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WordPress Themes for Authors

Looking for perfect themes for your author websites?

These book writer’s templates are designed to please your readers and boost your sales. Promote your books, sell digital products or create a book review website, or create an official author’s website.

The themes can be used for a variety of purposes. They are flexible so that you can customize them and change their settings to fit your purpose.

However, before starting with a website, you will have many questions in your mind. And the biggest one is..

What makes WordPress best for your book launch websites?

Before you start, you might be wondering if WordPress is the right choice to create a website related to book writers, authors, and ebooks. Well, be assured that WordPress is perfect. Following are a few perks of using WordPress for your ebooks website.

  • WordPress is so easy to use that you will be able to create and manage your website. You won’t have to pay to programmers or designers to get your website created.
  • Another good reason to prefer WordPress is its flexibility.
  • WordPress is open source and if you are a programmer, you can tweak it to add functionalities. If you aren’t a programmer, there are hundreds of WordPress plugins available. You can integrate the one with the feature you want and enhance the usability of your site.
  • WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and you can easily use it even if you are a nontechie. You can literally create your websites on your own without writing a line of code.
  • Moreover, there are abundant WordPress Theme for Authors and writers. You can pick the one that appeals you the most.
  • WordPress and the WordPress themes come with an app like interface. There are intuitive options using which you can manage your site. You can easily choose the options and make your website look and behave exactly the way you plan.

The ones we’ve listed here are just a few of the many advantages of preferring WordPress over other CMS. You can preferably to create websites related to book authors, publishers, and ebooks website, etc.

Now we know WordPress is perfect for any purpose. Let’s see what are the most common types of websites that you can create with these WordPress themes for authors.

Types of websites you can create with these themes for authors

There is an abundant number of WordPress theme available on the internet. But how will you choose the best for you?

Typically, there are niche specific themes designed for a specific purpose – Themes for hotels, themes for eCommerce website, etc. There are also multi-purpose or general purpose themes. These are the themes that can be used for any subject.

Here, in this list, you have a few author and book launch related themes. You can go for any of these book landing page templates and choose one from them.

They are niche specific as well as flexible. You can implement your creativity and use them for a different purpose. Here are just a few examples of what the theme can do best.

A book launch website/landing page

If you are an author and want to create an informative website to promote your upcoming book, these themes are best for you. Run online book marketing and publicity campaign for your book launch.

WordPress themes are for you if you want to create a book launch landing page websites without having to learn coding and programming.

So if you want to create a book launch website, grab a book launch WordPress theme, key in details about your book. And then structure an appropriate call to action.

You can let your visitors download a few pages before to decide if they want to buy the book.

You can also present them with attractive graphics, videos, etc based on the marketing tactics to promote your book. There are literally infinite ways you can use a book launch website for your book promotions.

Generally, the must haves for a book launch website are –

  • A proper design and graphics arrangement based on the book’s theme
  • Images and synopsis of the book
  • Proper description of subject and synopsis
  • A well-designed call to action section
  • A Working contact form

Publisher’s website for book promotions

You can create a website for your publishing agency and advertise the books that you have published. They can also be used as WordPress themes for novelists.

You can create author’s archive on your book publisher’s website and let your visitors browse based on the author’s name.

Moreover, you can sell the digital copies of your books through your website. Introduce your authors, promote your books, show excerpts and allows reviews on your site.

Author/book review website

You can create a book review website dedicated to a certain book. With these WordPress author templates, you can even create a fan site for your favorite book.

You can opt for a single book review or a book review directory website that displays the reviews of different books. As mentioned earlier, all the themes are flexible enough to be used as you like them.

Website for selling digital products

Want to create an ebook download portal. WordPress and our themes will let you do so very easily. Create a book sales page and sell your books through your website.

The themes are pre-programmed for flawless payment processing and download features. They will let you keep track of your transactions and smooth maintain your digital products store online.

Official websites for authors and writers

With these themes, you can create official websites for authors. The author’s websites templates are designed to showcase the books of an author. As well as this, it can even contain some biographic information about the writer.

So if you are an author and wish to create a website for yourself, you can do it so. These author WordPress scripts are extremely robust and easy to use.

All you need to do is to replace the sample author data contained by the theme. Update your site with your original introduction and update the book gallery.

Here are the themes for book authors that can be used for any general purpose websites for book authors, writers, publishers, or bloggers.

As mentioned earlier, all of these themes are extremely robust. They can be used for almost any purpose.

Whether it is ebook selling website, a website for author/writer, a writer’s blog website, an official website for a publishing house, a publisher’s website, a digital product selling website or any such subject.

Still confused?? Need help selecting the best theme?? Contact us and let us know your ideas so that we can help you choose the best.

Book selling website?? Here are a few selling points that may help you sell more with your online publishing sites

Once you create an online book selling website, you want to promote it to extract maximum benefits in form of sales. But how will you do it?

The following two points play a major role:

A proper synopsis of what the book is about

Give them a glimpse of what your book is about to win the interest of your users. This is the most common technique that is used for book selling.

I am referring to the summary that is typically displayed at the back cover of the books you buy. They give us a brief idea about what the book is about.

Basically, the summary of a book(or the synopsis) is not just some random lines to describe the crux of the book. Those lines are chosen intently to make us interested.

You can apply the same to your ebook selling websites.

If your book has a preceding book that has been already received well. Or if you’ve already planned a successive version, it’s great to mention them as well.

Targeting the audience based on the voice of the book

Your task becomes much easier when you know the group of audience you want to target. When you know your target audience, you can directly design advertisements and marketing strategies to attract them.

Based on the kind of the audience your book calls for, you can design the advertisements as well as website.

For instance – You book is the story of a mermaid princess, so your target audience includes little kids and teenagers (and most particularly girls). Your book is about the fiscal deficit, so the economist and the investors would be interested.

Whereas, if your book is a classic romance – You’ll have an audience of a wider range. Teenagers, young people as well as middle-aged people can be your prospect customers. So choose the platform for promotion and the format of your advertisement accordingly.

The call to action, the words you use, the images and videos, all should be selected accordingly.

The key features of a book launch website

You can execute an online book launch program with one of these author WordPress themes.

But once you decide to create a book launch website, there are many concerns. One of the main concerns is finding the best book launch theme for your site. But here we have some options to fit your requirements perfectly.

An eye pleasing and engaging design

The “Content is the king”, but the design of your author website is equally important.

We can all agree that the design of a website has a substantial impact on us. Similarly, your users will like your site more if it has a well-organized design.

Make sure that the design and the color scheme of your website complement the concept of your book.

Expressive headlines that attract user’s attention

Headlines and the taglines are the most important part of your website. Let them be persuasive.

Go for the headlines that can precisely describe what you want to say. Short but meaningful statements, designed to capture the attention of a casual visitor scrolling through your site.

Responsive/mobile friendly design

This is the age of smartphones. For any kind of website, people always prefer to surf online through their phones.

So the first requirement of a successful website is that it is responsive. Your book author website should render well on any device it is viewed on.

Introduction to the author

You can use your website to introduce yourself as an author. Here are some of the best WordPress themes for authors and writers. You can use as an introductory or biographical website.

It’s always great to share your passion, ideas, and identity as an author with the audience you are dealing with.

Knowing you will help the reader connect better with you, your ideas, vision and ultimately your book.

Buy now/Order now option

The ultimate motive of your website will be to promote your writings, isn’t it?? So a buy now or an order now button is a must have for your website.

The buy now or the order now button in your book selling websites should be positioned with appropriate Call to action text.

Effective content (text and images)

Last but not the least, your website needs to have fresh and unique content. content that is truthful and not misleading.

The easiest way to make the people like and stay on your site is providing them with all the honest answers to the questions they might have in their mind.

Also, your website needs to be SEO optimized. So pick up a theme that is SEO friendly. Also, make sure that the content you add to your pages is SEO friendly.

However, there are innumerable tools that you can use for your optimizing the content of the pages of your author websites. You can use the WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, All in one SEO pack, etc.

We hope what you read on this page helped you resolve your confusion. Still got questions. Get in touch with us. Our support staff will help you choose the best theme based on your needs.

  • Can I use these author WordPress themes to create multi-author blogs?
    Yes, you can use these themes to create a multi-author blog website. The article directory theme is ideal for websites where different authors can post. It has a front end article submission form through which content can be posted.

    The rest of the WordPress Author themes listed on this page do not come with front-end submission system.

    But, you can still use the user management and access control features of WordPress to create restricted author roles to post blogs on your site through the backend, without other admin privileges.

  • Can I use these Author Themes to start a bookstore on WordPress?

    Yes, you can use some of these Author templates to create an online bookselling website. For example, you can use the themes like DigiSeller and the eBook theme to sell your ebooks online. They come with the Digital Download plugin included (without any extra charges).

  • Which theme is ideal for my book launch landing page?
    MyBook is one of the best WordPress themes for writers who want to promote their website. They can create a book launch website with MyBook and tell people what their upcoming book is about.

    With the MyBook Author WordPress theme, you can create a website for marketing your new book.

  • Which is the best WordPress themes for authors and book showcasing?

    WordPress Author themes like Book Author and Publisher support multiple books on the homepage of your website. All three of them allows you to showcase as well as sell your books online.

  • How customizable are the Author themes?
    The author themes are customizable. And all the customizations can be done without touching a line of code.

    You can easily change the color, upload the logo, replace the images and restructure your pages using the intuitive options. If you are a skilled programmer, you can tweak the code and add features of your choice.

  • Is there any WooCommerce compatible Author theme in this list?
    Yes. The Publisher, eBook, Book Author, MyBook all support the WooCommerce. It is free, easy to use and adds many new eCommerce possibilities to your website. Basically, you can use it for selling digital as well as hardcover books.
  • How can I create my author portfolio?

    The Publisher WordPress theme is ideal for creating an author portfolio website. On your author’s official website, you can display writer’s profile, showcase books, and have your personal blog.

  • I want to create an author website to publish short stories. Which WordPress theme can work?
    All the Author template come with a ready to use blog section. So, if you are a writer and want to maintain a blog to publish short stories or articles, you can use the Publisher theme.
  • Which is best WordPress theme for multiple author books?
    The Publisher and the Book Author theme can be used to create a website where you can list multiple books by different authors. With these themes, you can not only showcase your books but also sell them online.
  • I am looking for the best theme for selling my eBook, which theme do you recommend?

    For selling your eBooks, you can choose any theme that supports digital downloads through the digital download plugins. If you want to sell a single book through your

    WordPress website, you can use the theme like eBook and MyBook. While if you want to sell multiple books you can opt for Publisher or the Book Author theme.

  • Can I show multiple books on the homepage?
    The different Author templates are designed for different purposes. There are WordPress Author templates like Book Author and publisher, where you can display multiple books by different authors on the homepage. While there are also the themes focused on a single book like eBook and MyBook.
  • Am I allowed to customize the Author WordPress theme?

    Yes, of course. You’re allowed to make unlimited changes to your author themes from Templatic, design, and functionality included. We even encourage this by including the best-customized author websites in our Theme Showcase.

  • What can I use the Author WordPress Theme for?
    You can use you Author theme to create an ebook selling website, a book launch website to promote your books, to create your author’s official website. Besides, it can also be used for an online bookstore, portfolio for writers
    or for creating an author or writer’s blog website.