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WordPress Themes for Mobile App


In today’s era of digitalization, people are looking for a simple and easiest way for their job done. Even for the simplest query, we all take help from our Google Baba. So, to provide people with leisure businesses started to make their own websites, but with the coming time of innovative mobile app came into a trend. There should be no question as to whether a business should have a mobile app or not.

Do you have any idea why businesses with the mobile app are generating more revenue? and how they are giving a tough competition to their competitors? Well to give you an idea, we like to tell you some amazing facts

  • on an average 66% of the time is spent onamobileapp
  • customer use mobile app 6 times more than that of websites
  • the 79% of smartphone users use their phone to make any purchasing decision and over 54% of those users make some sort of purchase within 1 hour compared to 1 month on a desktop.

The above points clearly depict the necessity and advantage of having a mobile app in use within your customer, as it provides your customer service at ease, the one they long for.

Selection of perfect mobile app

With having an idea of a mobile app for an author page, a big question definitely pops in your mind that, “what mobile app theme one should use.’

Factually, there are numerous of mobile app WP themes but choosing a one is a big task.

For this question, the only solution that one should follow is Templatic. The mobile app world from us offers you countless WordPress author for mobile app. We have also mentioned the benefits of choosing WP themes for a mobile app for author profile.

Why WordPress theme for the mobile app from Templatic only?

  1. We provide you with a responsive design so that app can adjust according to the screen dimension they are running on.
  2. Feedback facility (a must business) is also available.
  3. We help to give your app a support customization.
  4. we eliminate clichés that you face during accessing the theme.
  5. we maintain relevancy.

With so many significant features, how can one ignore mobile app only WordPress theme from Templatic?

Why choose Templatic only?

We worked in all the direction to bring the best of user experience so that it could help in building more customer base for your books and e-books. We have initially customized many themes and to make you aware of the benefits of WordPress mobile app only themes from Templatic, we would like to make you feel comfortable by presenting some of our famous themes for a mobile app.

Some of our famous mobile apps are

  1. WP DEAL- Create a fully functional WordPress deals using this modern and flexible WP Deals theme. Allow your users to submit their deals on your website.
  2. EVENTUM- This is a great feature which is there to help you start using this stylish and powerful events management theme in no time. You can create your book selling or launch event.
  3. BUSINESS DIRECTORY-This theme comes with amazing built-in featuresto help you easily setup, manage and run a professional bookselling website which you can make money from.
  4. PLUS ONE- Create amini social networking website using Plus OneWordPress theme. It is a well-designed and easy to use app theme that makes the process of website building easy and quick.

Go for it!!

With so many features being provided on one platform, if you are an author and thinking of launching your own mobile app of book promotion and selling, come and choose WordPress themes from Templatic.