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WordPress Themes for Job Board

Looking for a theme to create a Job Board website to display jobs online? Check out our WordPress job board theme collection to create amazing job board websites on your own. Moreover, such websites can even help you earn money online.

The themes are designed to let you create a complete, full-function job listing website without touching a line of code. Grab a theme of your choice and get started with your job board website in minutes.

WordPress and the job board scripts

Are you still confused about choosing the right CMS or platform to create your job listing website? Well, WordPress works well for any kind of website. It is a free, open-source, and very easy-to-use content management system.

Besides, there are so many themes and plugins that you can use to enhance the usability of your website.

Types of jobs website you can create with the themes listed below

Templatic’s job-related themes for WordPress can be used to create different types of job-based websites. The websites can have different scopes and usability.

1. Job board for an institution or a company

You can create job boards dedicated to a company, institution, university, etc. These job board websites will display the vacancies of that particular institution only.

Such job boards are useful for big companies, industries or educational institution where they constantly declare vacancies in different departments.

2. Niche-specific Job board themes

This kind of job board websites helps people find the jobs of a certain type. For instance – a website for all the writers where people looking for copywriter, bloggers, proofreader, editor, etc. post their jobs and the writers can find the jobs according to their skills.

Or a website that helps the freelancing artists, writers, programmers, and graphic designers to find their job. Whereas, those looking for With our job board themes, creating such websites becomes simpler and easier.

3. Job board website for Job Posting

A job board website is an ideal jobs website where the employers post the jobs and the job seekers find the jobs. In other words, it is a portal of jobs where people can post/find jobs. The themes here are the best WordPress themes for Job portals.

You can create a money-making job board where you charge the employer to register and post their jobs. Create different categories where the employers can post. The scope of such job boards is generally spanning all the categories (or at least a large number of categories). The job seekers can find their jobs and upload their resume on your website.

4. Micro jobs websites

A website for freelancers or short jobs website. These types of a website have the registered users who are generally freelancers or people who are looking for short-term jobs. The people who want their work done by these professionals can post their jobs on such a website.

These websites generally display jobs for multiple professions. These jobs are short and not for long-term, commitment. The contract between the employer and employee ends, as soon as the work is completed.

What are the must-have features for a job board theme

Now let’s talk about the general and the must-have features that a job board theme should have to let you create professional jobs websites. Mentioned here, are a few features that you should look for while you search an ideal job board theme.

Flexible design

Because no size fits all! The different websites have different design requirements and you may want to change the color, background and the position of some of the elements of your website. Therefore, the foremost quality that a job portal theme should have is the customizability. ‘

The best WordPress themes always come with easy backend options through which you can change the colors, fonts, and background.

Unlimited job category support

The categories are important because they keep the data on your website organized. Be it a real estate, classifieds of a Job board theme, categories are always important. Mostly all the themes will allow you to create categories and post jobs under it.

Categories not only helps keep your website sorted, but it also improve the searchability of your website.

Front end job posting on the job boards

In a job portal website, for the employers to be able to submit their job the feature of front-end job posting is required. So with this feature enabled on your website, the employers will be able to register from the front end and advertise the vacancy to the job seekers.

Resume upload support for the ultimate online employment exchange

Any professional job board website has a feature for the visitors where they can register by providing their basic details and upload their resume to be found by the employers. So this is one of the features that your users will appreciate.

They can leave their resume on your website and you can provide it to the employers seeking for candidates with a particular skill set.

Profile management with the job board software

When you create massive jobs website with multiple users and employers registering from the front end registration form, there should be some way through which you can the visitors can manage their profile on your website.

Most of the WordPress themes for job search website will come with the feature inbuilt.

Displaying Advertisement banners on your job search website

Advertisement banners are one of the most common technique to earn through a website. Almost any website is capable of showing related advertisement banners in its various sections.

Our WordPress themes are designed for flexibility in website development. The homepage of these themes is completely widgetized. It means every screen element that appears on your site is displayed through widgets. So all you need to do is to choose a place for displaying advertisement on your website and get business to advertise on your website.

Charge for posting jobs on your jobs directory

Once your website starts getting enough traffic, you can start charging the employers to post jobs on your website. People would actually want to pay and get their job vacancies advertised online once your website becomes a popular place to find jobs.

Similarly, you can also charge the job seekers to view and apply for the jobs on your website. Our WordPress job board directory theme comes with plenty of monetization options. This helps you generate some passive income through your website.

Search filters to let the visitors find the jobs very easily

People come to a job portal website to search for the jobs that match their skill set. Therefore, a job board website should facilitate the users to find the jobs relevant to them. A proper search system is, therefore, must for a job board theme.

However, you should always choose a job board theme that has a simple as well as filtered search options. Simple search helps people enter a few keywords and find the results based on that.

A job board website with filtered search allows you to choose from the filter options and only to find the jobs that are relevant according to the chosen options.

Allow To Post Jobs & Make Money

There are many job board themes available on the internet, then what makes our job board WordPress themes unique? The following are some of the features of our themes that make them the best of their kind.

Use for purpose of your choice – Job search, freelancers, company’s employment exchange, etc.

The Templatic job board themes are flexible and they can be used for different purposes. You can create a jobs directory for displaying location-based jobs, or you can create a jobs junction website where people can find jobs based on their skills.

With the intuitive theme management options available at the backend, you can control the scope of your website. So whether you want to create a subject-oriented jobs directory or a general job board website, you can create it easily.

Highly customizable WordPress Job Board script

All of our themes are highly customizable. You can use the easy backend options to manage how your website looks. Apply basic customization like changing the color of the website, fonts, background, etc.

Apply all the personalizations, using the easy backend options. Just make it look and work the way you want with some of the easiest options available on the backend.

Also, the admin dashboard options for the theme are arranged so as to make it easy for users to find the setting options to make the changes.

Besides all of that, you get access to our complete guide on how to use a theme when you buy the theme. This guide contains step by step guidelines on how you can use the theme and create a website of your imagination.

If that is not enough, you also get access to our support team. Send your questions Contact Templatic Support. Our support experts will help you set up your website and help you with your confusions regarding the theme.

Easy to use (easy install, intuitive options)

All our themes are very easy to use. Everything can be easily managed through the intuitive backend options. You don’t have to know the technical details to use our themes.

Without writing a line of code, you can create amazing job search websites. All you need to do is click a few buttons. First, install the theme and its component with the easy one-click install. The next thing you can do is to install the sample data with another click. This will get your website looking like the theme demo. I.e a ready to use website with example data and listings.

Help and support

We are obliged to provide the required help to our customers on how to use the themes. Even though the themes are extremely easy to use and intuitive, if you ever need assistance in setting up your website using any of our themes, you can ask for the support team’s help.

A job board is a vast subject, considering the different aspects of a job board website. If you face problem while using any of the theme features, you can get in touch with our support team. You can submit your query using this form. The support executive will reach you out with the solution, earliest possible.

Trusted by many

Templatic themes are used by tens of thousands of users over different countries. We strive to provide our users with the best web building experience enhanced by our WordPress themes. The support team at Templatic is always happy to help the customers seeking assistance while setting up their website.