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Beautiful Event Directory Websites

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These are the event directory sites that allow the users to post events and view them. The directory theme with the events add-on can be used to create the events Directory websites.

  • Event Directory

    Black Cultural Events

    Events Directory

    Black Cultural Events is your gateway to the rich cultural life of Black Los Angeles. We provide event and directory listings of restaurants, museums, art centers, theaters, and landmarks for African Americans in Los Angeles. We also offer news and content relevant to the local black community. Our site gives advertisers the opportunity to reach a prized and economically influential demographic.

    Purpose: Black Cultural Events provide event and directory listings of restaurants,museums, art centers, theaters, and landmarks for African Americans in Los Angeles.

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  • Event Directory

    All Tech Conferences

    Tech Events Directory

    This is a simple and elegant site that is targetted for events of the technological categories. It aims to let its users find the right tech events. Events submission is also allowed. It offers a way to the event owners to promote their events by getting listed on their site.

    Purpose: The regular event website, but targetted for events of a specific type. This makes it very easy for users of a certain interest-group to search for the event they want.

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  • Directory Websites


    Food Directory

    Discover the latest cocktail bars, wine bars, pubs and restaurants. Find entertainment info on live bands, club nights and arts events with some of the best music venues, museums, galleries and comedy venue listings in Birmingham.

    Purpose: The website is a local guide and it is a information rich directory.

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  • Event Directory

    Eventi Bergamo

    Events Directory

    Eventi, is an events site that lists the events of the place. The front-end user can use this site to post their events. The most interesting thing about this site is that it can be viewed in multiple languages like Japnese, Arabic, Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Romanian and Afrikaans.

    Purpose: How nice it is to have your users click on a button and the whole site gets translated in their local language. The wpml compatibility of directory theme lets you make this possible. Create a multi-lingual directory, and make it possible for people to choose the language they’re comfortable with. This definately will increase your site traffic and useablility.

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  • Eat Drink Seek

    A cheerful Directory website

    This is the food and drink festival directory for WordPress provides category based listings of for such events in UK. With the use of advanced search widget on the front banner, they have made it extremely easier for the visitors to find what they’re looking for.

    Purpose: A beautiful website dedicated to help the people of UK to find local food and drink festivals around them.

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    Event Directory
  • Cuisine directory website

    Massage Directory

    Massage center directory & events portal

    Massagecedirectory is a multi-city directory for local massage CE courses and classes. All the massage centers as well as the message classes can submit their listings on this website. They offer free submission for first 6 months.

    The website has a minimal design, and allows paid submissions as well as Google AdSense advertisements to make money. The theme has used the Eventum directory theme with minor color and design customizations to create a beautiful & feature rich online directory.

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  • Cuisine directory website

    Martial Arena

    Martial arts related Events

    Martial Arena is a website in Italian language. It is a translated events directory with free front end event submission.

    Martial Arena uses the Eventum theme in it’s basic form, without any advanced customizations. It is a beautiful and feature rich website to display location based event listings.

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  • El Maestro Del Presente

    Non-profit/Events Directory

    The website is a translated one in Dutch language. is owned and managed for SIRD which is a non profit organization.

    The website lists all the events related to the institution. It is an informative website with events and galleries without front end submissions and any kind of monetization. Since it is dedicated to events and activities related to the institute, user registration and submission systems are totally removed from the site.

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