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Create a review, news and tech website in a magazine style.

Magazine Themes for WordPress help to create news site or online eMagazine sites. Read More

Magazine Themes for WordPress Magazines – 2017

Magazine Themes was created for you to publish your story in a special manner. Themes provide you with stylish background for emphasizing your content. These Themes are awesome for beginners and experts. Magazine Themes can be easily setup even by third party.

Installation Service

Also, we provide installation for you while you are busy with your serious content writing.

Our Magazine Themes helps you to design your profession site with no time and hassle-free. Magazine Theme comes with guarantee documentation containing details on support and access to our team.

Rise of magazine themes in 2017

Our WordPress Magazine Themes is popular and in demand. You can easily create news site and eMagazine sites. We offer installation services while you focus on content work.

Our team provides WordPress Magazine installation. Also, we provide requested plug-ins, sample data, setting up theme options, and adding the logo. You may use custom changes, posts, pages, widgets etc. depending on what installation services you have chosen.

In case you have not selected the host for your WordPress site, we suggest Site5, SiteGround, Bluehost or HostGator. You would have a website faster, safer, and better supported than anywhere else.

Why to buy from us?

Best Magazine WordPress Theme can easily be installed. Theme has to be bought and installed separately. We install for you so you can save time on content writing.

Our packages include Basic, Theme, and Plug-in installation of different prices. Premier is best magazine wordpress themes package, provides one-on-one help from our experts. We support you for three hours.

Free Support & Updates

We guide you with adjusting colors, making designs, coding PHP changes. We do not discuss any new features during these hours. Consultation is through Skype and email. You are most welcome to ask about anything even your bought Theme to familiarize yourself.

How to Make Money with this theme?

Magazine website template comes with Directory Add-On option for you to earn money. Advanced free and paid directories are available. You can use anyone you like. We have event ticket booking, importing and converting face book events.

Ad-Manager used for categories, cities and specific banners, Fields Monetization for package submission. Make users with WYSIWYG-submission.

Make paid claims by through monetization for owners.

Map Features

Create proximity search. List Statistics meant for analysts who are owners and review their listing performance. Add Listing Vouchers for adding vouchers and coupons.

Coupon Manager created for discount coupons for listing submissions on your Directory website. Facility is excellent method for all news agents and magazine when you wish to communicate.

You wish to send the same message to a group you require mass-mailer. User filters for Mail post to send your mail the selected audience. Say you want to invite a group to the theatre.


We conclude that Magazine WordPress Themes are available in three reasonable easily installed packages.

The license of the themes has to be bought. Our products are mainly for news sites and eMagazine sites. But, we have plug-ins for your use to earn money. Also magazine times works if used with video posts templates.

Our Company installs and supports the customers.

Planning to start a news site? Our magazine themes for WordPress might be just what you’re looking for! Designed to emphasize the content, they are a perfect choice for both beginners and experts because of their easy setup and extensive customization capabilities. With our Magazine WordPress themes you can have your news site or eMagazine online in no time but still have a professional looking news site. When you buy a magazine theme, it comes with guaranteed documentation, support and access to our active community Read MoreDesigning Professional Looking Website with help of Premium Magazine WordPress Themes

WordPress, the most popular content management system is being used by web developers. This is the most popular blogging platform and magazine themes are an excellent solution available to develop news website like portal. These themes are most powerful to make your site stand out of the box, eye-catching and unique in look.

In order to give your site, the awesome and beautiful news site look, it is always recommended to use best magazine wordpress themes and templates. It saves you from hassles of creating themes. Just buy readily available wordpress themes as they come with professional code, unlimited support and theme updates along with theme guide for user support.

Rise of magazine themes in 2017

Magazine themes have become an important part of web designing. It is literally impossible to develop the most awesome news site without having professional theme support. The demand is increasing making it necessary for the bloggers and website designers to choose the most outstanding theme for their site.

Though there are lots of themes available for free, wordpress magazine templates are gaining more and more popularity.The main reasons behind this are they offer the most meaningful and decent look to your website. It helps making the website look beautiful and eye-catching. Most importantly it offer top notch flexibility and customization.

Why to buy from us?

Choosing the best magazine websitetemplate is very important. At the same time from where you buy them is equally important. Here are the unique features you can enjoy buying unique magazine template.

The perfect choice for beginners and expert bloggers and web developers
Comes with easy set up
Best magazine wordpress themes comes with extensive customization capabilities
It offer guaranteed documentation, support and access to active community
They are designed to create sophisticated websites
Best magazine wordpress template helps quick setup, manage and publish an effective online magazine
It saves hundreds of dollars and can save your valued time
Nestled with responsive designs and many more features

How to make money with this theme?

The magazine style wordpress themes offer great opportunity for making money. Whether you are a newbie in the blogging community or have newly developed website, you can earn good amount by having professional looking website. Here are the tips to generate income with the help of these professional magazine themes:

Make your blog look great with magazine style themes
Impress your readers with the most appealing professionally designed website
With magazine style theme you can offer your visitor a quick overview of your website. This works great for larger websites.
With easy customization features you can design your website uniquely and can offer your website a distinctive look.
Customize the homepage layout with stylish color schemes available with professional wordpress magazine templates
Add most unique content and select the theme accordingly
And most importantly obey the basic criteria that can offer your customer right impression about you, your website and its content.

Professionally designed magazine wordpress template help serving the website in the most presentable way. It helps the website look more professional, unique and eye-catching. Adding features of most customizable wordpress magazine style themes makes your site impressive. It directly influence the target audience in the most positive and fruitful way.

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