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WordPress Themes for Q&A Website

Create amazing Question and answer websites with these question-answer forum WordPress themes. These WordPress templates for building a knowledge base, wiki, or FAQ sites are easy to use and customize.

Anyone can create their own website using these responsive WordPress knowledge base website themes. Therefore, you can professional-looking WordPress question and answer site in minutes on your own.

Even though it is a pre-designed and pre-programmed question and answer theme, it comes with all the essential features and flexibility you need to create your question and answer websites. Moreover, the WordPress question & answer theme page is very easy to install and set up as a website and run with a huge number of followers for the question and answer website. The moment you activate the Answers website, clicking on just one button will bring your website the look that you have seen in the demo. That being said, you now know that it is never so easy to start a question and answer portal.

Here’s a list of features that are available on our feature rich and powerful Q&A theme for WordPress.

Responsive WordPress themes to create websites like Yahoo Answers, Quora or Stack Overflow

The WordPress theme is designed to create Question & Answer portal like that of Yahoo Answers or Quora. They are easy to use and highly flexible. In minutes you can create professional Question and answer websites that are cross-browser compatible and come with a responsive layout.

People generally use mobile phones to surf the internet for data in their leisure. This ascertains that a large portion of your website traffic will come through mobile devices. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to have a mobile-friendly question and answer website with a responsive design. Your website will look great on any device it is viewed on.

Moreover, all the key features of your Question and answer website will work flawlessly, even when viewed on mobile devices. Even the navigations will be swift regardless of the device used.
Question answer community website like Quora in minutes

Create your own Reddit clone website with these WordPress question & answer theme. These premium themes are flexible and easy to use. They come with additional options to let you create websites in minutes.

These online support theme with Knowledge Base and FAQ sections come with all the intuitive users options. The questions can be submitted through a question form. And the answers can be submitted through another such form. Both the answer and question form come pre-built in the theme template. No need to hire experts to get your website created. Do it yourself using the theme guide and the awesome control panel options.

Create an account, register, and login

These Question and answer themes come with a fully functional front end submission module. It includes registration, login, and question & answers submission pages. Using the inbuilt forms your readers can post their questions or answer a question. With the custom theme demo data installed, even the ask a question button will be positioned on the homepage of your WordPress question and answer website.

To support this, your website comes with a ready to use registration and account management module. So, your front end visitors who want to submit their questions on your website need to create their account on your site.

This is important for the security of your Question & Answer website. You certainly cannot allow any random user surfing the internet to post on your site. The registration is important, both for the posting questions as well as answers.

For you as an admin, this Question and answer WordPress theme comes with a flawless user management system with a simple design and options. For you registered users, there is a fully functional profile management system.

Once registered, your front end users can log in your website any time to post the questions or answer. They also come with the ready to use Question and answer submission forms.

With all the key features already integrated, and the answer submission system fully functional, you can get your Q&A website ready and running in just minutes.

Front end Question and Answer submission

Questions and answers can be submitted via the front-end forms. This is one of the key features of an online knowledge based.

This Question and Answer template comes with a pre-designed and fully functional submission forms. You can set up your website in minutes.

The pages and submission forms of these WordPress Question and Answer themes are designed thoughtfully. They come with customizable feature & options and fields are strategically placed to create effective and user friendly designs with custom sidebars.

As an admin, you can easily manage all the questions and answers posted from the backend. The questions and answers will be presented beautifully on your website. Besides, with the sample data installed, you can easily place the links of your question submission form on the menu or anywhere on the home page.

Even the page templates are pre-designed to give you a quick start.

Paid Submission with integrated PayPal

A front end submission system is must for a Question and answer portal. This All-purpose, fully-featured, custom theme for WordPress comes with a flawless front end submission system. Along with that comes fully functional submission forms.

The front end submission system works for submitting questions as well as the answers. The visitors on your website can therefore, register, and submit their questions. They can even log in and answer the submitted questions on your website.

But this are the basic functions of an online forum. To take this to the next level, the answer theme supports paid front end submission system. So you can create a question and answer directory with paid submissions.

For paid front end submission on your professional knowledge base website, you can create unlimited pricing options. Create pricing packages by specifying the number of questions allowed, the validity of the questions and the price to be paid.

The payment for the paid submissions can be accepted using the integrated PayPal payment processing. So you can set up a commercial question and answer website using this WordPress knowledge base template.

Flexible and highly customizable

These Question and Answer website templates are easy to use and highly customizable. These Professional Question and answer WP themes are ideal for online support forums. Now if you are want your support forums to complement your existing website, you can easily customize them.

These WordPress website templates for question and answer websites, come with very intuitive personalization options. Upload logo with just a single click, choose from the available color scheme for your website, or change the colors individually.

The backend customization options are intuitive. You have unlimited color options, handy widgets, and powerful admin panel options to let you manage and build attractive websites. You can use them to make your site look exactly how you want. Make your website look beautiful without touching a line of code.

Moreover, you can even change the page structure of your website. Because we understand that the requirements for different websites with different purposes are different, you might like to change where a particular content section appears.

So the content blocks on your WordPress Question and answer themes can be easily moved. Because most of the contents you see on your responsive theme pages are drawn dynamically using customizable widgets. So if you want to change the position of a particular content block, you can move the widget. The wide range of customizable widgets can be easily moved in and out of the widget areas to make the changes you want in the content structure.

Get your Question Answer website ready and running in just minutes

This Question and Answer WordPress theme supports one click install. So once you have your WordPress installed and ready, it takes just a click to setup this theme on your WordPress website.

Once your Question Answer theme is installed, you can proceed to install the sample data. Again, it takes only a click to install the sample data. It will populate your WordPress website into a fully functional Question and answer portal as you can see in the theme demo.

With the sample data installed, your website will be populates with dummy data in form of question and answers, images, widgets placed in the widget areas, etc. Hereafter, all you are supposed to do is to replace this example data with your original data.

Installing the sample data for your discussion forums template is optional. But we highly recommend it. Because it takes one click and a few minutes to install the sample data, but it makes your work a lot easier.

Therefore, these question and answer WordPress themes are ideal for your DIY website making projects. They come with easy setup and website settings to create your Q&A website.

On purchasing these WordPress theme for Question and Answer websites, you get a free one year support and access to the theme guide. Therefore, you have all the professional help you need to create your website on your own. So you can build a knowledge base kind of website without hiring professionals.

Documentation and Support

You can use the question & answer theme to create a website without any technical knowledge.With these WordPress Question and Answer templates, you get help in two ways:

  1. Access to the documentation
  2. Technical support

Generally, when you buy new products like a refrigerator or a laptop, you get user instruction manual. This user guide demonstrates how to use the product. How you can use each of the question & answer feature and buttons on the remote to achieve what you want to. Similarly, with this WordPress Question & Answer WordPress theme, you get access to the technical guide.

It consists of all the documented steps on how to use the theme features. Besides, it has all the documented steps for customization and how to use the advanced theme settings. The technical guide is easy to understand and has stepwise instructions that helps you set up your website on your own.

Besides, the theme guide, you also get help in form of technical support. So if you have any queries, you can get in touch with our technical support team. Get your questions about the Q&A theme answered by the team who made it.

You can send us your queries [email protected] use this contact form. Our support executive will try to get back to your with relevant answers to help you. They try to respond as soon as possible.

With all the help in form of support and documentation, it becomes more convenient for you to create your website on your own. You won’t need any paid technical help to get your WordPress Q&A website ready and running. Once you buy this Quora clone template, you get assured technical assistance for a year.

Upvote and downvote answers, and choose the best answer

This Knowledge base WordPress theme comes with the features and functions to create amazing support forum websites. With the available features, your visitors can upload the questions, answers and upvote or downvote them.

Therefore your readers can vote in favor of an answer when they agree with it. If they find the answer irrelevant, incorrect or incomplete, they can downvote it. This gives your readers the power to express their views about the posted answers.

SEO friendly Question and Answers theme

It’s always an advantage when your Questions and answers start appearing as search results for the questions asked. Therefore, the Question & Answer theme comes with a search engine friendly and a minimalistic design. And there are more chances for your knowledge base website to be ranked by the search engines. Because a Question & Answer website is rich in unique content. So the chances of your website for ranking for different keywords naturally increases.

It is also speed optimized and and an excellent choice for a website with amazing performance.

These Question & Answers WordPress themes with attractive designs and advanced features can be used to create SEO friendly knowledge base websites or support forums. You can also integrate a premium plugin like Yoast SEO, All-In-One SEO pack plugin and so on.

Includes a Blog section

The question and answer theme website also has another useful feature called blogging, where the owner of the website can make posts on the topics related to the reddit clone website, which the website browser find useful and interesting. You can write and publish blogs on your question & Answers theme with different blog post format. This blogging feature can be used to promote your question and answer website to reach more and more number of people on the internet.

Interesting Widgets

The owners of the question and answer website can also decorate the website with more and more key features that many people may find as interesting through adding custom widgets such as Header Advert, Loginbox, Subscribe, Testimonials, Top Users and more.

Translate your Question & Answer theme

Browsers looking for answers on the internet may find it difficult of they are of different origin and could not understand the English language. In order to simplify such a difficulty, the translation feature is provided on the website, using which the users can translate the questions on the website into their native language and go on reading their website.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I use them as helpdesk WordPress themes?

You can use these WordPress helpdesk themes with amazing features to create your interactive support forums. However, you cannot use it as a ticketing system to provide support.

Where can I host my helpdesk forum website?

Any hosting plan should work for your WordPress Question and Answer website. We recommend Bluehost’s WordPress optimized hosting for your Quora like website.

How customizable is this FAQs WordPress theme?

This Question and Answer WordPress theme has a modern design approach and is highly customizable. You can change colors, icons, images, and backgrounds as per your choice.

What plugins can I use with this Question & Answers WordPress theme?

Plugin integration is supported but we highly recommend testing it before you actually install and activate it on your live website. You can use the SEO plugins, contact form plugins, and so on for additional features.

How long can I use this reddit clone WordPress theme?

Once purchased, this theme is yours to use it for as long as you want. However, the support and updates are only free for one year. After one year of purchase, you can still keep using your Reddit clone website template without support and updates.

What kind of websites can I create using this Quora clone WordPress theme?

You can use these Q&A templates to create community websites like Quora, Stack exchange, reddit, support forums, Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers, Answerbag, etc. You can create a question and answer community websites where registered visitors can post a question, and then other users can post an answer to the question

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