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WordPress Magazine Themes

Create a review, news and tech website in a magazine style.

Create online news and magazine websites that earn for you. Create a website for your publishing house, news agency, news channel, etc. with one of these magazine website templates.

These WordPress themes for news and magazine websites, you need no technical expertise to create and maintain your news magazine website. These themes are ideal for DIY projects to create online magazine or news site.

So you can build your own online content based websites like news/magazine or a blog site on your own. Add unlimited categories and unlimited blogs under each category. You can create a website for news, magazine or any other purpose.

Simple and straightforward Magazine WordPress themes

These WordPress magazine themes are niche WordPress theme designed for the purpose. No unnecessary features and options. Just a simple and focused features to create a news magazine website.

Unlike the multipurpose WordPress themes, these news Magazine WordPress themes come with subject-specific features. They are designed for a news blog, or an online magazine website, and they do just that.

Even though these themes are quite simple, they come with all the features to create professional, feature-rich magazine websites easily.

Responsive Magazine templates for news blog website

With the increasing use of mobile phones to search the internet, mobile friendliness of your WordPress templates is a prime need. So these WordPress news magazine templates have an elegant and responsive design.

Create responsive and professional looking news websites. So even the people who come to your website through their mobile devices get the best user experience.

The WordPress news magazine templates come with a design to ensure the best browsing experience on mobile devices. To see how your website will look on a mobile device, you can check out the theme demo on your mobile device. The content along with images appear undistorted and complete.

Install and get your news blog live in minutes

Our WordPress news themes come with the one-click auto-install feature. So, no need to spend hours on installation and setup. With just one click, you can install the theme and get started on your website in minutes.

Beside the one-click install, the theme comes with sample data. Once installed, you can update your WordPress theme with example data. One click and your WordPress theme will be populated with example posts, widgets in the widget areas, sample text in relevant sections, etc. With the sample data install, your website will look exactly like the theme demo.

All the sample data gives you an intuitive start and helps you start up your online news website. Most of all the initialization and startup process for these news magazine themes are quick and easy. So you can get your WordPress news website online in moments.

Strategically designed website pages

Our team designed this WordPress News Magazine theme after a lot of research. The homepage and other pages are designed to grab user attention. The content blocks are strategically arranged to keep your visitors engaged.

Every feature of your WordPress news magazine theme focuses on user experience and interest. The important links and modules are placed on the homepage. The homepage of your WordPress magazine website reflects the user-friendliness of your website.

Therefore, you are just a few clicks away from creating a professional News and magazine website.

Showcase your images, videos and text content elegantly

The magazine style WordPress themes are multimedia ready. Because when it a news magazine website, you need the ability to upload images, text, and videos.

Images and videos surely have more impact than simple text content. So the WordPress news magazine themes come with options to let you upload images and videos easily. You can upload images and video frames anywhere on your website.

Google AdSense ready News Magazine WordPress themes

Your WordPress news magazine WordPress theme comes with easy monetization options. These Magazine templates come with advertisement widgets to place advertisements at any section of the website.

You can use these widgets and paste the advertisement code into it. The advertisements can be banner advertisements as well as Google AdSense code. Because the advertisement widgets can also be used to display Google ads through AdSense on your website.

By displaying advertisements, you can generate passive income through your online news website.

Professional news websites with mega menus

Generally, all the popular news and magazine websites have a mega menu to display the news categories.

The best news portals have their articles neatly classified under various categories. And to let your visitors easily choose their categories, your website needs mega menus. These news magazine templates come with easy to use mega menu options.

Therefore, you can provide links to all the important categories of your WordPress website, right on the menus. Creating mega menus through your WordPress news magazine WordPress theme is easy.

Highly flexible Newspaper themes

When using WordPress Magazine style themes, you can create the website of your choice in minutes. These news magazine WordPress templates come with easy customization options. You can use these options to make unlimited changes to your site.

With the flexibility, you can create a news website of any niche. You can create a tech news blog, a medical blog, an entertainment news website, etc. You can even build a video news website or a news channel’s official website.

Each of these news magazine themes can be easily customized to create a blogging site. They can be turned into anything you want. All the basic customizations can be applied without touching a line of code.

Unlimited customization options

You want your online magazine website to look beautiful and unique, don’t you? To make this possible, the news website template comes with the customization options to make your site look and work the way you want.

Easily change the logo, upload the icons, change the colors & background, etc. You can upload your images and change the structure of your WordPress news website in minutes. The Magazine WordPress themes come with completely widget ready pages. So you can move the content blocks and restructure the pages of your news magazine website.

So set your news website with the colors you like. For instance, rose red for a women’s magazine. Some of the WordPress news magazine themes also allow setting background images.

A plethora of useful widgets

To change the content structure of your WordPress news magazine themes, you can use the available widgets. Because everything the content on your pages is nothing buan t arrangement of widgets.

With the widget based page structure. You can move the widgets in and out of the widget areas to create beautiful news websites. Change the positions of your content blocks with simply moving the widgets in and out of the widget area. All the widgets can be used multiple times with different configurations to make your site more interesting.

Some of the most important widgets include the widgets to showcase latest posts and popular posts on your news magazine website. There are plenty of other widgets to showcase news categories, latest comments, and advertisement widgets.

SEO friendly magazine websites templates

If it is a news magazine website you are trying to build, then you need an SEO friendly website. Because your magazine website should have great visibility.

So our WordPress magazine websites are created with the best SEO practices. Moreover, you can use the WordPress SEO plugins for SEO friendliness of your website.

Other features of your Magazine themes like mobile friendliness, optimized performance, etc. also help the visibility of your site. Although such features are not direct ranking factors, but they do impact user experience. It surely increases user retention rates.

Integrate the SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO pack, etc. for the SEO friendliness of the pages and content you add. So you get the best of both the worlds when using these SEO friendly Magazine WordPress themes.

Tutorial documents and support

These WordPress Magazine themes are designed for everyone. With the easy backend options, you can easily create your website on your own.

No need to hire programming experts to get your website designed and created. To help you create your website on your own, we provide a theme guide. The theme documentation comes with all the steps to setup and use the theme to create your site. It also has information about the theme features and how to use them.

Besides the access to theme guide, you also get technical support for a year on theme purchase. So if you have a question that the theme guide doesn’t address, you can get in touch with our support engineer. When using the magazine WordPress theme, help is just a click or a mail away.

Automatic one-click updates

We believe in keeping our WordPress themes updated with the latest technologies. Whenever a new version of WordPress is released, we update our themes to make sure that it runs well on the latest version.

Updating the WordPress magazine themes is also a way to keep our magazine templates updated as per the latest technical trends. Our team is constantly researching on various niche and all our themes are updated to create a theme that fits your requirements.

Make your blog look great with magazine style themes

Impress your readers with a professional looking blog website created with these news magazine WordPress themes.

You can customize your WordPress magazine website and make it work as your blog site. This can be done without touching a line of code.

These professionally designed magazine wordpress templates lets you add blogs just like you add news article or subject. Create unlimited hierarchical categories for your blog.

You can even use the widgets like popular posts, latest post to display the most popular blogs.

WooCommerce ready WordPress news magazine themes

Some of the WordPress news magazine templates come with the eCommerce support. So you can integrate WooCommerce into your magazine WordPress theme.

Therefore, you can create an amazing online store on your news magazine website. Besides online store, there can be many more applications of an eCommerce friendly WordPress theme. You can sell digital products, etickets, etc.

The possibilities can be unlimited with the WooCommerce based Magazine WordPress themes.

Tech news WordPress themes

One of our best magazine style WordPress theme is the Tech news theme. As the name suggests, the tech news WordPress theme comes with a designed custom built for a tech news blog.

The Tech news template comes with inbuilt quick edit options. This eleminates the requirements of integrating website page builders like the Visual composer. The quick edit options lets you make changes to your website right through the front end.

This news WordPress theme lets you customize your website real time. It is just like a WYSIWYG editor to make changes in the appearance of your website. You can change colors, fonts, upload images, and update the text right through the front end.

This editor even lets you add, remove and move the content blocks on your website. Besides the front end editing options, there are a lot more customization options at the backend of the news template.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of host do I need to host these news magazine WordPress themes?

These themes need no special requirements for hosting. You can choose any hosting service that works well based on the server location and the target audience’s location. We recommend Bluehost’s WordPress optimized hosting for hosting your news magazine website.

How to make money with this theme?

The magazine style wordpress themes are ad monetization ready. So you can make money by displaying advertisement banners on your website. Or you can pick up a WooCommerce compatible Magazine WordPress theme to sell products on your news magazine website.

How long can I use these News Magazine WordPress themes?

Once purchased, you can use the WordPress magazine themes for as long as you want. The theme support and updates are limited to a year. But without updating and tech support, you can use the theme forever.

Can I use these Magazine themes to create a video news channel?

Even though all the WordPress news magazine themes support video and multimedia support, we recommend you to use one of these video website templates to create video based news website.