making sure newly released themes are bug-free, older themes are kept up-to-date and support forums are top-notch.

    and pls keep up the cool app-like approach that takes full advantage of the new WP powers! i think that is where templatic wins over other theme makers. you make themes that are businesses in themselves. app-power, WP-power, lets not waste it. that is what I love most about Templatic vs all the other regular theme makers. You guys help us build true businesses by the power of a theme – few if any theme makers can say that.

  20. Rick says:

    I don’t mind getting one new theme a month as long as we are also getting monthly updates on the older themes.

  21. Lujo says:

    I think that you are one the right way to success, because I prefer quality over quantity. You should see which theme has most activity on user’s forum and there is answer which theme should be the first to upgrade.
    There are some themes which are (like you already said) failed, but don’t bother with it they are not the last and it is good. Rather focus on developing: easier theme customization (simple design is the best for this) and bug-free themes (as much as possible).

    I think this would help you.
    Best regards, Lujo.

  22. Lori says:

    I agree with the others – quality over quantity. I think your decision is wise one. I’m all for it.

  23. jerry says:

    I agree with your decision. One feature that would be nice would be an import/export settings feature. Please consider a plugin for allowing us to quickly setup new sites using old settings.


  24. Eli says:

    Agree. Look at AppThemes – they aren’t able to release even 2 themes a year.

  25. Kimberly says:

    I am fine with the consensus here; update what you have. I need more tutorials though, haha.

    1. Vedran says:

      Actually we are working on this more and more lately. If you have any guide suggestions be sure to let us know. There is a good chance you’ll see them in the near future.

  26. Debbie says:

    I use Templatic themes because of the extra development of graphic design work (although I end up re-skinning), advanced functions, and theme support. I’m here for the quality not quantity. There are plenty of average themes on the market. I believe Templatic’s niche should be about the higher quality, advanced functions, and (of course) trouble free themes.

    I also like some of the earlier suggestions of framework and child theme releases like StudioPress uses. Shopping Cart, Musician themes with some elements of CDBaby, more short-code development like //, and high quality portfolio themes.

    In my opinion Theme support gets lost when theme volume is the focus.

    Thanks for asking –

  27. severus says:

    Before I say my opinion:

    GeoPlaces was released in September 2010, about a year ago. There is not reason to keep such a good ideas full of bugs.


    Templatic is not releasing anymore WordPress theme. I understand that you guys are releasing “Ready web business solutions”, therefore your clients are likely to be companies, developers and business-minded people, no the simple traditional blogger. Such clients demand more robust solutions rather than more a more niche-ready web solutions. Nobody is jumping from one business to the other.

    Rather than released one theme or web solution per month I would dig deeper and deeper in your portfolio in four directions:

    – Integrating more and more features into old themes to revalue then. For example: Facebook sign up I am just mentioning one.
    – Getting more robust solutions to meet the leaders of the niche. For example what there is in here: // or here // that could be integrated into GeoPlaces to push it in front of your own concurrence as WordPress developers?
    – Adapting to WordPress development. Most of the WordPress powered sites are ending in multisite huge networks. Thinking all your stuff to be integrated with each other will push forward Templatic. For example: If I could easily integrate to a SpaSalon a shop to sell cosmetics, a magazine to communicate the news of my brand and a Video Channel for whatever business reason, you will be giving most power to my company. You have everything there; just integrate it and that’s all! Nobody is thinking that way. Yes it is hard, but it is also better.
    – Further developing the themes by LISTENING the needs or suggestion of your final users. This point not just helps you to solve real problems but will keep your clients renovating their membership.

    Two more things:

    – pend some resources in giving a better customer support with people who are specialized in a this business and knows all your themes with close eyes.
    – Localization: If you provide ready Web business solution they have to be easy to get translated into any language.
    Imagine a Swedish Hotel Owner (Hotel booking), a massage studio in Italy (Spa Salon), a Doctor in Greek (Appointment), a Shoe Shop in Spain (Emporium) or a Webhosting company in Brazil (Webhosting). You brought a problem for all of those companies: all the employees have to be English literate in order to manage the BACK END of Templatic themes. Because LOCALIZATION MEANS TRANSLATE THE WHOLE SITE: BACK-END AND FRONT-END.
    Under that light Templatic has never finished a theme for us the non native English clients. You are selling us a problem.

    Coming back to your question, I think it is already a good start is you abandon that race for releasing more themes than nobody. A theme needs times and several versions in order to be bug-free, and robust.

    After one year of releasing GeoPlaces if you would have keep working on it, making it bug-free and integrating more features it would be for sure the best product of its kind in the whole Web and that my friend would attract more clients to you. Think about it, it is a good investment.

  28. Miklos says:

    I love your “apps like” themes so please continue this with one per month or one per two month because I think the quality is more important than quantity…

    And maybe you can collect the apps ideas on club members area and we can vote about them?

  29. Michael says:

    I suggested the same thing for Geo Places. The theme will explode more features are added. Study these sites:


    GP needs a deals/coupons section for merchants and businesses. It needs more skins too.

    Most importantly, why don’t you add a roadmap page like appthemes so your customers know what to expect?

  30. alex says:

    I think for most of us, simple themes is not what we are looking for. We can build or buy those elsewhere.

    But the more technical (like real estate, classifieds, etc) plus app themes that are highly customisable without having to rewrite code, that works as promised, would be welcome. One or two per month where those themes are different to everything else on the market would suit me.

    The challenge I have is the existing themes provide a base, but then I am constantly removing or adding lines of php and changing radically the css, so that when the necessary update comes, it is more problematic than helpful. What I would sincerely appreciate are fewer top class themes on which there are many more changeable options.

    Having said all that, you guys do great work. Keep it up.

  31. Ned says:

    I purchased my club membership just a few weeks ago. I had looked long and hard at all other competitor products before arriving at a decision to purchase Templatic. Part of the appeal was the two new designs each month.

    This decision disappoints me.

  32. ray says:

    I would like to see more quality than quantity. More robust themes and least bugs are better than more themes that would create disruptions to a site because of problems. So, yes one theme a month is fine.

  33. Brian says:

    Considering you are reducing the value of your club membership by releasing fewer themes, will you also be reducing the price?

  34. Raymond says:

    My opinion is that this is a good decision, i also prefer 1 great theme instead of 2 ordinary.

  35. Sajith says:

    I think steve got a point . But that doesnt mean that I am against improvising the quality of our existing themes. At the bottom level we all are concerned about what we have in it . Bhavesh you are doing good . even if there are some bugs your new themes all do rock . I dont have any prob with monthly one themem pattern because the quality of theme matters than the number of themes.

    And in the mean time I dont believe that the club memebrs are just using all the themes you deliver. Even if you deliver 24 theme a month say 10 to 12 may be utilized by the members . So I think we should take it positive and be with bhavesh in this transformation

  36. Maccimum says:

    Good idea to focus on one good theme per month while updating older themes…

  37. Kevin says:

    Your dilema is a real one and I applaud your choice to share it with us in this forum. I’m not sure that it’s possible however to make this change without losing a significant number of your existing club members. I’m also not sure it has to be an either/or type of choice between quality and quantity. Perhaps you can satisfy the concerns of your club members from a quality and quantity standpoint, while also ensuring your ability to meet both of these goals in a way that makes sense for your business. Here’s a suggestions:

    First, grandfather existing club members into an updated membership model that includes two high-quality themes per month, AND also provide regular updates to existing themes to make them more relevant, at the existing price. So long as they consistently maintain their membership, the pricing will continue to be honored.

    Second, extend a limited time offer to other customers to become club members at the existing price.

    Third, raise the initial membership fee and the monthly fee to new level. Discuss value-added membership features with your community that might cost you little to set-up but be of great value to your member community, like more tutorials on customization, how to market their business, ways to monetize, etc. Reserve theme updates only for club members.

    You could also consider a tiered approach where the basic club fee gets you regular updates to existing themes and one new theme per month, and a “plus” membership that gets you a second theme each month for a slightly higher amount.

    Just food for thought. I guess my point is that I wouldn’t settle for the conclusion that it has to be an “either/or” choice, because it’s likely that a reasonable “both/and” solution exists that can not only satisfy existing club members but perhaps position to more effectively attract, win, and grow new customers, and more profitably going forward.

    I like you guys and I’m rooting for you. Good luck.


    1. Kevin says:

      By the way, I’ll trust your decision either way, and continue to support you as a club member. Thanks!

      1. Vedran says:

        Thanks Kevin. We really appreciate the support.

    2. Sajith says:

      Yes Kevin you are on to the point . Me too wont be moving away just because you made a policy change to improvise quality . But I Suggest to look more into the forums and support line

  38. Denis says:

    That’s right decision! You guys have so many good releases,and i think it will be better to improve existing themes and make them perfect! I like your themes for that they are business itself. It will be VERY interesting to have opportunity to combine themes or some parts of them, for example geoplaces+dailydeal, map from geoplaces + realestate, news site + classifides + plus one etc.

  39. Cristian O. Balan says:

    I support your decision and I hope that you will only do good works that will repay your choice.

    In one of your recent email, we hasten (in August) to test a WP before its release, it HAD to be within a preset time. For me it was a stupid thing.
    You say you want to have opinions, suggestions of new features, bug tracking … however to be able to release the theme on day X? It makes no sense!

    Here, this last news reveals a reversal of everything, and I’m happy. :)

    Unfortunately, so far, I have not had a good experience with Templatic. I bought 3 themes from you, but I have not made ??much with them.

    Kidz Store
    For a personal project but it never came to fruition. Mainly for personal matters, but the fact that the theme used a very cumbersome ecommerce system, certainly did not help me. Next, you have made ??Templatic Ecommerce Framework, but it was too late for me. I have not even tried to see if it was valid.

    Geo Places
    A bad experience. We bought it to replace an old theme used on an existing WP site. We thought it was a viable alternative. But it soon became a flop because of the multitude of bugs and strange way of working.
    And then the support of this, “try this file and see if it works”, then files that did not work with future updates (or the problem that was solved, and then came up again with future updates)… let us at least stunned.
    We tried again with version 2, but to no avail.
    With the (first) version 3, something has changed. We also made a Geo Places study by a team of professional programmers, to assess how long it would cost to modify it to suit our needs. We needed some sort of GeoPlaces with the addition of the current DailyDeal.
    There was costing too much and now we are still undecided whether to change our theme with Geo Places, or wait for some future release more complete and more RATIONAL.

    A theme used for a small hairdressing client who did not want to spend much (or rather, did not want to spend anything :D). However, I am convinced that it was better to pay a theme to have a good work.
    I looked for a graphic apropriate so I proposed Rejuvenate, along with other WP themes. After long discus, the customer has chosen Rejuvenate, which was the most expensive.
    Again, I found out later that the structure of the theme, and its features, I was not at all convinced. Certainly, compared to other WP themes (just take a ride on ThemeForest), the cost was not justified.

    We spend about 2-3,000 $ a year for the purchase of several WP themes (individual purchases, premium members etc…). Surely before reconsider Templatic, we try again to implement Geo Places. It will be the test of maturity.

    I hope that your last decision will improve our experience. I’m sure your decision is more than fair and promising. ;)

  40. Ed Fowlkes Jr. says:

    I would love to see you take GeoPlaces to the level it should be as it could be sooo awesome.
    I prefer 1 great theme instead of 2 average ones per month.
    Please work on updating/upgrading GeoPlaces next.

  41. Carl P. says:

    Personally, I believe that you have quite a few products already. Of course we can always enjoy more. But, why not focus more upon broadening these existing ones to better standards and features, than just extending your product line and having many disgruntle members needing fixes.

    I am truly debating upon purchasing the club membership. I have purchased 4 of your products so far (basically already spent the money for it), and each need bugs corrected. I understand that this is common, but I have been displeased with the support. being that here is a network of your themes I would like to include in an idea, I am hesitant to move forward and needing support from you guys while being live. Because it takes awhile for support. Or when I do receive it, many times the responses from you guys just delay the time to fix.

    Offer club members more of an interactive support feature… chat during certain hours? Or somehow offer quicker and more thorough responses. It is almost like post problem, get a response in a day or two, then I got to respond, wait another day or two… it is frustrating. Especially, if I would have a live website that needs immediate attention for something.

    Provide quicker and better support, and I do not believe providing as much “new” products would be a concern.

  42. Shan says:

    Yes Yes GeoPlaces / DailyDeal next. They have so much potential

  43. David says:

    “Nobody has yet to come up with a WOW ‘small business’ theme that you could have for say, electricians, carpenters, landscape gardners, plumbers. ”

    I think so too, small business is an explosive growth area. And there are no effective themes for that.

  44. David says:

    And Geoplaces advancement, that is also good approach

  45. Michael says:

    I posted some websites above that you can study. Perhaps you can develop similar or better features. These are mainly directory scripts with “deals” or “coupons” section where advertisers (merchants and business owners) can offer special promotions.

    Geo Places+Deals (Coupons) should be on top of your list.

    Here’s another directory site with “Hot Offers” or coupons added to it:

    The only thing missing on easydirectorymanager is a mobile version but it will be added soon. I hope you do the same for Geo Places.

  46. Vedran says:

    Thank you very much for all your suggestions! GeoPlaces and DailyDeal mix would be awesome, the only question is how would that work from a developer perspective. Both GP and DD are massive themes… That said, we’ll definitely talk to our coding team about it.

    Regarding the theme for small businesses. What functionality should such a theme have? I mean, you can create a site for a plumber using any number of WP themes, but what is the must-have feature of a theme like that?

    Again, thank you for all your suggestions. You’re the best!

    1. Cristian O. Balan says:

      Here are some comments that need moderation. Please take a look, thanks. :)

  47. severus says:


    I think the question should be “what the market needs” and “what there is in the market to feed that need” rather than what a developer think. Developers work for the market answering to a demand and build websites to please a client not himself.

    Looking to the majority of the answers here it seems there is a demand for such a business site.

    Geoplaces allow to provide information, but lack from sales capabilities.

    DailyDeals provide the sales, but it is difficult to show local business. For example if you sale a coupon that could be used in several restaurants of the same city.

    I am convinced that such a site would be very powerful; GeoPlaces and DailyDeals are just the pick of the iceberg each one in its own field. Combining both of then in one would become a awesome site.

    But I think you should not try to create such a massive site in one go. WordPress became such a great platform because its team is always working in a new version, improving it, and listening the market. I think you should imitate it.

  48. Duane says:

    Firstly, I agree with the decision to release 1x Excellent Free Theme per month, however the themes should be bug free and have more localization built-in, especially in terms of Currency Support for Shoping Carts etc For the most part we and our customers are using these Themes to make money in one way or another.

    Another crucial element is to ensure the themes can load a hell of a lot faster than they currently do. With the likes of Google penalising sites that are slow & thus affecting overall SEO, speedy downloading by a visitor’s browser is essential.

    Also, it would be nice to have a tool for changing the background of all themes. Release the theme with 5 or more skins, as usual but include an option to change the background using a tile or HTML Colour Code. The design possibilities are then endless (i.e. you could have 1000’s of sites with the same theme & they will all look somewhat different)

    Although I personally haven’t experienced slow turn-around by Templatic Support (Thank You), from these and other posts, I do suggest that the support channel be looked and improved. Related to this, is that there are too many instances where support issues are ‘defined as being not within the scope’ and referred to being a customization jobs, when they are in fact ‘Bugs in the Theme’ (GeoPlaces being a good example).

    I believe Steve is correct in saying…
    “Nobody has yet to come up with a WOW ‘small business’ theme that you could have for say, electricians, carpenters, landscape gardners, plumbers. So this would be a nice addition!”

    Otherwise, keep up the Good Work and the great themes (all be it only one a month)

  49. Duane says:

    Oops Aplogies guys: first line in previous comment was meant to read:

    Firstly, I agree with the decision to release 1x Excellent BUG FREE Theme per month…

  50. Clive says:

    As someone who was looking at joining ‘the club’ im now rather nervous by the talk of the issues within the current templates. GeoP , Deals and Storebox are 3 themes that I was very interested in but now im not so sure. $300 + $15 a month is a yearly charge of $480, not a small sum but a fair price if the themes do what they say.

    In relation to dropping down to 1 theme a month I dont have a problem with it, looking at it from someone who is ‘on the fence’ it wouldn’t disuade me from joining but the apparent support issues do. Im assuming the $15 a month charge is a support fee in reality?

  51. Emily says:

    it is a good idea, get better theme, one for each month is okay i guess, of course I do want more, but you try your best. I love Temptatic’s themes. I couldn’t find good themes like this in any other companies.
    Now, I just want see the new good themes. When can that release again?

    Wish everyone have great day.

  52. Michael says:

    If you can “really” provide stable themes with strong customer support, I don’t think one theme a month or even less matters.

  53. R.Bhavesh says:

    Looking everyone’s comment, guess we will might release 1 app theme per month or two non-app, business or magazine theme. All this while upgrading existing, advanced themes that requires facelift in front and backend.

    Thank you everyone for supporting our decision and genuine critic. The good result of this will be depicted in here very soon. We have a new theme coming up this month and upgrade of one of our popular theme has already been started. Announcement on this is coming very soon on this blog.

    1. Michael says:

      Awesome development! I hope more features and skins for Geo Places is the one on top of your list.

  54. Franck says:

    Firstly sorry for my english, but if I give my opinion as well it’s evidents that “too more theme kill the theme”.

    I means it’s much better to improve the older’s theme wich all news technologie and especialy to localize the admin backoffice because often our custumers wants their language inside backoffice (i’m french i know all is not perfect it’s joke ;-) ) and I prefer a good widget and/or plug’in as well inside all the themes that a new theme that I don’t have a really time to manage this or found a time to sell it.

    Anyway, Mister Bhavesh I follow you and I’ll stay my premium account until your work will be continue as well.

    Best regards,

  55. Johan Lukas says:

    Making your previous themes up to date with latest seo trends, HTML5, CSS3, Fast loading should be your priority. I have seen websites ranking higher, which are using HTML 5 elements in their template codes.

  56. FranckJ. says:

    I love your ideas for app-like themes. it can be instantly monetizable and the your work is deeper and more valuable.

  57. Motaz says:

    I am considering the club membership. You have built great app-themes that I like.

    My only concern is the fact that custom fields can’t be added from the back-end to any of the app themes.

    1. Vedran says:

      Same of our newer themes (like Daily Deal) have custom fields but yes, most of the themes still don’t have this feature. That said, I believe most of the newly released themes will have custom fields.

      1. Motaz says:

        I am really interested in the current themes like Geo-Places and Real-Estate to have custom fields… and ,my credit card comes out in an instant :) Great themes once again.

        1. R.Bhavesh says:

          Version 4 of this theme will have custom field management + you can manage them by category :)

          So, watch this space for updates on the theme.

          1. Motaz says:

            I wil buy this membership and I wouldn’t have any problems even if you release a new app-theme once every three months (one that is different from what you already offer) and that you release a design theme once a month.

            The package you offer is already so generous and I find it great value for money.

            I have purchased various scripts and tested loads more in the last two years and must say, I am very impressed with your themes as hey are but if you allow me to just add a few points that would make your themes very hard to compete with and less headache for your technical support and us members.

            I respect all your work and appreciate your knowledge to provide all these great themes, please don’t get me wrong but most programmers seem to write a script, theme or program without actually listening to the people that are supposed to run the programs and see what their urgent and real needs are in the program.

            These are basic features that any CMS theme should have for example: Geo-Places, Jobs, Classifieds and Real-Estate:

            1- Multilingual.

            2 – Mobile friendly.

            3 – SEO friendly urls.

            4 – Feature to add custom fields.

            5 – Feature to limit number of image uploads as decided by a payment plan (I really don’t like the limitless images number per listing for server usage and lack of incentive for users to upgrade to plans with more images per listing).

            6 – Feature to add new payment packages and also have as a gateway (not all countries can apply for a PayPal account).

            7 – Feature to limit number of characters entered per ‘text area’ or ‘String’ type fields.

            8 – Feature to have dependent ‘select’ type fields.

            9 – Option to edit all default fields on submission forms.

            10 – Meta description and Meta keywords fields for listing submission forms.

            11- When submitting a lisiting, the categories selector should be shown as a ‘select’ type menu, not select buttons. (good for sites with many categories).

            12 – On listing submission form, an option to set number of allowed categories allowed according to payment plan.

            A theme built with such features as basic features plus all the extra ones you think of, even if it costs more, will truly be the best seller theme online,

            What do you think?

  58. Cristian B. says:

    It would be great if you will implement step 5.

  59. Fibroids Treatment says:

    I prefer 1 great theme instead of 2 average ones per month.
    Please work on updating/upgrading GeoPlaces next.

  60. Ultrasound Ablation says:

    One feature that would be nice would be an import/export settings feature. Please consider a plugin for allowing us to quickly setup new sites using old settings.

  61. Focused Ultrasound Surgery says:

    I dont have any prob with monthly one themem pattern because the quality of theme matters than the number of themes.

  62. Motaz says:

    Just to add a few more points… If you would like to take them into account.

    13 – Custom fields should have options to be searchable from searchbar on frontend or advanced search or whatever filtering is used.

    14 – Custom fields should give admin options to make them required or not. (very important)

    15 – Perhaps adding field groups so fields could be better organized for end user.

    16- Give admin option to sell subscription based and paid packages.

    The magic is all in the custom fields changes you need to do, so really GeoPlaces could be turned into almost any directory by setting new question by custom fields and changing header banner pictures, logo etc. Make it bug-free and it has the potential to be a cars classifieds to real-estate, Business Directory, general classifieds to a plubers directory, restaurants or whatever.

    Then you could customize the GeoPlaces as a few of the above examples as your demos and provide them as different themes. Obviously not a way of short-changing your members on a new script a month but it would be considered as a new theme if it were czstimized.

    In short, make GeoPlaces as flexible as possible and that would give you more time to release more themes that are not app themes because Iam sure it would take more than a couple of days to turn a flexible GeoPlaces into anything.

    1. R.Bhavesh says:

      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback as a real biz owner who actually uses this script. I am happy to mention that most of your suggestions have already founded a way into our plan and development of GeoPlaces 4 has begun. Take a look here //

      I’d love to have you take an active participation in forums for this so as to discuss and debate the changes into this theme.

  63. Franck says:

    I’ll be back once again on this post, Would be possible to have on our Dashboard a ZIP file with all files .MO of themes?
    This for me is a good feature which to allow us to translate Admin and some words of themes on our language differents.

    All of features explain Motaz are a really “Economic added value” it’s much better to do this that lots of themes which perhaps no use.

    I want signaled two problems in the download dashboard the Zip file theme of DailyDeals would be a problem and the files of zdisabled are not present you go on 404 page.

    I again says if you ‘re continued with this quality I would be continued to pay my monthly fees.

    Best regards,

  64. jvazquez says:

    could do a theme like //

    1. Cristian B. says:

      Amazing! What theme are that?

  65. Uterine Fibroids says:

    You have built great app-themes that I like.

  66. Fibroids Treatment says:

    Please consider a plugin for allowing us to quickly setup new sites using old settings.

  67. Ultrasound Ablation says:

    But I Suggest to look more into the forums and support line.

  68. Uterine fibroids causes says:

    plugin for allowing us to quickly setup new sites using old settings.

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