WordPress Themes for Q&A Website


Are you planning to have a Question and Answer webpage that exactly looks like the infamous question and answer websites like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Stack Overflow? This theme page offered by WordPress is what all you need to answer your above requirement. Read More

Even though it is a pre-developed question and answer theme, it has so many features to offer you.

Moreover, the wordpress question and answer theme page is very easy to install and setup as a website and run it with huge number of followers for the question and answer website. The moment you activate the Answers website, clicking on just one button will bring your website the look that you have seen in the demo. This being said, you now know that it is never so easy to start a question and answer portal.

Let us look at some of the notoriously famous features that are available on our WordPress question and answer theme:

Questioning Feature

There are so many wordpress Q&A themes available on the internet. Using this feature, the users are given the opportunity to pose questions on the question and answers website, on the topics that they choose. We have considered the questioning feature an important aspect of the question and answer website, because it is an integral part of the question and answer website. The process of submitting the question is also simple, all the user needs to do is to add the title, description, category and finally to ask your question.

Charge for question submissions

One money earning feature available on this question and answer theme is that the owner of the website can charge the users posing questions on the website can be charged money for placing questions on the website and requiring answers. All you need to do is simply provide your PayPal Id and start earning money for the number of questions placed on the website by the users. In spite of the availability of several wordpress Q&A templates, the wordpress theme is so popular.

Vote on Best Answers

One sportive feature of this question and answer theme is that the users have the facility to vote on the answers that they like or find the need most. Through such voting facility available the users have the option to find out the best answers available on the website simply by noticing the most voted answers.

Choose the Best Answer

Another interesting feature of the question and answer theme is that both the admin and the person who has posed the question have the option to comment on a question as the best answer on the website, if they find it particularly useful and interesting for the website browsers. This feature can also be useful for those who want to find interesting or useful answers that the admin of the website finds so. Q&A wordpress themes are a very interesting theme for those who want to have a question and answer theme for their own.

Includes Blog

The question and answer theme website also has another useful feature called blogging, where the owner of the website can make posts on the topics related to the website, which the website browser find useful and interesting. This blogging feature can be used to promote your question and answer website to reach more and more number of people on the internet.

Customer Widgets

The owners of the question and answer website can also decorate the website with more and more useful features that many people may find as interesting through adding widgets such as Header Advert, Loginbox, Subscribe, Testimonials, Top Users and more.

Translate Answers

Browsers looking for answers on the internet may find it difficult of they are of different origin and could not understand English language. In order to simplify such a difficulty, the translation feature is provided on the website, using which the users can translate the questions on the website into their native language and go on reading their website. 

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