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WordPress Architect Themes

Welcome to our collection of the best WordPress Architecture themes. Here are some of the ready to use WordPress templates for architects, engineers, interior/exterior designers and construction business owners to create their official website.

These Architecture & Portfolio WordPress Theme are ideal for you if you want to create simple websites for your architecture company. These themes are flexible, easy to use and highly customizable.

So you can create beautiful and feature rich websites in moments. Also, you can make your Architecture company website look and work how you want.

And the best thing about these architecture templates is that you don’t need technical expertise. You can get your site live on your own, without hiring programmers and designers.

DIY themes for Architects and civil engineers to create their own website

CMS like WordPress and others have completely revolutionized website building. What once took weeks, if not months to be built, can now be created in minutes.

Just few clicks and you can create professional looking websites for your business. These WordPress Architecture themes are built with the same intention.

The WordPress themes for architecture firms are created to help you build websites on your own. They come with an intuitive interface and dashboard options to make it easy for you.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, or a builder trying to create your website on your own. Or you are a student trying to develop a niche website as a part of school or college project. These architecture templates are ideal for everyone.

They enable you to create feature rich website without hiring experts. No need to waste your time, money and efforts looking for professional website builders. Create your website on your own and get rid of the expenses to hire a website building agency.

It’s quite inconvenient to reach out to your programmers, everytime you want minor changes into your website. Instead, try building your website on your own. Using these Architecture WordPress themes is as easy as using mobile applications.

Besides, help is just around the corner using the theme guide and technical support. So you can get started with your website building confidently and get yourself a professional Architecture company website on your own.

Beautiful and responsive architecture templates

Here are some modern WordPress theme for architecture and interior design websites websites.

All these themes for architecture firm also look equally elegant on mobile devices. Websites created with these responsive themes look great regardless of the screen type, size and resolution.

To see how your website will look on mobile devices, check out the theme demo on your mobile phone. These WordPress Theme exclusively built for architecture, design and interior design portfolio websites also function flawlessly on mobile devices.

The navigational links, useful screen elements and menus appear and work well so that your mobile visitors can browse through your website easily.

Responsiveness of your WordPress architecture website increases user friendliness. This positively affects the user experience and hence visibility of your site.

Ready to use page templates and contact form

WordPress templates are designed to make your work easier for you. And one of the time consuming task while creating websites is designing pages. Even though nowadays, there are plenty of page builder based themes in the WordPress market, creating page design demands efforts.

These WordPress architecture themes come with pre-designed page templates. There are different page designs you can use to create different pages.

All the page templates are customizable too. You can set different elements in the sidebars of different pages. You can change the page structure easily by changing different widgets in the relevant widget areas.

These architect themes also come with a ready to use contact form. A contact form is one of the most important elements of your architect firm website. This contact form acts as a medium of communication between your website visitors and your website.

The interested visitors can easily send you a message by using the contact form. Therefore, you can start getting business queries online, through your website.

This way, you can make your website an instrument to get business deals online!

Tell them about your services

These modern WordPress themes for architecture and interior design websites comes with all the features to let you showcase your business functions.

Your business website can help you bring transparency to your business. You can easily add services, portfolio, team members, and testimonials with the available options. No need to design the sections and brainstorm on where to place them.

These Architecture WordPress themes are ideal for agencies, designers, interior designers, builders and concrete developers to create their website on their own. Therefore, there are ready to use sections to display your business details.

So with these architecture portfolio themes, you can create a website that speaks of your services and business values. Your business website, therefore, adds value to your business by conveying its meaning to the people at large.

Demonstrate your accomplished projects and designs

A business website is generally a simple website that your prospective customers can search for when they want to know more about your business and services you provide.

So an architecture firm website is an opportunity for you to tell your visitors about yourself. You can use text, images and videos to express your business history and services.

You can show the examples of your work by demonstrating your accomplished projects. There are pre-designed section in these architect website templates to let you show your services and projects.

There are also widgets for testimonials on your website. Therefore, your website can show

Unparalleled multimedia support

An architecture website needs a lot of media elements to be informative. Therefore, our WordPress architecture themes come with complete multimedia support.

Image galleries: Tell it all with images. Create beautiful galleries to show off your completed projects. The WordPress architecture theme comes with ready to use gallery pages. So you can easily create beautiful galleries, just by uploading the images.

Video support: Sometimes, you might want to upload videos to show off your projects. These WordPress themes for architects and designer support video upload and embedding. You can directly upload videos to your online architect portfolio website. Or you can upload it to popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and then embed it into your website.

SEO friendly WordPress architecture themes

SEO is one of the most important aspects of your WordPress website. WordPress by itself, is an SEO friendly CMS. It is good for your architecture websites as it directly concerns the visibility of your website.

So our WordPress Architecture themes are crafted with strict SEO rules. The code is clean and SEO friendly. Therefore, your WordPress theme promises not to hold back your search engine rankings.

Moreover, these architectural design themes support the best WordPress SEO plugins. Therefore, you can use the plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO pack to create SEO friendly content. With these plugins, you can ensure that all the pages you create and content you add from the front end is SEO friendly.

Therefore, with these SEO friendly architecture templates, you can create amazing websites for your architecture company with great visibility.

Ad monetization ready wordpress architecture themes

These WordPress themes for architecture are all ad monetization ready. These themes come with advertisement widgets to show advertisements seamlessly on your website.

These advertisement widgets can be placed anywhere on the page. Ad banners shown this way do not mess up the website design. You can easily place them in the sidebars, headers, and footers, or anywhere on your pages. They advertisement banners on your architectural site will blend into the design easily.

So even with the colorful advertisement banners on your website, it will look beautiful.

Flexible and customizable WordPress themes

With these architectural design themes, you can create beautiful websites in minutes. However, you may be concerned that with a pre-designed template, you design options will be restricted.

But that’s not true with the Architecture & Portfolio WordPress Themes, they come with intuitive options to create a web design of your choice.

The homepage of your architecture theme is widget-based. All the content blocks you see here are widgets arranged in relevant widget area. So if you want to change how your website looks, you can simply move the widgets in and out of the widget areas.

You can completely change the page structure by rearranging the widgets. You can therefore decide what content you want to show on your homepage. Even the other pages of the theme are widget ready.

Besides, using the easy dashboard options, you can change the colors, upload your logo and customize your website as much as you need.

Technical support to help you setup your architecture site

On purchase of one of our WordPress themes, you get the access to the theme guide and one year worth of support. Both of these will help you to be able to set up your website on your own.

Theme Documentation

Your WordPress architecture website comes with easy and intuitive options. So without hiring professionals or any help from experts, you can create beautiful websites in just moments.

To help you create your architecture design website on your own, our WordPress themes for architects and designers come with the theme guide. When you purchase any of the architecture themes, you get access to the theme documentation.

The theme documentation includes the theme guide as well as other documents that you might need to set up your website. The theme guide is essentially like a user manual you get with technical products. It contains all the documented steps on how to use the theme features and set up your website.

It consists of all the steps starting from installation, to customization. It also explains the theme features and depicts the steps to be followed to change your website’s settings. Therefore, while setting up your website, our theme documentation will guide you, step by step.

Technical support

Sometimes while setting up your website, you might have questions that the theme guide doesn’t address. Even though our theme documentation covers almost everything regarding the theme setup, we have another way to solve your problems.

You can contact us and let us know your confusion/query. Drop a mail at [email protected] or use this form to contact us. Our technical support team will try to get back to you with a relevant answer as soon as possible.

With the available support option, you can create website on your own. Create your site on your own and give it the personal touch, only you as an owner can give.

Themes ideal for interior and exterior designer

These WordPress Themes for Architects can be used by interior and exterior designers to create their website. Especially those business persons, who don’t want to rely on other firms to get their website created.

So that the engineers and architects can focus on their designing and projects, these themes come with limited options. Too many options often tend to confuse people. Therefore, these wordpress themes for architecture firms come with thoughfully placed backend options.

So you can create your architecture company website easily, in minutes. These architecture templates are designed with the needs of architects and engineers in mind. So even you as an admin will find the theme options panel to be userfriendly.

Or choose from the WordPress Construction themes

Here are the WordPress themes for architecture firms, but there are a few more alternatives.

Besides the WordPress architecture themes, we also have a few Construction website templates in our collection. All these templates can also be used by architects, designers and interior or exterior designer. These are the multipurpose WordPress construction business themes. The collection also includes some themes with the quick and easy front-end editor.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at our multipurpose business themes for WordPress. This collection includes general purpose as well as niche designs to create your architecture business website.

Frequently asked Questions

Who can use this theme?

These WordPress architecture themes are for architects, designers, engineers, interior and exterior designers. They are also for builders, contractors, or anyone related to such industry. Besides, these themes can also be used as business themes to create corporate websites.

How long can I use these themes?

You can use these WordPress themes for architect and designers for as long as you want. Even though the support and updates are limited for one year after purchase, you can use it without support and updates.

Can I upload videos to this architecture firm website?

Yes, you can upload videos. These WordPress Architecture themes, allow you to upload or embed videos.